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Short Film 'Pockets' Will Make You Think Differently About That Utilitarian Pouch

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Short films, especially those that make it into festivals, often have a story and a definite punchline (though that’s certainly not always the case). Concept is important, as is execution, but capturing the viewers attention in a hurry can make or break many of these movies. Pockets, from the super team DANIELS (which includes Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan), deals with exactly what you’d think, and might cause you to look at your jeans in a whole other way.

Thanks to Short of the Week for pointing this one out:

This was produced as part of the Random Acts series on Channel 4 in the UK, and the short length is perfect for short attention spans. One of the keys to a good short is causing a reaction in your audience, and the sound design and subject matter both contribute to that. The format for a typical festival short film is usually very similar to the one executed above, and it’s this format that allows a number of movies to be programmed together in one package. Either way, it’s a fantastic lesson in figuring out what is essential to your story and what is not, as I think it would be impossible to fit more material than DANIELS has in this 3 minute running time.

What do you guys think?



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  • For Ages 13-25. Could become a good video game.

  • That was sensational! Great concept, amazing execution, a completely well rounded concept in 3 minutes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great concept marred by uneven sound design. Find a good sound guy and hold onto him for life.

  • “Short films, especially those that make it into festivals, often have a story and a definite punchline”

    really ? sometimes you guys keep talking about making films just for making films. Short films, and that does not depend on the fact that they make it into festivals, are SUPPOSED to have a story. This is what a film is about.

    Sometimes people like Philip Bloom (among others) should stop making films just for for the excuse of seeing how sharp a picture is, or to compare Dynamic range or whatever.. The man went to shot homeless people (which is quite a big deal and must be made with care) just to show his audience the slowmotion capability of his epic. This is not right, and the film tells absolutely nothing. This is no documentary. These are just pictures. No meaning.

    • oh and i’m not speaking about the movie “pockets”, which has a funny story actually.

    • It was about the idea. Phillip Bloom is not making fiction, he is a factual story telling; there is a total difference between the two. Film pockets is exceptionally tailored, and the uneven sound design makes it perfect. Its the one thing that sticked to me, the word pocket was repeated like a 100 times, echoing in my head.
      But there is the meaning, to question your pockets, there is nothing to question when it comes to homeless people, either you help them or you dont, I detest people that want to question something about homeless people, to avoid the fact that they do not help actually, but just talk about it. At least with the film Pockets its all clear, a simple and very strong meaning to a fictional story. As if… then what would it be… Its almost like a comic book style of story telling, and its a lot harder to shot then documentary style film. Just that the second one has more impact on you, as it its more real to you personally. To me personally Pockets hits on that funny side of life, which a lot of people is missing nowadays from all too stressful and serious outlook on life. GO Pockets!

  • Love it. Put it on youtube and monetize it… You might have a series and or spin offs or more pocket fun. ;-)

  • Great, fun, short short! Much better than the sci-fi stuff you posted.

    George –

  • I’m not in love with this. The acting is way sub-par and reminds me of film school early year exercises. It’s been an issue with that directing duo since they first came onto the scene. I wish they’d learned by now, but apparently not (despite the relative big success they’re having). Not feeling it.

  • Pretty stupid movie :) Is this a commercial for those heat pockets? :)

  • The acting isn’t great in this but i enjoyed watching this because i all ways like to see what people can do when they have little or no budget to run on :D

  • Best short I’ve seen in a while.