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RED Cuts EPIC Price in Half: EPIC-X Now $19,000, SCARLET Under $8K, RED ONE Goes 4.5K for $4K

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We knew RED was going to respond to the recent announcement from Sony, and respond they have. RED has recouped their initial costs for the EPIC project, and that means they’ve decided to cut the prices on both the EPIC and SCARLET platform (since SCARLET shares many of the same parts as the EPIC). If you’ve been waiting to buy one of these high-end cameras, there hasn’t been a better time than now, especially since RED has created an upgrade path for their new Dragon sensor. They’ve also dropped a serious bomb with a new battle-tested RED ONE MX. Without further ado, click through for the new prices.

This post will be updated as more information is released.

These are the new prices:

  • 5K EPIC-X Brain – $19,000
  • 5K EPIC-X Monochrome Brain – $20,000
  • 5K EPIC-M Brain – $24,000
  • 5K/4K Scarlet Brain – $7,950
  • 4.5K RED ONE M-X Battle Tested – $4000 (includes CF or SSD recording module)

[Update]: Looks like the RED ONE MX with the CF module is sold out, as the page is no longer available. You can always buy the SSD version and the $500 module, which is actually cheaper than if you bought the $4,000 CF and wanted the $1,500 SSD module later.

Here is what Jim said about new pricing in a post on REDUser:

As I said before, everything in the electronics world changes… usually for the better, cheaper and faster. EPIC and Scarlet just did. Right now.

We have built an incredibly efficient factory in Irvine, California and over time learned how to make EPICs in quantity, lowered our assembly costs, found better suppliers and fully paid off our NRE. When we assembled the 1st EPIC camera in Stage 6 at RED Studios Hollywood it took our team 12 hours. It took two more days to de-bug. Today we can assemble an EPIC in 13 minutes and 95+% need no re-work after diagnostics and testing. It is a testament to our manufacturing team and supply chain teams.

Since our costs are now significantly lower we are re-pricing our cameras as of now.

For those of you that purchased a new Scarlet or EPIC brain on or after Oct. 1st 2012, the next time you order accessories from RED you will receive a discount to use towards that purchase. $1000 for Scarlet and $4000 for EPIC. Talk to your Bomb Squad representative when you are ready to use this discount.

Now… here is the new pricing:

5K EPIC-X Brain- $19,000

5K EPIC-X Monochrome Brain- $20,000

5K EPIC-M Brain- $24,000

5K/4K Scarlet Brain- $7,950

4.5K RED ONE M-X Battle Tested- $4000 (includes CF or SSD recording module). The RED ONE is End of Life. Battle tested is all that will be available from here on out.

Due to high anticipated volumes, plan on extended response and processing times.

Dragon sensor upgrade is not included for any EPIC system purchased at the new pricing going forward.

Pricing is being updated on as I post this.

So how does this compare to the old prices for just the brain? Here are the comparisons

  • RED EPIC-M: $24,000 vs. $39,500
  • RED EPIC-X: $19,000 vs. $34,500
  • RED SCARLET-X: $7,950 vs. $9,700
  • RED ONE MX: $4,000 vs. $25,000

This is big news for the camera industry. Jim has already said that he appreciated what Sony was doing with their new cameras, but that he didn’t believe they were any competition for the EPIC and SCARLET. Now we know why, and part of it is price. Since they’ve paid off NRE (non-recurring engineering) for the EPIC project, it means that the whole system is currently making money with each new camera they build — which also means they can sell it for less money. This is good for consumers, it means you can enter into the RED system for a lot less money than previously thought, and it also means the new Dragon equipped EPICs should compete price-wise with the new cameras from Sony (without most of the compressed modes of course). This also means we should see some reductions in used camera prices.

Battle-tested RED ONE MXs are a serious contender to Blackmagic and other lower-priced cameras. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Of course they don’t feature an ND filter and are based on older technology, but you’re getting mostly everything the SCARLET can do (and more since the ONE can do 4.5K) for half the price. They are used, yes, and the boot-up time is longer, but it’s still an amazing deal.

You should keep in mind that the above prices are the brain only, and you’ll still need some accessories to make them work. Also of note, RED had a deal going where if you purchased $50,000 worth of an EPIC camera system, your Dragon upgrade was free. That deal has now ended, but even new EPIC owners will be able to pay $6,000 for a new Dragon sensor upgrade.

You can find the new cameras (including the RED ONE MX) using the link below.

What do you guys think? Will you pull the trigger on an EPIC, SCARLET, or RED ONE MX now?


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  • Holy crap. What a time to be a filmmaker. :O

  • Wow, the Red One price drop is INsane. Such a good deal…

  • We live in a mighty fine era.
    Could this signal the beginning of the end of the DSLR Filmmaking era? Or was it started by the BMCC? Where will we be a year from now, in terms of cameras from Canon, Nikon, and other companies that provide cameras?

    So many questions; I can’t wait to discover the answers.

  • Can anyone say “firmware update” for the 5D Mark 3???

    • Jay slocum on 11.1.12 @ 8:30PM

      Wow joe that was fast

      and @ chris that was funny

      saw comparison from another post, Red one looking good, if you are more concered with making a film and less of caring around a heavier camera then RED ONE IS EYE CANDY.


      Lens mount:
      - RED ONE is PL cine mount with dumb Nikon mount available (the path to Canon mount leads through dangerous woods…)
      - SCARLET can do both PL cine mount or Smart Canon mount (with dumb Nikon of course)
      - so basically it depends on the glass you are planning to use / or you own…

      - RED ONE can do 120 FPS at 2K and 60 FPS at 3K
      - SCARLET can do 120 FPS at 1K and 60 FPS at 2K

      - RED ONE is a “monster” – a very large and heavy camera to lug around…
      - SCARLET is tiny in comparison to RED ONE (about 1/3)

      - RED ONE peaks at 4.5K in wide mode, 4K in 16:9
      - SCARLET can do 5K, albeit at only 12 FPS

      - RED ONE no can do…
      - SCARLET can – but halves the FPS

      - You can get cheap used accessories for RED ONE at great prices everywhere
      - SCARLET’s accessories are mostly on backorder (but should be out by end of March)

      - Majtan

  • fuckkkk! RED MX for $4000?????? lol

    I was waiting ofr BMCC… Adios baby! I’m goigo to buy 2 RED MX for that price!!

    MANNNN! This is crazy!

  • Hear that? That’s the sound of hundreds of people cancelling their BMCC pre orders. Seriously, could things get any worse for that camera? This is a dagger!

    • Nah, Blackmagic’s are frikken fine.

      • Nah…they’re not. Watch and see.

      • Jay slocum on 11.1.12 @ 8:59PM

        YEAH but Final cut pro now handles red files natively also, something to consider BMC or RED one decision , decisions

        Just wondering what will be best and quickest work flow between the BMC AND RED ONE. RED one and AJA or samuri

      • Luke, I was thinking the same thing. I think you also canceled your BMCC preorder in place of the BT Red Scarlet deal as I did??…and now THIS has gotta really hurt ‘em. I think a lot of people have been “looking over the fence” at Reds for a long time while trying to find something they could afford. Well now they can.

  • marklondon on 11.1.12 @ 8:29PM

    Ok. I’m in for an EPIC, or a couple of RED ONEs. Can’t argue with that pricing. These are proven filmmaking tools.

  • Does anyone think the Red One is worth buying? Looks like an amazing deal!

    • Are you crazy?? That’s the best deal I possibly think on the universe! I’ve been working with MX for months now. A rented one…

      For that price, now I’m goiong to buy 2 of them… I don’t care for BMCC now. I’m used to RED material and it’s awesome.

      It’s a steal for that price!

    • The MX is a great camera. Buy with confidence. It may be abut big, but its still puts out an equivalent image to the epic in 4k. When dragon drops, that will change, but it will take a full year for all epics to get dragon. For 4k you get something that can hang with the big boys for at least a year if not more. If you can’t make $4000 in a year with it, you have no business owning it. Go for it!!!!!!!!

  • Nice, but isn’t that sensor 3 years old now?

    • Kemalettin on 11.1.12 @ 8:34PM

      its not 1080p :) Have you seen The Social Network and others? you cant do that with F3 F5 5D mark III and other shitty Canon so called cine cameras.

    • It’s a good sensor yet. It’s a proven camera, tested. And you can upgrade the sensor in the future…

    • Jay slocum on 11.1.12 @ 9:05PM

      no it is not it has same sensor as scarlet only weighs more and has a PL mount, so basically you would have to rent or buy expensive Cinema PL mount lens, You could use nikon glass but its a dummy mount still usable though

  • Kemalettin on 11.1.12 @ 8:33PM

    i would like to see classic nofilmschool comments now..Red is dead,Red is gonna Die,New Sony camera gonna bury Red Epic/Scarlet bla bla bullshit..
    So whats happening now Sony and Cannon nothing do :) They cant lower prices insanely like these! lol $4K 4.5K cinema camera..pity for guys who is shooting with DSLRs after today..

  • holy crap. how much would you need to add to a Red One to get it up and running? and would all those parts transfer across to the Epic/Scarlet as well?

    i was thinking of going for a BMCC, but at this price, i just don’t think it can compete.

    • and I wonder how many Ones they’ll have on offer, considering they’re all battle tested and discontinued? they’re gonna go out the door at this rate.

      • There are heaps of cheap RED accessories around these days. I’d strike as early as possible though.
        And 2K should go a LONG way.

        No the parts are not transferrable to Epic scarlet.

        As to how many… I’d get in fast, but it will be a decent number with all the trade ins that ere executed you’d think. But people are going pretty nuts and talking about buying multiples…

  • i´m dead. i´m in a tibetan bardo or i´m still on the effects of salvia? is this true?

  • Holy shit this is crazy! Looks like I’m buying a RED. Wow.

  • annnnnnnnd checkmate. RED wins.

    seriously, the offerings of every other company is just laughable by comparison. canon ESPECIALLY!

  • I remember feeling like I got slapped in my face after red didn’t follow up with their “3k for 3k” announcement years ago. I had pretty much turned my back on red and was planning on purchasing a black magic cinema camera. Now I just don’t know anymore, I think I may have fallen in love with red all over again…. this is like going back to my ex girlfriend after i’ve already made out with the new chick, I feel dirty, and I am, but i’m loving every moment of it!

  • I’m surprised by this. I did not see such a radical price drop coming…
    A Red One for 4k is an incredible deal, particularly with the MX sensor – I’ve shot both and it makes a big difference.
    An Epic X at $19k – incredible times. I think Philip Bloom just placed an order…

  • People who buy these new RED cameras with lower prices, will pay for 6000 dollars for Dragon update.

    About the overall pricing with RED; how about being (here in nofilmschool) honest and doing article how much it really does cost to play with RED stuff…

    There are people right as this moment, who thing they can get 5K Scarlet camera for 8000 dollars and start shooting…

    EPIC-M W/ SIDE SSD AND LENS MOUNT = 27,500 dollars. Add 13 000 dollards for new Prores/H264-module = 40,500 without lenses, batteries etc.

    That 40,500 dollars is the price (without Dragon upgrade !) to get basic camera brain setup that has equal ability with Sony F55.

    It is not that cheap, especially when you add the batteries, RED SSD-cards, display/EVF/control unit etc.

    Fully working RED Epic camera will be easily over 40 000 dollars MINIMUM.

    • You simply…do not know what you’re talking about. Ever heard of buying the essentials and renting the rest of your kit on a per shoot basis until you can add to it? $40k minimum for a working Epic…you sir are ridic.

      • So, everytime you for example need that 3200 dollar RED EVF for Epic you just rent it ?!


        • Use a SmallHD monitor. Or plug the $1600 RED Touch LCD in and buy/rent an Alphatron EVF. Plus the 720p RED EVF is $2K battle-tested. You don’t “need” a $3200 EVF…

          • So Ryan, you are an expert: do article that has clear calculations how much it costs to run new “super cheap” Red Epic / Scarlet.

            I know that Bloom did one (with old prices). It was excellent and honest article – and it somehow made many RED users angry. Simply because someone who actually knows about things said facts aloud.

        • Kemalettin on 11.1.12 @ 8:55PM

          evf is serious business go check Arri Alexa’s EVF prices and come back here we ll have nice chat :)

        • Yes. It’s not that hard to rent optional accessories for RED cameras. It’s actually as easy as clicking your mouse.

        • Bomb EVF is $2k in RED Battle-Tested store, right next to MX..

          • Well he does have a point. People are saying this will stop the BMCC. I think it’ll slow it down but the BMCC is a pick up and play camera. The RED ONE MX isn’t. You have to buy expensive add-ons or rent it. BMCC even has mounts for lenses people in most of our group use. Those add-on prices add up. Luke is right that it’s easy to rent, but what if you want to do a high quality guerrilla short and don’t have time to rent. Great option but isn’t always practical. There is a place for both options.

            Don’t get me wrong, this is HUGE. However, it’s not truly in the BMCC price range. What I like is the drive to force companies to create higher quality products at reasonable prices. $3,000 and up there are options galore now. Sub $3,000 needs higher quality cameras that shoot true 1080p now.

            BMCC, to RED ONE MX, to F5, to F55, to Alexa…seems like the way things are going.

    • Kemalettin on 11.1.12 @ 8:46PM

      they just lowered the prices $10K and you still complaining..Are you high? if you cant afford Red go try BlackMagic
      i appreciate Red’s upgrade program do you know any other cinema camera company offers sensor upgrade? NO!

  • Just got a Scarlet , but i’m tempted to get a Red One brain, just to hold it :)

  • The redone’s are not going to last that long, they where just trade ins. I’m sure there must be a few thousand.

    • Kemalettin on 11.1.12 @ 8:49PM

      more than 5000 :) believe me..

    • Jay slocum on 11.1.12 @ 9:11PM

      i said the same thing that basically they are trying t clear inventory of (shells) of RED ONE MX’s but then again, if RED sells start booming because of this price drop, im pretty sure they may make it a permanent stay.

      If you think about Red technically gave us something special but at same time not completely undercutting the price and benefits of owning a newer epic. A great deal indeed but please read the fine print and know what you are getting.

  • $5K Scarlet would’ve been sweet, no surprises here.

    • HAH. And here I was thinking no one would complain about a lack of “3K for $3K” cameras when there’s a 4.5K for $4K camera… But then I guess there’s always someone to go “meh” to anything.

    • Kemalettin on 11.1.12 @ 8:54PM

      yeah they just lowered Scarlet price 1750$..Looks like you missed the Scarlet so called Battle Tested train :)

  • What’s the difference between Epic X and Epic M?

    • M means the Epic is hand-machined, the X is just standard factory assembled.

    • Unless you have too much money in your pocket you don’t want to buy Machined body. EPIC-X is the way to go.

      • Agreed. The M is basically a leftover of the time when you had to purchase an expensive machined version because they hadn’t set up the “automated” assembly line yet. They kept the option for people who wanted that extra feeling of “special”. But, to each their own…I’m a fan, but too rich for my blood.

    • john jeffreys on 11.2.12 @ 3:28PM

      the M is handmade, cast aluminum i believe, and the air vents are rounded as opposed to the angular design of the X. Also, they take your picture with one and you get your own thread in the “M Owners” section of reduser :)

  • Originally Posted by Axel Mertes
    >Jim, Jarred, RED Team,
    >does END OF LIFE for RED ONE mean that no repairs are possible in future?
    >Just to understand what you add to that formula?
    >If it is the case, it might be useful for young starters to understand, when deciding the pro’s and con’s >regarding SCARLET vs. RED ONE M-X BT.

    Axel, great question. We have accounted for repair inventory for RED ONE BT. So, yes, repairs to RED ONE will be possible until that inventory depletes.
    Brent BC

    Nope… we stocked up on parts.. We will be able to service RED ONEs for quiet some time forward..

    We will continue to support and service of the RED ONE. End of Life means no more new production.


  • this is amazing news for future camera owners from any manufacturer other than canon really. Now the sony cameras have to come in at lower prices as well. Everybody wins

  • I will order the MX. Is there any difference between the CF and SSD? I’ve got lots of 64 CFs 600x. Are they ok for the CF one?

    • they recommend to only use their cf cards but I’m sure others can chime in here

      • I think 600x can handle the data. You can go 1000x but I don’t think that cf cards at that time on the release were that fast.

        • It’s not a matter of the headline 300 600 or 1000 data rate… it’s all about the maximum data rate that the card can *sustain*, utterly reliably, with *zero* dropouts, for takes lasting minutes… a very different thing to shooting still bursts on a DSLR. Not many cards are up to snuff in that regard.

    • R1 is picky about the CF cards that work with it; RED own brand work, Lexar Pro 300 UDMA work, other than that you’re probably out of luck. They locked that down due to too many problems with cheapo CF cards getting the camera a bad rep.

      • My god, get the ssd module…… Please, get the ssd module……..

        • I did :-)

          But for people at the bottom end, for whom SSD is an unjustifiable expense… they’re going to be interested in CF cards and old Red Drives…


    • You should investigate, I think only Red CF cards are fast enough for the highest framerates. You might be able to do normal framerates, but you may have to use more compression to keep the bitrate low enough for the cards to keep up.

    • Jay slocum on 11.1.12 @ 9:14PM

      you can use cf’s with red one but not with epic , they just cant handle all of the power what the epic or scarlet can throw at them

    • john jeffreys on 11.2.12 @ 3:29PM

      You have to use the RED CF cards, they have custom firmware. However, there is an urban legend that specific 8GB 400x Lexar cards will work

  • Thanks for great info again, Joe! And, Koo, you beat my tweet by literally a few seconds. Darn you! lol
    Very exciting times! And here I was, about to drop $6k cash on Blackmagic and accessories. Now, the tables have turned. Come January, I’ll probably just buy a Scarlet package cash. Incredible!

  • Before we all rush out and get the RED ONE, remember that it only has two lens mount options: PL and Nikon.

    • From Red, yes. Quite a few third-party mounts available, notably the Birger Canon EOS mount, with Impero controller for FF and iris.

  • EPIC-M [Brain Only] already rise with $1K to $25,000 now on there site :/

  • VINCEGORTHO on 11.1.12 @ 9:27PM

    How much is it to make a RED ONE MX operational?

    • At minimum:

      Storage: a couple of CF cards. $100.

      Power: The Battle Tested cameras come with nothing, not even an AC power adapter. So you’re going to need a V-lock battery plate or similar, battery(s) and charger. How much? Depends what you buy, new or used, Red or 3rd party, but figure on several hundred bucks at least.

      Monitor: Red LCD or EVF, or 3rd party HDMI or SDI monitor. Another few hundred bucks.

      That’s absolute minimum to power it up and use it. Then you’re ready to throw on your choice of lens and get shooting. You’re going to want all the gubbins you hang of any serious camera of course – brackets, rails, FF etc. etc. – but you can make images with just the above.


  • In history of digital cinema camera , i don’t think any camera company in the world have guts to reduce any camera’s prices by 80% of the original price. i have respect for Jim jinard, I am not buying red but still, for other filmmakers this is huge. red had slapped in the face of all the digital cinema camera companies by doing this. great job Jim, god bless you.

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