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Get 40% Off All Red Giant Software for the Next 24 Hours

They hinted at it when they introduced their new short Tempo, but Red Giant (thanks RED for always making me want to capitalize anytime I see the word red) is now offering a giant sale (couldn’t help myself) on all of their products. Each and every piece of software in the store is now 40% off for the next day or so (less than 24 hours as of this writing). Click through to check out the details and some of the major deals.

If you’ve been needing PluralEyes but you’ve been dreading the cost, now is the perfect time to save almost half on a purchase. I would assume this is some sort of holiday sale, so I wouldn’t expect this to come around again (especially since it’s so much off). I’ve been using PluralEyes for a long time now, and for me personally it has done a much better job than say FCPX’s auto-sync, especially when you’ve got audio and video all over the place. I haven’t actually gotten into Magic Bullet myself, but if you have been thinking about getting it for quick color grading, the suite is a fantastic deal with this sale.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and check out all of the savings, and when you’re ready to purchase, enter the coupon code 2012BSF40 at checkout.

Link: Red Giant Sale


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  • 40% off academic pricing as well, so I just snagged PluralEyes for $60. Score!

    • The Rode deal is still going where you can get it for free with one of their mics, I highly recommend the Stereo VideoMic Pro. Add its dead kitten for EXT.

      The other great thing they have is Magic Bullet Looks which is one of their few products that support FCPX. Great diffusions/nets in post, save on optical filters and preserve options. I would like LUT Buddy to support FCPX too, there is no good LUT solution for it afaik.

      • I can recommend the stereo videomic pro as a first step up in improving in-camera sound if you are primarily interested in recording live music, for example. I use this as a no-fuss way to add a little stereo “room atmosphere” to a mono mic onstage. But the best location for “room atmosphere” audio rarely coincides with the ideal camera position (and guess which loses when forced to choose); so, consider this a good non-intrusive, low-fuss compromise solution of an audio set-up for a one-man/woman operation — in that situation, it’s a great addition. If music is not your primary subject of shooting, an on-camera stereo mic like this would not be the first mic to buy. It’s possible people are using it for low-budget ambience sound in combination with an off-camera shotgun mic. The mic does look delicate: it’s fine for controlled situations, but it’s not made for scrambling in the great outdoors.

        • It’s a stellar mic! For years I used a Senn 416, 66, and most recently a Røde VMP, even for music and there was never any width, especially with the 416 that’s too directional for music. Thanks to the Plural Eyes incentive I finally bought the Røde SVMP. Early stereo field mics seemed limited and cumbersome, such as the NT4, SVM or AT, or were traditionally long and not conducive for DSLRs. The SVMP has a useful but strange form factor, but it seems to have a very tight cardioid pattern, especially for rear rejection.

    • Ditto! Best purchase in months :)

    • Plural Eyes 3 not avail on PC – wack! :(

      • It will be available on Windows when they release version 3.2, and it’ll be a free download for anyone who has already purchased it. In the meantime you can still use PluralEyes 2. That’s what I’m doing as I anxiously await the release for Windows.

        • I took the same deal.

          I wanted Plural Eyes and a new on-camera mic.

          I purchased the better mic and downloaded the software for free.

          I too am waiting for version 3 for my PC.



  • I just wish I had more money on my CC right now, so I could get Trapcode and Keying Suite as well (I already own Magic Bullet Suite.)

    • Don’t worry, they seem to do this quite a bit! I bought the same suites (Trapcode and Keying) last year for 40% off during another sale.

  • For myself (average shooter; editing in CS6; don’t regularly do VFX): Plural Eyes is pretty much indispensable; Magic Bullet Looks is no Resolve, but is far more user-friendly — does all the main things, plugs straight into your NLE, comes with a tonne of presets; Particular is important for effects work.

    Everything else for me falls into the “cute, but can live without” category (much like many pieces of gear; I’ve bought a Philip Bloom Vbag, and am now scratching my head as to when I’d actually use it). Most of them I don’t really know what they do and/or don’t know anyone who uses them. Horizon might see occasional use once in a blue moon. Andrew Kramer has a tutorial or two about it. Knoll Light Factory does amazing things in the right hands, but not in my hands. Keying — not sold that I really need it over keylight.

  • By the way, what’s the deal with the colour red? Red, Red Giant, Redrock Micro…?

  • marsupial_264 on 12.11.12 @ 9:49PM

    Pretty good sale. I think I’ll buy Mojo cuz it’s cheap and works with the latest NLEs. Dunno if it does anymore than can be done with stock effects in PPCS6 or FCPX, presumably it does. Red Giant could amass a lot from us nickel-and-dime shoppers, and even moreso from super-spenders.

  • Billy_Dee_Williams on 12.11.12 @ 10:27PM

    Nice, was originally planning on paying $400 for the color grading suite next year. Just got everything for $240

  • Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been trolling around their site and this was the perfect justification to pull the trigger. While version 2 wasn’t the easiest for me to use, looking for big improvements with this software !