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Weekly Freebie Project: 100% Royalty Free Music Available Every Week from Neumann Films

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Luke and the team at Neumann Films are trying to do us a favor. We in the production world aren’t used to getting much for free, and that’s because we don’t — but that doesn’t mean the things we do get for free have to be lacking in quality. If you missed Luke’s tremendous month of free music in July, don’t worry, there’s more professional-grade royalty-free totally costless music where that came from — available for download every single week.

Here’s the track currently available for free download (by Neumann Films’ newly appointed in-house composer David Thulin), followed by a Daily Freebie predecessor from Luke himself (Update: which Luke has also made downloadable for the benefit of NFS readers):

Here’s Luke on his decision to start this ongoing pursuit, which does nothing but benefit all of us:

To become a viable option for filmmakers something needs to draw you to our site when searching for music, whether that’s low prices, great music, or preferably, a combination of the two. To show just how serious we are in giving back to the community we are launching the Weekly Freebie project. A new, completely free track or sound element every week.

*All tracks in the Weekly Freebie project are 100% Royalty Free and ready to use in any commercial/non commercial work as long as credit is given as follows (David Thulin – “Song Titles”).

There’s really no reason to wait — if you need music for your club scene, your teaser, your trailer, your commercial, your 4K cat videos, whatever the case may be — head on over to Neumann Films and stock up on some free stock tracks! Don’t forget to check back each week either, you don’t want to miss out on the new stuff. Luke has stated he’s planning on compilation albums to back-catalog the earlier Daily Freebies project to be created and sold down the line as well.

Also, if you’re looking for more royalty free tracks, Luke has a number of albums available to buy on his site — you can check those out using the link below.



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  • Trying to give back to the community? Why do people keep using that jargon? Isn’t he trying to create traffic to his site? In a store you have a loss leader, then try to make the big sale. Sure he’s giving “back” however, he is trying to profit too. There are alot of music for sale online. Entire professional dvd sets are relatively cheap. We’re talking many GB of royalty free material. I’m getting tired of people implying they are doing things out of the goodness of their hearts when there is ulterior motives. Only my opinion.

    • I guess that would be the negative way of looking at it… Just about all of the royalty free compilations I’ve ever heard are miserable in terms of real film music – nothing I personally would ever use. If they are any good, they certainly aren’t going to be cheap. Luke’s is actually some of the first stuff I’ve heard that I thought actually sounded like it belongs in a real movie.

      • There are alot of sites with quality music. You need to do some searching. Some are tricky to find. They do exist. There are quality pay sites too. They offer 92 bit, which is overkill, and at a “c” spot for 1000′s of loops. My comments are not a knock or should not be deemed negative. It is reality. I think Luke’s work ranks highly. It is about sales. Giving a few teasers, is just that. Sales.

        • Way to take a stand…against people handing out free, quality material. Good thing you were here to shine light on this problem.

        • Yes thank you Joe for doing the striking reveal on the backstory here. How could so many of us live so fooled for so long?

          And enjoy all the “92 bit” music you are finding…I agree “92 bit” would be overkill, if any was actually available.

    • The internet is full of free music, but most of it sucks.

    • Of course I want to drive traffic to my site. The fact remains that the music is free and being “given” to the “community”. When you make the decision to do something like this it comes with a little bit of hesitation because….you’re giving your creations away for free! Have you ever done that with video? Ever filmed a wedding or a music video for free in hopes that it would generate some word of mouth? Trust me, it STILL feels like “giving” even though you are wanting traffic.

      • I’m a composer and I’m releasing most of my music as public domain. It’s not something I have purposefully do to drive traffic to my site because I don’t even have one.

        I’m doing it for the thrill of it. I upload it to my YouTube channel and I did think about the traffic coming but I got the idea from commentators who just want to use stuff to make their videos better. I get a kick out of it. I don’t require any credit – so pretty much public domain. I might be going crazy.

        Kudos to you for helping others out and I’m sure I’ll use your music!

        • Where ? where? what’s the channel? ; )

        • That is really nice, but other people need to make a living with their work. If you can do it just for the thrill, then you are obviously in the lucky position of having enough money to live and still enough free time to make music! :)

    • I agree with JM on this one, you’re being very cynical. I purchased Luke’s Teaser Toolbag after hearing a couple of his free tracks. ZERO buyer remorse! Anything of value that is given for free is “giving back” and is greatly appreciated.

      Luke, very happy with my Teaser Toolbag – only complaint is I never got a response to the email I sent you guys re: how I should credit the music in productions that I use it in.

    • Dave Kendricken on 11.20.12 @ 1:30PM

      Hi Joe, I know Mr. Marine and Luke have already responded but I felt the need to chime in as well. I don’t think that wanting to drive traffic to one’s website and wanting to provide quality media to give back to the community are at all mutually exclusive, whether or not there is revenue to be derived from doing so. Additionally, I don’t think it’s wrong to expect revenue from providing such media — doing so isn’t unethical, it’s what we all hope to achieve in various ways — and so I feel like this isn’t an ulterior motive, it’s a reasonable expectation for bringing something of quality to the table for all of us to use.

      • He’s building a business. Nothing wrong. Giving back to the community? I view it as promotion.

        • It’s both. The simple fact that they are free means we are giving back to the community. Pretty cut and dry if you ask me. You seemed to gloss over my opening statement where I openly admit “To become a viable option for filmmakers something needs to draw you to our site when searching for music, whether that’s low prices, great music, or preferably, a combination of the two.”

          • In business, there are loss leaders. Are these loss leaders giving back to the community? Pretty cut and dry? If you market it as “giving back to the community” is your choice. My views differ on this matter so no need to debate. If you believe it is strictly out of the goodness of your heart with no monetary gain then it could be deemed giving back to the community. But you even stated it is to draw attention. So we can play on words all you like. I’m 95 and type with a straw.

  • “4K cat videos” hahahahahahaha

  • The “month of free music” link helped.

  • Thanks for the share Dave!

  • Although I agree to an extent that most free musak is ‘horrible’, not all of it is bad. The Vimeo Music Store has some free tunes and could be good if you look really hard, or search with strict parameters such as genre and duration. I discovered that generally when I find a good song, the artist has similar on par offerings. There are also paid selections relatively affordable and increase in rate for profit productions. Paid songs seem to sound better artistically, but don’t let the brain say all paid songs are good just because they cost.

    Pond5 has a wide selection and some tracks are priced high, even way high!….doesn’t necessarily mean they’re technically or artistically stellar. However, I surmised that higher priced does equal quality (of course the term ‘quality’ is subjective). I’ve been OK with songs in the $5-20 range.

    Then there’s Moby Gratis, if you don’t garner profit. What else is there to say? It’s Moby, it’s good! If your film is for profit you pay Moby, but I don’t know how much.

  • Bringing the heavy guns in?

  • For what it’s worth Audio Network and Sound Stock are great resources for PAID music, Sound Stock has some amazing folly while Network Audio has some stunning music. The musoic is about $150 a pop but you can buy a 79c version for personal use until your happy you’ll keep it.

    All that said, I’m still going to have to get a composer in as the chances of getting the exact right track that swells and wains in the right places is pretty low..

    • To be completely honest…it’s not THAT hard to compose your own stuff. Granted I have a background in music (nothing crazy just bass/guitar in bands in high school and some piano lessons as a kid). In my experience now though, having a knowledge of computers and knowing what you want in your score is about all you need to compose your own stuff.

      The samples are sooooooo good now and sound so much like the real thing (think about 20 years ago with the midi stuff from N64 games??) that pretty much anyone can be a “composer”. Now, whether that music is any good is entirely up in the air and a talented/trained composer will never be obsolete. I’m not trying to say that at all. I’m just saying that, in the same way that video has become so accessible with DSLRs, music is about there with cheap samples and software. Doesn’t take much knowledge to get a bare bones system up and running.

      Not the only option, probably not the best option (like I said, can’t duplicate a good composer) but it IS an option.