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Need to Keep Track of Major Film Festival Deadlines? There's an iFilmfest App for That

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Every once in a while I am reminded that I live in an age with an eerie yet delightful attribute: I can ask why isn’t there a device or piece of software that does a certain thing, and then usually within 6 months the thing I wanted becomes a reality. Case in point: I was wondering how a friend of mine went about keeping track of a bunch of major film festival deadlines. The most obvious answer was that he probably spends time on Withoutabox and enters in deadlines into some calendar software. Still, I couldn’t help but ask myself “why isn’t there an all-in-one app that helps filmmakers keep track of film festivals?” As if on cue, a few days later iFilmfest popped up on my digital radar.

iFilmfest Features:

  • Find festival deadlines instantly
  • Search a directory of the 300 most influential film festivals
  • Filter your festival search by tags, genres, categories, and submission deadlines
  • Detailed profiles for each listed festival
  • Setup deadline reminders and add festivals dates and info directly into your calendar
  • Create your own festival circuit and export it as a PDF, RTF, or TXT file

Overall, iFilmfest looks like a handy tool to get quick access to pertinent information on major festivals (although part of me would like a more comprehensive directory akin to Withoutabox), and of course I love the reminder and calendar functions. I have two complaints though: the app seems kind of sluggish on my iPhone 4, yet it doesn’t strike me as something that would require a whole lot of system resources. The other more annoying issue is that — while the number of days until a deadline are listed — the month of the deadline isn’t listed, which results in something like this: (null) 5th, 2013. Hopefully, both of these issues will be fixed in a future update.

Currently, iFilmfest is only available for the iPhone and iPad for a scant $4, but according to their website an Android version is in the works.


[via Digital Journal]


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  • WHen it comes out for android I’ll give it a try.

  • has a deeper database, it is free, and it allows you to actually upload the film, along with required press materials, and use that as your submission screener to the festivals. And then that can be exported to IMDB and all the info for the film’s listing is right there.

    Nice app, but it really is just a novelty reference that is nowhere near as useful as an existing service.

  • on 02.6.13 @ 9:27AM

    I thought this sounded great til I read Damon’s comment.

  • Sounds like a winner.

  • I just bought the app and it works great. So far I haven’t had any problems with it. Looks like they released an update with bug fixes.

  • I was testing this app out and in my opinion it is far more useful than withoutabox, which is an old platform, focused on something else and without improvements for years