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Kessler Teases New Pocket Jib Traveler, Extends to over 6 Feet, Packs Up into Just 27 Inches

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One of the biggest problems with jibs is that they can be cumbersome to carry with you and pack away. We’ve seen different solutions for this problem, one recent product that dealt with this was the Aviator Travel Jib (which was actually a successful Kickstarter project). Now Kessler, who is best known for their slider products — but has been producing some other interesting gear in the last few years — is teasing a brand new jib that should be great for transporting while still giving you fantastic moving shots. Click through to check out the teaser video for the new Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler.

It’s looking like a good start already, as a 10 pound capacity will hold a rather wide range of cameras. Packing up nicely into 5 pounds and 27″ will be especially helpful if you’ve got a lot of gear to lug around, and you’d rather keep everything nice and simple. This could be a perfect jib for those working with DSLRs, and will also likely be able to support cameras that are just the next size up.

We’ll have to wait and see the results, but right now the price will supposedly be $600, though Kessler hasn’t offered up any more information about the jib other than the video.

What do you guys think? Does this jib interest you? If so, are you already a Kessler owner?

Link: Pocket Jib Traveler Teaser Video — Vimeo

[via DSLR News Shooter]


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  • Main question for me is how it compares to Aviator jib, which packs up to 24 inches, weighs 3.75lb, holds up to 6.5lb, extends to 6′, and seems faster to assemble (and, by the way, has just started shipping).

    Anyone spot any obvious product differentiators here?

    • And sells for $497 (mag alloy) or $847 (carbon fibre).

    • As Joe said, the advantage of being able to hold 10lbs vs 6.5lbs as the Aviator is rated (if you want to throw on a couple of DSLR attachments or the next camera size up).

      I’ll also add you’d be dealing with a company that’s established and probably has a quick customer service. Aviator Jib is great, but they’re in their infancy still.

  • I own a stealth slider with motor from kessler and it has served me well. Might pick this up for light bmcc work. Checking out the aviator jib also….thanks paper bag.

  • ThunderBolt on 12.28.12 @ 8:24PM

    Kessler is all about quality. Solid products that I have never worried about. I have a K-Pod with Hercules head that supports 12′ jib. I realize people think about budget, but something that will last is worth paying more up front. I have made mistakes in the past thinking that saving a few would allow more to spend on other tools only to find that the thought of savings actually cost more later.

  • I have the bigger and heavier “pocket jib” from them. It works well with my 504HDV head driving it, although I decided to flip the camera mount upside down so I could mount a lighter 701 head up there. The neoprene peeled right off and stuck back on the other side. No idea why they didn’t do it that way in the first place, but i guess the other way is a bit more stable.

    Quality products though a tiny bit tricky to assemble at first. A two-armed jib is going to give better movement than any one-armer…being able to come to a smooth and unshaking halt is the key to pro movement and it’s hard to do so on a one-armed jib, it’s just never going to be firm enough of a design to get a perfect pro look routinely. However, the two armers need two people to haul them generally, and if the jib stays in storage because it’s too much of a pain to drag around, it is a waste of money anyway.

    • ThunderBolt on 12.28.12 @ 10:56PM

      Nothing tricky about using tools as they should be used. Two arms are key…agreed and are standard for any pro shoot. Stability is your friend. I would recommend a good hand truck and eliminate the need for extra hands. Good recordings are all about finding solutions to simple problems. You might consider another head for your sticks to optimum results.

      • “i would recomend a good hand truck . . . ” can you explain. link to a photo of what you mean would help. I have a kessler crane, hercules head and k-pod. Thanks!

  • Interesting to see them come out with this model now when I think it’s rumored they’re going to have MOCO cranes/jibs coming soon to fit with the new CineDrive system… I wonder if something like this will be compatible with that system in the near future….

  • Now if only someone could invent 20lbs of counter balance that packs down to two pounds to make something like this actually portable.

  • That was the most USELESS ad I have seen in a long time !
    For all the money they have, how about SHOWING how the thing works… yeah, I know how it works but if they want to sell something show the steps to assemble and use of the product.

    This product is not well designed, just like their ad for it. Maybe that’s what they trying to say?