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'Insane Office Escape 2' is the Craziest NSFW POV GoPro Music Video You'll See This Week

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You’ve all seen first person or POV videos at some point — but the new Biting Elbows music video is something else entirely. Continuing with the Insane Office Escape Series (insane is an understatement), Ilya Naishuller (who is also in the band) directs another video with balls-to-the-wall non-stop action — giving movies like Crank a run for their money. Using a first person perspective, our hero fights his way through seemingly endless waves of suit-and-tie bad guys, with a little bit of teleportation thrown in for good measure. Check out the decidedly NSFW video below:

If you missed it, here was their first video:

There aren’t any BTS materials that I can find except for this video:

Here is a decent look at the GoPro helmet rig being worn for the video:

While the frame rate certainly seems like 30, there is definitely an immediacy to the shots that is incredibly engaging. There are hundreds of cuts in these videos, but I think what’s most impressive is how seamless they feel. There are a ton of clever tricks that help sell some of the more ridiculous shots, but there is also quite a bit that even professionals might think twice about doing.

What do you guys think? Can you spot some of the clever tricks and cuts that help sell some of the more difficult shots?

Link: Biting Elbows — Website


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  • I love it!!

  • I want it all in one take

  • umm…. awesome!

  • Very talented man-

  • Peter Kelly on 03.20.13 @ 5:50PM

    What kind of tricks do you mean? Love the video

  • Derik Savage on 03.20.13 @ 6:07PM

    The best trick is the one where they got me to click on it by making the thumbnail image the one with the boobs. Even so, LOVE the video.

  • shite

  • Very cool. Really well done.

  • Wow.Really entertaining stuff. Not even mad about the bait and switch thumbnail pic

  • I have tons of respect for it technically but it quickly began to appear so much like game-play from a 1st person shooter that beyond all expectation and logic I got bored. On the other hand, jumping through space appeals to me a lot. I particularly liked the transition from water to the rooftop with the water gushing over the roof. Like others, I was a bit disappointed by the click bait as the silicon prosthetics seemed fake. Yet the blood work was very good. I suspect they were created by two different people.

  • Guys, please stop chattering rubbish about damn tits thumbnail! Don’t you get that it’s just fitting nice to the kind of video per se!? It is a sort of genre, you know.
    Just look at that JBond 007 posters
    and then write some letter of disappointment to the makers of Bond’ series:-) That is just silly, Gene and
    Well, as for pics/posters, Bond clearly wins BadM-er., but I’m pretty sure it beats the Bond devil to ashes when we think about action movie art. This short music vid just engage you to a degree cause it’s both ingenious and professional.
    That is why I fairly do not get what Joe Marine, with all due respect, means saying ‘There are a ton of clever tricks … but there is also quite a bit that EVEN professionals might think twice about doing’. Why ‘even professionals’? They are indeed. Tricks used in this video have no need in being used by ‘even professionals’ cause the video crew is already top-notch professional. It’s like saying ‘hey,look for some tricks in Bond series and use them, they are professional!’ :-) Yes, they obviously are.

    Let’s discuss and analyze video like did!

    • Although Joe is fully capable of responding, I’m going to try to save him the trouble. From your writing, it seems that English is probably not your first language. Sometimes the subtlety of written words gets lost. He wasn’t implying the people who worked on this film weren’t professionals. What he meant was, EVEN (AMONG OTHER) professionals, there might be some that would think twice about attempting the stunts performed in this video. People aren’t always that explicit when they write and you have to infer their meaning from the context. He was actually paying these guys a very high compliment.

  • Wow! That’s some incredible work. This goes to show GoPro has unlimited possibilities. It’s all up to us to get the best out of it. Thanks a ton, Joe for sharing this :)

  • did the stuntman really jump from the rooftop to the bar in the middle of the hole? damn awesome video!

  • Great video, shame about the gopro fogging up at times, you can see when they clear it just before he kicks his windshield out. Stupidly overpriced anti fog inserts!

  • A nice (if gratuitously violent) relief from yet another skater/skier/surfer video.

  • I don’t see what everyone is getting so excited about.

  • Yeah, great cuts and great stunts + the idea of space travelling!
    This is indeed an example of great work where no nobody cares what camera’s been actually used.
    As for the rig, it can be pretty much any more or less lightweight body.
    Have a look at the DIY description here: