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Watch 24 of Akira Kurosawa's Criterion Collection Films for Free on Hulu This Weekend

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Acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa would have been 103 years old this coming March 23rd, and in honor of his birthday, Criterion Collection is making 24 of his films absolutely free to watch on Hulu through Sunday, March 24th. It’s more than that, however, as they are making available some interviews with people like George Lucas and Robert Altman talking about Kurosawa’s films, and a documentary about the origins and influences of The Seven Samurai. Click through to check those out embedded below.

Origins and Influences – A documentary looking at the samurai traditions and films that helped shape Kurosawa’s masterpiece:

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Hulu and start watching all 24 films.

The question is, can you watch all of them by the end of the weekend? What are some of your favorite Kurosawa films and why?

Link: Criterion Collection Kurosawa Films — Hulu


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  • *important* – remember to call your local pizza place and alert them that you’ll be relying on them all weekend. Don’t make a rookie mistake. Also, stay limber, stretch it out every 4 or 5 films.

  • I love Ran, Kurosawa’s take on King Lear as well as his last film. Absolutely epic in scope, and the production values are insane. I’m still sitting on the out-of-print Criterion edition of that DVD. You can’t go wrong with what Hulu is offering though, not by a long-shot.

    • His last film was the surreal “Dreams.”

      • Kurosawa’s Dreams was the film that planted the seed of interest in filmmaking for me.
        I still remember watching it for the first time on a borrowed VHS bootleg copy back in the early 90s.

      • Was going to write that Rhapsody in August was his last film, but it turns out there’s another I’ve never seen, Madadayo, which was his last.

        Fun fact: Richard Gere was in Rhapsody in August. All of a sudden, playing six degrees just got a lot easier and a lot stranger. ;)

  • Red Beard (1965) is pretty good.

  • Holy s*** that’s fantastic, I’ll plan to get thru at least a couple, certainly haven’t seen all of his work.

  • Many wonderful films. My absolute favorite is Rashomon, but his other “samurai” films sometimes tend to get jumbled together in my memory. The non-samurai ones that I’ve watched so far tend to stick out for me: The Bad Sleep Well and Dersu Uzala.

  • Robert Hardy on 03.22.13 @ 7:27PM

    I think you would have to go non-stop all weekend to get through them all. Like Alex said, keep the pizza man coming every 5 hours or so, maybe see if he’ll bring you some 5 hour energies or something. Sleep is for chumps when Kurosawa is free.

  • Sucks living in Sweden right now -_- + working and no fast internet connection…

  • Oh, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area, keep an eye on the American Cinematheque calendar (in fact, subscribe to their newsletter too, but you probably already know this if you love film and live in the area). Once in a while they have a Kurosawa retrospective, ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!11!one! At least they have done so several times in the past. I just checked and it seems like they are showing Seven Samurai this Saturday!

  • US only……that’s a pitty. Let’s see if they can solve this in time. Thanks for te post Joe.

  • If they show Ikuru I hope it’s the unedited original. About 15 years ago a vital segment of the film was cut out. It was just one of the most significant scenes in the movie—that’s all. If anyone has seen it in the last 15 years and saw the man on the swing near the end of the movie and couldn’t figure out what it meant you can thank the mindless editors of the re-release.

  • Nice text. Online rights are not grown enough to let everybody watch free videos for free.

  • Overseas folks: use a VPN like Witopia. Works this Australian resident :)

  • *works for this