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Sam Mendes, Meet James Bond: The Making of 007's New Film 'Skyfall'

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You might have already seen the previous behind the scenes that we posted for the Roger Deakins-lensed and Sam Mendes-directed Skyfall, but now we’ve got a more traditional video blog/making of that goes beyond raw on-set footage, and actually gets into the entire process for the production of the film. While the videos are short, they’re a little under 30 minutes in total, so sit back, relax, and catch up on some Bond, James Bond.

First, if you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer for Skyfall (which is currently in theaters, and also happens to be the first all-digital Bond, shot on the Arri Alexa):

Here are the behind the scenes videos:

What’s clear from the above videos, if you’ve ever seen this type of making of series before, is that each position is as specialized as possible on the biggest Hollywood films. This is in stark contrast to low-budget shorts and features where the director may also be the shooter, editor, sound designer, and anything else that might be required but just can’t fit into the budget. This isn’t always the case, of course, but more often than not the less money you have, the more multi-hyphenate you have to be.

If you guys have seen Skyfall, what did you think of how the film looked? Do you wish Bond was still shot on film? How about the production values? Let us know in the comments (without spoiling the film for anyone else!).

Link: James Bond 007 YouTube Channel

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  • This is by far the best Bond film to date. Javier Bardo potentially occupies two of the five best movie villain roles now as well. His performance stole the show and each department excelled in their craft. Production design was amazing.

  • James Monaghan on 11.9.12 @ 9:58PM

    I watched this twice last week here in England. Great film. The scene where Silva is introduced is a perfect example of how to introduce a scary character – it’s one long two-shot with Silva walking towards Bond telling him a story that sets the tone for his character. The shot moves only slightly and doesn’t cut away until Silva has walked all the way to the camera across a long hall. Spectacular. The end scenes in the Scottish wilderness which are backlit heavily by fire through fog are also brilliantly shot. This is a visually stunning film.

    • James good disecting of info, It also helps to have a good starting lineup of talented actresses, Naomi Harris chemistry stole alot of the show in the movie. Not a bonds fan but this is a must see.

  • I’m a big fan of the James Bond films and I must say that this is among my favorites. Daniel Craig is nothing short of a beast and you get to learn more about his darker backstory and all the people involved in MI6. Javier is truly a Bond-worthy villain and the cinematography in this film is at it’s best. Thumbs up to Sam Mendes for taking my favorite movie series and making it even better. Go see this movie.

  • Skyfall was beautifully shot and directed but I was a little disappointed overall. Maybe because there was so much hype. I think it’s missing something, charme, humor and a larger than life story.

    George –

  • Silva as a villain reminded me of the fantastic character interpretation of Joker in the Dark Knight movie. They just made the movie much much more rich and engaging. I love villains like these.

  • Skyfall is definitely a step out of the box compared to any of the previous Bond movies. I feel as if there, for many years, has been alot (!) of expectations or limitations if you will, of what Bond is and what he´s not.
    I think that what they did in this movie was necessary to break some of these “rules” and make the series a bit more versatile for future projects.
    Although they toke it a little too far in my opinion, they certainly cleared the way for upcoming stories and I think we´ll see a new generation of Bond movies.

  • Jim Jannard say this film is a scam because it’s shot in 2k, funny because the image seemed more than “good enough”. :)

    • 1. Why are you trolling? This has nothing to do with cameras at all.
      2. The cinematography was the least impressive part of the movie. Most of the lighting at the end of the picture didn’t even match the production design. All of the beautiful, epic shots were geared around production design, in particular amazing set design and decoration, not the lighting or camera movement.

    • You can say anything about Jannard, but if you do believe that 2K image holds up well on the enormous IMAX screen, I can’t say anything more. Check your eyes, maybe…

      • you must be a red owner….LOL

        • Haha, this is so funny seeing people bicker because of the medium of choice. I don’t think they realize that the majority of cinemas worldwide don’t run 200ft screens ;)

          Maybe the film wasn’t designed for IMAX viewing? Maybe they didn’t give a toss because they needed to cut production costs? Maybe they said “film at 2k for the lulz”!

          The ignorance is starting to make my spleen hurt!

      • i saw it at iMax and it held up amazingly well .. just goes to show how the the whole 2k v 4k issue os so underrated and its low light was amazing

        i am an alexa owner and that has nothing to do with how if feel over the cameras sometimes red works sometimes alexa works , in this film alexa worked very well

    • As far as I know Arriraw is 3.1k. Looked absolutely stunning in IMAX Digital.

  • Good stuff, caught some other mini BTS on tv and loved the what i saw from both the movie and behind the scenes. Saw alot of tips from camera rigs and even stunt setups, definitely seems like one of the best bond’s in a long time. Bond movies compared to the Bourne Franchise has always seemed too fairytale for my taste. This one does not seem to be too out of reach, beautiful talented actress NAOMI loved her in MIAMI VICE remake (Michael Mann), but good movie great film making info, wish i could own two arri’s

  • I would say this film is definitely one of the best looking Bonds I have ever seen and because it’s not Jason Bourne the camera work isn’t headache inducing. Finally a great villain for the Craig Bonds, who have had non memorable to say the least villains so far

  • I think Skyfall is the best Bond movie to date. I haven’t seen a movie where the cinematography helped tell the story so well in a long time. Everything about the film just worked so well together.

  • Roger Deakins deserves to get his Oscar for the cinematography in this film. So many scenes were shot/lit with utmost care. Job well done.

    Just before Skyfall started, the trailer of The Hobbit was shown and I was shell-shocked to see what 48fps does to the magic of film. Hardly any motion blur, just (too) crisp looking images that remind you more of video than celluloid. Perhaps 48fps is better for 3D, but I’m done with that too. If I want realism I’ll buy the game for PS3…!

    • SydneyBlue120d on 11.15.12 @ 4:17PM

      The Hobbit trailer is 24 fps only. A 48 fps trailer doesn’s exist. Only the full movie will be released at 48 fps and only on 3D.

  • I am a huge Bond fan. Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Dame Judi Dench – all masters of their craft. But SKYFALL – dunno. I’m going to go see it again because I really want to like it. As it stands, the best thing about the movie is the title song! Visually missing the magic and energy of previous bond films. Dunno maybe its a film vs digital thing. No magic in this film….

    • haha, the only thing I hated was the boring soundtrack. Jack White’s ‘Another way to die was’ awesome.
      Despite the fact that there was no grain or noise in the low light scenes I wouldn’t have recognized that it was shot digital.

  • This film seems very controversial. 1/2 say they loved it, 1/2 say they didn’t :/

  • SydneyBlue120d on 11.15.12 @ 4:19PM

    I have seen the movie projected in real 4K on a Sony SXRD projectors and the image was absolutely fantastic, maybe less “razor” image than Epic but great quality especially in low light conditions.

  • Alexa and Roger Deakins created a visually stunning film. Saw it last night on a huge screen and it looked phenomenal.

  • After reading what all you pixel-peepers who can’t wait to get your mitts on a 4k camera are quibbling about, I now look at every movie I see with an eye toward sharpness and clarity, or rather, the lack, thereof. Having just seen Skyfall, with that 4K mindset so prevalent now, in mind, it is quite obvious that whatever is coming out of Roger Deakin’s Alexa is quite sufficient for the big screen. If you need to 4K to recompose your image in post, you need to fire your camera operator. If you need 4K to stabilize shaky footage in post, get yourself a set of sticks or a new camera operator. I’m sure 4K is coming but, evidently, necessary only to those who don’t know what or how to shoot in the first place.

  • Thanks Chuck – FINALLY saw someone else say Adele’s track was boring. Yes, it captured the Bond Mood , but such a lazy vocal. When she hits the high notes and quavers at the turnaround – Just cringe-inducing.
    But the movie- Excellent. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing it again this week with my daughter.

  • Nope, nope, and nope. The “4K” presentation was, like all of its predecessors, a huge disappointment in terms of color, brightness, and, of course, dynamic range (lack thereof). (Saw it projected in an AMC Sony 4Ker.) Yes, I wish the movie had been shot on film. We are, in this particular applicatiion of digital technology, where the still cam was back in the day (i.e. of my first Olympus). IMO, it’s only because this generation is so willing to trade off quality for speed that the current craze (i.e. money savings) succeeds in selling tickets. While I believe that, over time, the current glaring digital deficiencies will be overcome, I also believe (and seeing is believing!!!) that the current glaring digital deficiencies are obvious to those of us raised on film. And the sooner the better as film, unlike Bond, will not return.

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