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Canon 60D to Be Replaced in Two Weeks with Semi-Pro 70D?

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There have been many reports over the last few months of dwindling Canon 60D stock — which can often indicate that a replacement is on the horizon. A number of rumors have surfaced recently regarding the possible replacement, the 70D, and where that camera will stand in terms of Canon’s lineup. We’ve spoken about Canon’s future product line, and how a 7D Mark II might fit in, and while there is no question the new 70D will have an APS-C sensor, the only other detail we definitely know is that Canon will have a product announcement near the end of March, based on the invite that just went out.

Canon Rumors recently published this picture, which shows an invite to a Canon product announcement in the Czech Republic on March 21st:

Canon Rumors has reported in the past that the 70D may be a significant upgrade from the 60D. The 60D is still one of the best values for shooting video in the Canon realm, as the video quality is basically the same as the T2i/T3i, but it has upgraded features from those cameras (and works great with Magic Lantern). Since it’s been mentioned that the Canon 7D Mark II may move up and be the APS-C version of the 1D X, it also stands to reason that the 70D will move up in specs and price to fill the gap.

Like Nikon, Canon has been relatively conservative with their releases, so while I don’t think the 70D will be the first affordable DSLR to have a real 1080p and no aliasing/moire, I do expect to see improvements to video. The Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 1D X/1D C are the only models that Canon currently makes that rarely suffer from the distracting rainbow patterns or stair-stepping on horizontal lines. If the 7D Mark II is moving up to be the APS-C 1D X, I expect that camera to improve with its aliasing/moire issues, leaving the 70D as more of a wild card between the T4i and the 7D Mark II.

Canon will probably go one of two ways: they will make the 70D a less “pro” version of the 7D Mark II (which is rumored to have a 24MP sensor), by putting it in a less expensive body with fewer features (like no clean HDMI), or they will make the 70D a significant upgrade from the T4i/60D, but still well below the 7D Mark II. I think a lot of it comes down to how good the 7D Mark II will be. Since that camera will likely come out later than the 70D, there is still quite a bit of speculation as far as how Canon’s future lineup will shake out. I think their product line has been too close together as of late, and they’ve basically been releasing the same camera over and over again with a similar 18MP sensor and the same video qualities (though with somewhat different photography features). As of right now I am leaning towards the 70D being a much improved 60D with possibly a better build and a higher resolution HDMI output that doesn’t drop to 480p on record (and not necessarily a junior 7D Mark II), but we should see soon enough.

Either way, if you’re in the market for a Canon 60D or T4i, it probably makes sense to wait a couple of weeks and see what the company has up their sleeves later this month.

What do you guys think Canon will do? Do you think the 70D will get a brand new 24MP sensor, or will Canon recycle the 18MP sensor from the T4i into a better housing with some other improved features, or neither?

Link: Canon 70D Rumor and Czech Republic Invite — Canon Rumors


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  • For video output, the T2i, T3i, T4i, 60D, and 7D are all relatively equal, correct? The 7D just has more photographic features and a weatherproof body.

    Why do videographers contrast the 60D and 7D?

    • I prefer the Canon 60D for video over the 7D for a few reasons:
      1. The 60D’s LCD screen gives you an effective 20% jump in resolution vs the 7D which helps in focusing. I realize the actual pixel difference is 12.84%, but the 60D uses the entire screen whereas the 7D has black bars so the effective jump in resolution is over 20%. I use a Z-Finder so this is important to me. (If I used an external monitor I would prefer the 7D which outputs 1080 via HDMI vs 480P from the 60D.)
      2. From the start the 60D has had manual audio levels.
      3. The 60D uses less expensive SD Cards vs the 7D’s more expensive Compact Flash Cards.
      4. I’ve never had an overheating issue running a 60D for 8 hours straight whereas earlier software versions of the 7D would give the overheating warning frequently.

      By the way, the 60D is much better in terms of Moire/Aliasing than the 6D which is surprising.

      Canon has been screwing up in so many ways, not only for the consumer, but also for their shareholders that they better get the 70D right because the Nikon D7100 is formidable having most of the features that videographers want – Dual Card Slots, Headphone Jack, negligible Moire/Aliasing, decent low light ability, 1.3 Zoom mode, 3.2″ LCD and an uncompressed HDMI out.

      • I’ve been using the 60D for over 2yrs and its been a workhorse. As my first DSLT it’s been awesome to use. I like the size of it in my hands and the tougher build than the plasticky T4i etc. The only thing that has been a disappointment has been how easily the HDMI socket broke – of course this happened 1 month after the warranty expired… It’s a shame that more manufacturers don’t have a workable solution for this – most of the cages, clamps etc. for HDMI cables are for the 7D and 5D. Of course, if Canon had a better socket to begin with throughout their line manufacturers wouldn’t even have to make clamps.

        If the 70D is a solid improvement over the 60D and comes in at below $1500 then I’d consider the upgrade.

          • Thanks but I’m pretty sure LockCircle doesn’t make one for the 60D – Only the 5d mkII and III and the 7D

        • I purchased (2) 60D’s brand new and the first time I plugged an HDMI cable in the connection was intermittent (unless I held the cable just right). I tried a few different new HDMI cables and also tried both 60D’s and they both exhibited the same issue – very unreliable connection that had to be held in a certain position to get it to work. I never used the HDMI ports again.

  • Hmm, 70d you say? I would love to make an upgrade on my 600d. If Canon does make the 24 mp camera, I would part with my 600d in miliseconds. But if they tend to stick with the same ol 18.1 mp, Ill stay with what I have and save for something better. I’m excited to hear more on the 70d.

  • getting new stuff is always exciting…but if canon is releasing a new camera every two weeks, it becomes kind of annoying..although it improves some question from older stuff.

    • 60D and 7D are both overdue for a replacement.

    • Why do you post things you don’t know anything about. It has been 2.5 years since the 60D has been updated and that line has traditionally been updated every 2 yeras, so it is overdue. The 7d is even older, released 3 years ago. The new cameras are very welcome and I hope their specs are up to date.

  • Canon announcements/rumors don’t even make me feel gear-lust anymore. le sigh -_-

  • Canon will probably recycle the same sensor that they have been recycling for the past four-years with the most minute and conservative of tweaks, if that. Rubbish.

  • All these DSLR’s are just ever so slightly an improvement on the ones prior. I’d love for canon to put out less frequently and really make a bang with substantial upgrades. Forget the 70D, come out with a 7DmkII that can shoot 1080 at 60fps, with no aliasing and high ISO’s. That’d be cool. Maybe throw a swivel screen on there, and some clean HDMI out. The APS-C sensor is cheaper, so why not make that camera better suited toward video? Maybe even some higher frame rates at 720p? 120fps at 720p would be a big deal, but not a game changer for folks in higher price brackets.

    Instead we get these tiny incremental upgrades.

    • The new version of the 7D should be a feature for feature (wherever possible) APS-C version of the full frame 5D MkIII. Otherwise, they shouldn’t bother.

  • Shouldn’t have bought 60D two weeks ago… facepalm. On the other hand, it will still be a solid camera and Im just wondering what they improve on it. If they only rehouse the T4i and add wifi and gps, it wouldn’t even make sense to upgrade I guess. Either way, 60 will always be a good secondary camera even if the new 70D / 7D mk2 will blow us away :)

    • It’s always tricky with releases. Many thought the 70D would be released earlier in the year, but obviously that did not happen.

  • Jorge Cayon on 03.7.13 @ 1:38PM

    Although it does come across as negatitive, the truth is most productions atleast the ones I deal with, don’t want DSLR footage anymore. They are past that and view it as cheap looking. Most of us started off with DSLR cameras or are going to in the near future. But I don’t think they’ve come a long way for the semi-pro market. I shouldn’t have to keep spending on accessories to make something work. In the life of a paying production people don’t want to risk time and money on making something work, it just has to. The biggest complaint I get from clients is that they can’t really color grade or VFX the footage with ease. To most producers they’d rather spend upfront for products than later on with more expesive post production costs.

    His statement does stand true, somewhat. Why bother with Canon? They really don’t care about producing quality gear for the guys that helped get where they are today in the world of video. Indie people are all about best bang for the buck. I don’t think Canon is doing that anymore.

  • Dare I say? Because technology in this category is changing so fast, these cameras are obsolete in only a few years – kind of how keyboard synthesizers were in the 1980-90s. So kind of wish for a cheaper S35 rangefinder that takes Canon L lenses, shoots at least 60FPS, is good at high ISO, and has no ailiasing. No need for a prism, or for a Single Len Reflex system because I use the Zacuto Finder for framing shots. Waterproof plastic body like an oversized GoPro rather than expensive magnesium. WiFi, a detachable Batterygrip-like grip for XLR audio, with Monitor output when needed… Also the Canon mount is a bit wobbly when using follow focus, so some kind of mechanical clamp to keep the lens in place better….Nothing like a 70D!

    • Oh and the lens clamp should also be sort of like the metabones adpater to focus the light more and gain one extra stop of light, and get a full frame field of view -when desired – for getting wide angle views.

  • There’s no point in evaluating the video capabilities of the 7ds or 5ds as Canon will make sure that they don’t perform better than their EOS C-series, meaning the image quality is predetermined. This is the reason, why we see DSLRs with only subtle upgrades and nothing ground breaking like the BMCC in terms of image quality.

  • I think Canon has completely mishandled an opportunity. I have clients that at one time specifically asked for a 5d or 7d tell me ” I don’t want that Canon look”. The sad part is that I think that stigma seems to be sticking to their pro line also.
    When your out in the field and a client says “no Canon look”, you can’t risk bringing in something that says Canon and having to explain it to them. Why? Because they don’t care or don’t understand. It’ll be interesting if the once golden egg becomes their achilles heel.

    I do get some clients that ask for the DSLR’s but more and more they tend to be the ones that fight you on everything. At the end of those projects I’m left scratching my head thinking “Why the F*@$# did I take this gig.

    Is this happening to others or am I just dealing with strange cliental?

    • Nope, you aren’t alone. This issue is because the clients that request DSLRs often do it because they are picky and are trying to be cheap. It’s typically much more enjoyable to work with clients who provide parameters on the final product – not on the equipment being used.

    • marklondon on 03.7.13 @ 8:10PM

      I strongly disagree that the ‘stigma’ is sticking to their pro line. The C300 is pretty much SOP with the people I deal with, and will be until there are enough F5s around.

  • I’ve had my 60D for two years and it’s been invaluable. Cheap enough for me to invest in good lenses, light enough to shoot handheld for extended periods of time and the articulating screen is a godsend for shooting at extreme angles.

    • marklondon on 03.7.13 @ 8:15PM

      Up until very recently the 60D was the camera I’d recommend to people starting out hybrid shooting (now its the Nikon D5200).
      A great workhorse that has shot a TON of great stuff.
      As for the rest of these comments: these cameras are built for stills shooters first, and will be until that market disappears. I hate to tell you, but a lot of people (the majority of camera buyers) don’t shoot any video with their DSLRs. None. You, I, represent the cream, not the milk.

  • Mark my words, the new camera will be the EOS REBEL SL1

  • Eventually canon will be making all raw capable dslr’s for a cheap bargin theyre just in the transition stage of pushing those old dslr’s out. canon know exactly what they’re doing. people love using dslr’s because they are small and affordable, easy to use, and don’t require alot of RAM space to edit the footage. Everyone can’t afford scarlet, Alexa, F55 etc.. so those people have dslr’s and the footage still looks good… To the Average viewer they can care less about what something was shot on, BECAUSE CONTENT IS KEY!!!! RIGHT???

    • I can guarantee that if there was banding or grain in “Leaving Las Vegas”, it would have failed miserably. Oh wait.

  • My friend has a 650d, and I have a 60d bought brand new recently, no way could I do without 2 wheels, the 650d only has 1, to change exposure on the 650d you have to press a button on the rear of the camera then turn the command dial on top, I find that so awkward and the 60d trounces the 650d in many areas including the latter, also in my honest opinion the 60d has better picture quality than the 650d, when comparing my friends 650d’s pictures to the 60d’s I find the skin tones on the 650d are too reddish no matter which picture style you use, and there is more picture noise in the 650d’s picture starting around 400 iso onwards, I don’t care what other folks say, the 60d trounces any rebel to date and in my opinion it is a very underrated DSLR, and I can confirm after reading many unbiased 60d reviews on the Internet that the 60d’s picture is ultimately superior than the Nikon d7000, all in all I think the 60d is one heck of a camera, I love it!!!!

    • Seenematic on 03.8.13 @ 2:03AM

      The 60D has the exact same sensor as the 550D, 600D, 650D and 7D. For video there’s NO difference whatsoever in the quality. I’ve been on various shoots where these cameras have been used, and I use t2i and t3i myself, and the 60D is not better or worse than any of the other cameras with the same sensor.

    • Whoah, stop yelling. One exclamation point is too many in a comment section, let alone 500.

  • Rafael Lino on 03.8.13 @ 6:32AM

    Isn’t the Nikon D5200 the first affordable Dslr with no aliasing or moire?

    • Rafael Lino on 03.8.13 @ 6:35AM

      Also has clean Hdmi out, so yeah I don’t understand this article when you published this info a few weeks ago.

      • Joe Marine on 03.8.13 @ 8:07AM

        Doesn’t have real 1080p, resolution is lower than the D800 which is closer to real 1080p, but suffers from aliasing and moire. All of Nikon’s cameras except the D800 can’t change aperture in live view with automatic iris lenses. That’s a problem for some situations – it’s makes the cameras less versatile.

        • Does everyone ignore the GH2 just because its not a Canikon?
          I know its actually a DSLM and its sensor is m43, but still – true, ultra-sharp 1080p and zero moire
          And much less expensive than the canons

          • Luke, both the T3i and T4i are cheaper than the GH2.
            And one GH3 will get you 3 T3i’s.

          • Jorge Cayon on 03.9.13 @ 10:57AM

            +1. I jumped on Panasonic GH series since the 1 and now all the way up to the 3. But I will say unless your client knows what a hacked GH2 looks like footage wise they won’t respect it. I don’t know how many gigs I showed up up to with two GH2′s, lighting package, lavs, boom and mixer/recorder, only to have to spend the first 30 minutes proving to them that the camera is great. I honestly think people just got fanboyish for the Canons when they came out.


            I shot this for a client on a hacked GH2 over 2 years ago, color graded on magic bullet. This one little video I did for free has got me so much work at most high end track events that I can’t keep up. Sure I bricked one of the bodies about a year later, but I definitely squeezed all the juice out of it. I mount this inside the cockpit of cars pulling almost 3g’s of force and the camera just takes it. My 5dMKII overheated and shut off after the 3rd lap. That’s not even 6 minutes in. I now use a D800 but mostly because of the stills quality. Not to mention a GH2 and 3-4 lenses can go for the price of just one Canon body.

        • I didn’t notice that last part. Well asking for real 1080p on DSLR, that’s dreaming high. Here’s hoping it happens.

          • Joe Marine on 03.9.13 @ 7:00AM

            I don’t think it’s dreaming that high when the 1D C is capable, and it’s basically the same camera as the 1D X. That tech should be able to be filtered down to a less expensive camera with a smaller sensor.

  • The 7D is already awesome.. anything added to it would just be showing off. But I do welcome it.. lets see.. what could make it better? Headphone jacks, hmmm.. dual card slots, the ability to use the flash as a light that stays on.. etc what? a smartphone phone jack?

  • Try to convince people with a Panasonic GH camera before shooting is a lot more harder compare to a Nikon or Canon, I had some ppl even asking does it shoot on film or digital lol But it does give extra satisfaction when people get blown away by the result afterward

  • If the new CANON 70D doesn’t have (at least) a headphone jack, HDMI out, or dual card slots I’m going with the new NIKON 7100 and buying new NIKOR lenses. Sorry Canon but you spend so much time protecting expensive bodies no semi-pro human can afford you are seriously lost your competitive edge a year ago. The 6D is a joke and TAMRON 24-70 2.8f IS.. is.. better than your 24-70 non IS for 750$ less? Hoping this 70D is something special. But doubtful.

  • I’m in the market for a new DSLR, so I’m hoping they will come out with the 70D…and that it’s significantly upgraded from the current 60D. The 60D has been out for some time, I think more than 3 years, so it would make sense that that level camera gets an upgrade. Any idea how long it typically takes to hit the market after the announcement?

  • Sivakumar V K on 03.20.13 @ 4:20PM

    Canon cannot claim their 60D as their reply to Nikon’s 7000D which is feature rich with a mg alloy body.But only the 7D can be it’s match in a consumers view .But the prices of Canon are no where near to Nikon7000D Canon enthusiasts are really left high and dry in the past.I have my Canon DSLR that needs up gradation and waiting for the 70D for long. (But Nikon stole the show by releasing 7100D). We all expect a feature rich 70D that will be be a fit answer to Nikon7100D in built quality,features and price. If canon fails it may be loosing the edge and consumer moving to new pastures!

  • Leave the video out…. I’m a photographer….