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Canon Announces Two New DSLRs, the Incredibly Small and Light SL1, and the T5i

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Well, no more rumors — here they are. Canon has announced two new 18 Megapixel APS-C DSLRs, the T5i (also known as the 700D) and the SL1 (also known as the 100D), both part of the Rebel line. Rumored specs however, were pretty much on the money, with the SL1 being leaked online earlier in the week. While the T5i looks like a replacement for the T4i, the SL1 is really an entirely new product line for Canon, which is probably why they’ve decided to go with a new product naming scheme. Click through for more on the announcements and a few videos showing off the two cameras below.

Here are the specs on the T5i:

  • 18MP APS-C Sensor
  • DIGIC 5 Processor
  • 3″ Vari-Angle Touch Screen LCD
  • ISO 100-12800, Expandable to 25600
  • 1080p 30/24 and 720p 60 (25 and 50 for PAL countries)
  • Continuous Video AF
  • 5 fps // 22 JPEG or 6 RAW
  • 9-point All Cross-Type Autofocus
  • Multi Shot Noise Reduction
  • Price: $750 Body, $900 with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens
  • $1,100 with EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

Here is the SL1:

  • 18MP APS-C Sensor
  • DIGIC 5 Processor
  • 3″ Clear View II Touch Screen LCD
  • ISO 100-12800, Expandable to 25600
  • 1080p 30/24 and 720p 60 (25 and 50 for PAL countries)
  • Continuous Video AF
  • 4 fps // 27 JPEG or 7 RAW
  • 9-Point All Cross-Type AF System
  • Weighs 0.8 lb // 13 ounces
  • Price: $650 Body, $800 with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

Neither camera has a headphone port, but they both do have manual audio controls. The 18-55 STM is actually a brand new lens for Canon, and it allows autofocus with both cameras, and any other camera that is compatible with STM (silent motor) lenses. While it seemed clear that one of these DSLRs was going to be the 60D replacement, the 70D, it looks like that has been pushed back for the time being. It’s not clear yet if these 18MP sensors are any different than what we have in the EOS-M and the T4i, but the sensor in those cameras was a slight upgrade from the 18MP sensor in cameras like the 7D/60D/T3i.


[via Canon Watch & Canon Watch]


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  • And the T5i is different from the T4i….how?

  • and the award for completely alienating their customers and making people switch to other companies goes to: Canon

    • agreed completely. i went with canon initially since they seemed like the appropriate balance for DSLRs between video and still image but that this point it’s like they’re not even trying to be competitive.

      • Chris Lambert on 03.21.13 @ 11:02AM

        at least when apple change something yearly it is at least something of an update.

        this is 3 generations better than my 550d / t2i how? But then I guess the casual soccer mum crowd wouldn’t either know or care about this. Just us tight fisted pro and semi pro’s who just want to see Canon attempt to match their rivals punch for punch.

  • Just three days ago I convinced a colleague to not upgrade his his T3i to a T4i because…why should he? And now they have the 5, and it’s still the same…. I can’t wait for the day I can take the EF mounts off of my CP.2s and move on from Canon. I’ve been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but this is just the end of the road for my relationship with them. 5 years on from the 5D mkII, and still no real evolution on the video front?!?!? I know the C100/300/500 are hot rentals, ….. dur, not going to rant. But dammit, Canon! You can’t start a revolution, accidental or not, and then abandon us (or worse yet, ignore the community that formed around your products while trying to exploit our consumer impulses).

    Side note: is Panasonic going to get back in the game or what? They used to be the only game in town for cine-look video. These days… meh. Come on guys, give us an AF200 that shoots 12-bit raw to P2s (and comes with a MFT SpeedBooster) for under $5K….

    • yeah i switched to the sony fs100 from canon and sold all my glass, they lost my business 8 months ago. it seems that at least sony is really trying to have a camera for every market. then theres bolex, bmcc, the list goes on and on someone needs to step up and steal the revolution already. ill be at nab and cant wait to see whats out there to make my next camera decision

    • Panasonic have test cams in the wild.

      • Ben Howling on 03.21.13 @ 6:00PM

        what are the specs on the test cams they’ve got out? i haven’t heard anything about them.

  • trackofalljades on 03.21.13 @ 11:20AM

    Is there a cut-and-paste error with the specs for the two (presumably different, yes?) kit lenses the T5i will be available with? I’m having trouble discerning the $900 package from the $1100 one the way it’s written right now.

  • They’re suffering from the post-Jobs Apple syndrome: instead of actually innovating, let’s just keep making our products smaller!

    • john jeffreys on 03.21.13 @ 3:32PM

      Why are you guys bashing Canon for making a consumer-oriented camera that DOES NOT market itself to filmmakers in any way? Moreover, why is NFS even posting about this?

      • john jeffreys on 03.21.13 @ 3:33PM

        wow, i did not mean for that comment to be in reply to you.

        this site needs a new commenting system

      • It has a video mode, it has video functions, it has a flip out screen. They care about the video market. Not as much as their photo market, but they care.

        • john jeffreys on 03.21.13 @ 4:16PM

          there is a difference between semi-artistic college kids filming their frends smoke weed and freestyle rap on youtube with their t3i’s and actual working pros that need economically priced yet professionally featured tools for their jobs. I feel like canon is marketing to the latter, because I only see kids with rebels

          • I started with a rebel because that’s all I could afford. If you’re a young or a new filmmaker then you may not be able to afford the $2000 camera. Especially when the video is nearly indistinguishable from the next level up. It doesn’t speak to your artistic ability so much as your financial ability. Everyone starts somewhere and it usually isn’t with an Alexa…

          • Hi! it simple.. its a must for no budget filmmakers like us!
            Take a look at our ninja short shot on the T3i

          • That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a market. The Rebel line was/is the start for a lot of current pros. They had a very strong hold on this market back with the addition of 24p on the Mark II but that turned out to be a fluke in the system. Canon plays it safe and they over price all of their products because they can. That flies until the general public wises up to the fact that they’re being screwed and that all starts on sites like this. Enough 2 star product reviews on Amazon and poor reception on blog sites like this WILL affect Canon’s bottom line.

          • And it has, look at their market numbers for the past three years. They peaked in early 2010 which (not surprisingly) coincides with the addition of 24p on the Mark II. They started up an entire new line to cater to the higher end video market while thinking they could keep the low end satisfied with the Rebel line. Problem is they failed to deliver on both ends. I personally think the “C” line is as big of a joke as the Rebel line now.

          • john jeffreys on 03.21.13 @ 11:23PM

            I started with a t1i (before that I stole my high school’s awful panasonic camcorder), because the only options were that or the super expensive (at the time) 5d and 7d, both of them being 1800+, and crippled feature-wise. Then I got a t2i literally the week it came out and used that for a while, then upgraded to a 5d 2, but now it just sits in my case and i have a habit of renting cameras and lenses that fit the aesthetic of whatever im making.

            so yeah, i get the point about how dslrs are necessary for a budget, but im also thinking that canon really just doesnt care and wants to lock you into an upgrade path where you own an XXD and keep selling it year after year to get the next camera which only has incremental upgrades.

            And yeah, the C line is a total joke. SO much potential…it could have been the iPod of cinema cameras and dominated the market, but they priced and specced it so stupidly that now they sit and gather dust on rental house shelves. I hope they at least make a C50 or something that would steal the BMCC thunder

        • How is this camera a step up from the t3i and t4i for photos?
          As for the 1st video that says its the lightest smallest aps-c camera at 375 grams, the Sony nex cameras are 200+ grams…

  • Could it be possible, that the video mode ir sharper in these models?

  • My problem with Canon is simply the lack of focus. They figure that the people who are shooting on DSLRs right now will simply transition to their cinema series so they don’t update the video side of their DSLRs very often. The problem with that line of thinking is that the reason we’re shooting on DSLRs to begin with is that at present we cannot afford anything in their cinema series. I understand the need to push new products and make money, but there doesn’t seem to be anything new about these cameras!

  • I’m taking the number of comments on this piece as an excellent indication of the level of interest in these products.
    Little to none.

  • these new canon cameras aren’t for professionals and the casual shooter wouldn’t care either way…

    People want pro cameras for $800 and its not going to happen. the best we have is the BMCC for $3000 naked (add extra $1000 at least) and it has a its own issues…

    Go GH3 if you want a better video quality. In its price range I think is the only option. I’m using it as a B cam for my Red Mx and the results are good, not amazing but it does the job.

  • Canon… come on. Stop doing that.

  • Even if a possible Panasonic AF200 will record on P2 cards with 4:2:2 10 bit color sampling and AVCIntra100 ad bitrate would be a-camera-to-have. Because allow you great image, color grading, good keyng instead of a workflow “cheaper” than raw! I mean, with this specs I will buy immediatly, even if I would spend 6000€ (7.748 dollars). What Canon is doing with this realeses is really difficult to understand!

    How wants to approach to digital photography buy a camera like the T3/4/5i or Nikon D5300/5200. But there’s much better alternatives (the Olympus OM-D, Fujix100, ETC) than this new Canon cameras!

    It seems they didn’t watch how the market is evolving…

  • Canon lost my business last July when I got the FS700. Fantastic camera. Until Canon comes out with something worth the money I won’t buy from them. I have Zeiss manual primes but I do find my Canon zooms to be really useful for run and gun / working fast; and I still feel that their zooms are pretty much the best for the price. But their camera bodies are all a pass (including C100 and C300) and just not worth the money. Thank God for Metabones. The strangest / most ironic thing is that Canon lenses actually have more functionality on NEX bodies with the Metabones Speedbooster, ie. Full Frame. You get more value / function for your Canon lenses on a Sony. WTF?

    Canon is just becoming a lose lose proposition.

  • DSLRs are not made for filmmakers. They never were. The fact that filmmakers embraced them was a fluke of design, but going forward, DSLRs are not going to be where the action is. There’s nothing in it for the DSLR manufacturer who also make cameras for professional video world, and why the hell do filmmakers want a mirror reflex in their motion picture camera?

    Sitting around berating a company for making a consumer product for consumer photographers is just plain dumb.

    I’ve got great results from the 5D mkII. I’ve been watching the DSLR market closely since and I’m telling you, this is as good as it gets. The next serious camera I implement into my business is going to be something like an FS700 or Canon C100

    • I agree with you. But the problem still remain: I have a T4i and it’s good, simply and efficient for the beginner of photography or videography. Canon have already done something for the low end market: why they’re doing other similar cameras? For the High end there’s the 1Dx, the 5DMK3, but for the middle range of photographers there’s nothing new, even if we watch the products only for their photografic specifications! 7D and 60D are pretty the same camera (except for some few features) and the 600D and 650D are quite the same camera. So, again “why these two new cameras, with the same sensor, the same 5 frame per second, the same iso (and probably noise) sensitivity, the same plastic body and nothing new?!”

      • … because people will buy them.

        not budget filmmakers. photographers (well, use that term loosely). and hipsters. and i assume that canon has half-intelligent analysts on their staff, and apparently, they have decided that they can sell 2 of the same exact camera (well… going on 6 or so now, eh?) and make money.

        i love hearing people whine about canon’s cameras (well, the rebel/7d/60d range). “why don’t they do this…. why don’t they do that…” seriously i think some people on this site could use a couple business classes at uni. or economics. for some reason we expect canon as a company to do us favors at a discount, when they have no business need to. i don’t hear people expecting banks and wall street to do us favors when they have no business need to

        • And they need to get over themselves Low-budget Filmmakers don’t drive this entry-level DSLR market, proud parents who love to snap shots of their kids do. Photo-enthusiast do. Hobbyists do. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that. Different tools for different people.

  • Why does canon never update their sensors? They’ve had the same IQ sensors for 10 years. Want proof? Go on dxomark and click on Canon. It’s literally a straight line. And then click on Nikon, which progresses and improves over time. Canon sucks. Nikon is bounds better, now even for video.

  • I hate the way Canon conducts their business, but I can understand why some people would want or need a Canon product.
    What I find disgusting is that they charge people $1099 for THE EXACT SAME FEATURES AND IMAGE QUALITY they can get for $580 if they go T3i. That is plain theft with a little make-up.

  • Making a DSLR smaller doesn’t make it more usable. Chopping off the grip may appeal to m43 fans who seem to believe that ALL camera should be miniature because it’s just too much effort to carry a normal DSLR, but it won’t make the camera easier to shoot with, or balance better with telephoto lenses. It is much, much more tiring to shoot with a camera that has no grip. I’m hoping this trend towards miniaturization ends soon.

    As far as the sensor, it’s strange that Nikon used the 16 mp Exmor in the D7000/D5100 for one release cycle and it was class leading for DR, color depth and ISO. Canon has this mediocre 18 mp sensor and they are using it over, and over, and over again. Go figure.

  • Hubert Hotte on 03.21.13 @ 4:02PM

    I started with Canon when the T2i first came out. Since then I’ve moved on to the 5D mark 3 but I can’t say I’m pleased with the way Canon is doing business. They’re doing the same thing Apple is doing. Ripping off the customer and not improving in any way shape or form.

  • No Wi-Fi? That’s their biggest mistake. That’s what they needed. I’d pick one up as a knock-around if it had Wi-Fi.

  • I’m sure that posting your gripes with Canon here will make an impact … LOL
    If you don’t like what Canon does, don’t buy Canon. Instead of whining on every single post here about what Canon should do.

  • If Canon doesn’t realease at least 5 new cameras in the next month , I’ll be very dissapointed.

  • Move on, nothing new here.

  • Rafael Kino on 03.21.13 @ 4:55PM

    Are there any d7100s for sale anywhere yet ? I wish someone would test one for moire.

    • Just get a 5200. that’s already well tested. Has little moire. Very close to my D800. Or do you need the slightly better stills?

    • Woops. Meant to say, close to my D800 in DR. The 5200 is better for moire.

      • Rafael Lino on 03.23.13 @ 9:39AM

        Oh hey Mark I wish NFS would email me when someone replies. Yes I’m definitely holding out for the 7100 because of the pro body and better stills capability. I also can’t find a 5200 being sold outside of a kit and I don’t need another 18-55 DX lens. So I’m just waiting for someone to test the 7100 before I preorder or go with the 5200 (which is a great machine in a plastic non-weather sealed body right?)

      • Rafael Lino on 03.23.13 @ 9:47AM

        Oh and can you imagine no OLPF and still no moire! Video on the 7100 would be also be much sharper. Probably a pipe dream.

  • The SX280 point and shoot also ANNOUNCED TODAY has WiFi, GPS, AND 60PFS VIDEO recording and a DIGIC 6 Image processor, which non of the above (100d, 700d)have.. How can your $329 point and shoot have better newer features than entry level DSLR announced on the same day? No matter if you are a stills or video shooter, it is should be so obvious the intentional crippling of these so called new releases. A few months from now they’ll be releasing another rebel with features(WiFi, GPS, 60fps video recording, 12 fps stills) they could’ve easily included with this release. Oh well! Such is big business. LOL!
    Check out the SX280 Specs Here

    • It’s easier to get higher frame rates on smaller sensors, that’s kind of how technology goes. For the other stuff, I imagine it’s coming at some point in more expensive models, but they are trying to keep their tiers of cameras. The Powershot is more or less at the top of their Point and Shoot line, and the Rebels are at the lower end of the DSLR food chain.

  • 60fps @ 1080p, the holy grail of Canon. I seriously cannot believe that almost all of their cameras including the C100 and C300 don’t have this. It’s a basic requirement.

    • for what?

      • 60fps for what? Let’s see… Sports, Artistic B-Roll, music videos, beauty shots and anything you want to enhance the drama. If you only shoot narrative, 24fps is fine, but 60fps is great for so many things.

        • 60p is not a requirement for any of those things, don’t use it as a crutch. People in this price range should be focused on fundamentals rather than gimmicks.

          • Preach on. Each to his own. For myself, slow motion is a huge part of my aesthetic, especially since I shoot music videos. Would not buy a camera without it and it’s far from a crutch.

          • Since when did slow motion become a gimmick???

          • when people who only have dslr experience think they need it, its a gimmick. It is a supplementary effect, it is not the cornerstone of any style, no director is going to say my style consists of camera movement, low key, pithy dialogue and slo mo. If you shoot music videos, then use a phantom or epic, if the shoot calls for it, if you can’t afford renting a phantom then know that slow mo is not the tool that is going to get you to that level, solid composition and lighting will get you there. 60p is not important especially in a low budget price range. It enhances, but slo mo is never needed. Ever single time I have over cranked, in post I found something more pertinent to the narrative that I should have been focusing on rather than slow mo.

          • I agree you shouldn’t let little things like no 1080 overcrank footage hold you back but I don’t agree with Ryan (I think he just feels like whining about people that feel like whining about Canon) I do expect 1080p60 form Canon by now, most of their competitor has it and it is undeniably a useful feature.

            That being said I assume Canon has yet to include this because of the high bit-rate needed to get a decent quality image out of 1080p at 60 fps, AVCHD 2.0 has 1080p30 at 25Mbps and 60 at 28Mbps, which really is too low, obviously we expect double the bit-rate of 1080p30 which in Canon’s case would be up to about 96Mbps. Camera’s that support Compact Flash or UHS-1 SD cards can easily reach those speeds so it’s time for Canon to start adding this feature, they obviously just decided not to yet.

      • john jeffreys on 03.21.13 @ 11:15PM

        people want 60p because a) its something to whine about and b) the 60-24p downconvert gives a really nice slow motion effect. except, you can always shoot at 1/200 and slow it down in post

        or just get twixtor. lolz.

        • Not at all the same effect. Full of artifacts unless the movement of the subject is very little. Otherwise there’s a lot of animation involved to make it look decent.
          You can’t beat the real thing.

          • you missed the more important point, complaining about 60p is a form of attempted vindication. Slo mo never was the difference between a great scene and an ok scene. The complaints are really just subtext for “my films aren’t as good as I want them to be and I blame the camera and not myself.”


    Canon is what kodak was back int the day in terms of technological advancements upgraded and bypassed on a continual basis, They are basically playing what the market bares because they feel they can.

    NIKON D5200 BEST DSLR BANG FOR BUCK BEST DSLR / VIDEO CAMERA UNDER $700 BUCKS, ITS amazing what this camera is capable of. UMCOMPRESSED HDMI (ALTHOUGH some feel it is 4:2:0 rewrapped in 4:2:2 signal) but never the less , the internal compressed codec pumping from the toshiba sensor is amazing. Good low light, Good dynamic range, no moire, video quality is better than mark 3 and GH2, video quality maybe a tad under a hacked gh2 over 100mbps , minus the rolling shutter camera is a beast

  • I have to agree that there is a market for these cameras that very much includes filmmakers. As a low budget new filmmaker, my Canon T3i has been absolutely invaluable. Of course I’ll upgrade eventually, but financially that camera made the most sense to me, and you can do some pretty remarkable things with it if you’re creative and patient enough.

    I do, however, have an issue with the lack of upgrades between the T2i and the T5i. I can’t see why anyone would buy a Rebel camera other than the T3i. They’re all almost identical. I was thinking of upgrading to one of their cameras, but I think I’ll hold out/save for the Digital Bolex.

    • The problem is that many people don’t know that there’s no improvement in spite of the growing model number, and many people upgrade hoping they’ll get better equipment, or they pay more for a new model while they could pay almost half as much for an older one and get the same specs (or sometimes more!).
      Of course, you could say “hey, it’s your problem if you didn’t inform yourself” (I know I say that), but sometimes it hits my nerve to say how shamelessly Canon announces irrelevant products with bells and whistles and they sometimes get praised for it. They don’t deserve it.

  • Any word if they put back in the 3x-10x Digital Zoom from the 600D that they took out with the 650D? Absolutely love that function. Don’t understand why anyone would buy these cameras for recording video – you can get a 600D for cheaper and more features…

    • I was wondering the same thing, if Canon put that back in and if there is a possibility of clean HDMI out the 700D/T5i might be worth is.

  • “The Emperor has no clothes”.
    Canon, once the inspiration of all, is going stale, while their competitors are gaining on them rapidly. Sorry to say it, but Nikon’s D5200 beats my Canon 7D easily when it comes to HD video quality. All their effort has been going into cameras that no one can afford, while their lower end stuff stays virtually unchanged. In terms of appearance, the T5I seems to have a few minor differences from the T4i and little else.

    The main thing about the SL1 is that it’s tiny and shoots full HD video – it could come in handy when filming some stealthy run and gun stuff, where you really don’t want to be noticed.

    But both of these cameras feature – wait for the drum roll here – an 18MP sensor. C’mon Canon, enough already! That’s the same form factor you’ve had in these cameras for years and it’s really, really tired! My Nikon D5200 has a 24MP sensor and it really makes a difference in terms of HD Video quality – plus it has all the features of the T5I, like the handy swivel screen. And Nikon was the brand that was behind not so long ago!

    I watched the video above of two people trying to drum up some buzz about the cameras but in the end, you’ll see they’re not really saying anything, because there’s nothing new to say about these cameras – there really isn’t – because they’re not really new.

    • I don’t know how the D5200 does in low light, but in general, higher megapixel count = worse low light performance.
      It all depends on what you prefer. I can live with lesser sharpness (fixable in post to a certain degree) if it means I need less light to shoot. When there’s plenty of light, I can shoot at lower ISO’s or higher aperture without having to deal with noise. When you shoot a few weddings a year, or indoors with only natural light (and grey weather outside) that’s a godsend.

      • I agree. It all comes down to what you prefer. My preference is for a sharper picture over other factors. It’s more a case of the right camera for the right job. My 7D is still around – low light? – I pick up the canon. Of course there is no such thing as “the perfect camera for every job.”

        However, Canon used to amaze me – think of the 5D Mark II breakthrough. And while no company may be able to do that again, I still expect more from Canon – and it really bothers me that they put all the good stuff into cams that cost 12,0000 – even watered down cams that cost too much like the C100 – they are coming across as cynical. Why bother trying harder? They have us (the customer base) hooked emotionally already – but I suppose I may have seen them in too idealistic a light to begin with -

  • if people would spend as much time filming as they do posting here, they might have less reasons to complain and actually get some work done.
    The feeling I’m getting is that people who have invested in Canon DSLR’s and lenses are frustrated because Panasonic has the GH3 and Nikon the D5200. And switching to one of those means a different set of lenses (in my case, it means no longer being able to use 15+ lenses).
    However, the Canon T3i costs a little over half of what the Nikon D5200 costs. And one Panasonic GH3 will buy you 3 T3i’s ! So of course there’s going to be differences between the cameras …

    If you look at Canon’s entire range and the target audience for these cameras, it actually makes perfect sense :
    the TXi range = entry range for photo hobbyists (I expect the T3i to disappear shortly after the introduction of the T5i).
    7D, 6D = serious amateur/semipro photographer
    5D MkIII, 1D = pro photographer
    C100, C300, C500 = semipro filmmaker

    If you’re looking for a “serious amateur” filmcamera, you shouldn’t be looking at the TXi series (even though we use ‘m), but at the Canon videocamera range. Legria HF G10 for instance or the XA10HD.

  • This feels like a joke. A troll. Canon is not taking their consumers seriously anymore after the 5D Mark II. This is a joke for the consumers. This is an insult. They think their consumers are retarded. I’m done with Canon.

  • A lot of anger going on around here. Canon’s always moved at a glacial pace, the only difference nowadays is their apparent obsession with repackaging. What are you folks hoping they released? An Alexa-level 2k sensor for $1k? 24fps, 2k RAW? I think these budget cameras work fine for what they are and for what they cost. Sure it’d be great if Canon were a (far) more ambitious company, but that’s what the little guys are here for (RED, BMCC etc.).

    Btw, that SL1 almost hooked me (almost!) just because its so cute and tiny, would be great purely for stills with a stubby prime on it, fit into any bag.

    • Nobody is expecting an Alexa for $1K. But no Moire and Aliasing and maybe true 1080p (not up-res 720) is really just a basic requirement IMO. Not asking much in 2013. Even the 5D3 is still not 1080p, WTF?

      • Oh, why didn’t you say so earlier? There are plenty of cameras with those features. They’re just proper video cameras and not DSLRs.

        • @pat I am sure you would be showing us cheapskates similar sarcasm regarding RAW if BMCC hadn’t proven it can be done at a 3K price point.

        • Name one proper videocamera at these price points that offers Super35mm sized sensors or something close. There are much better DSLRs than Canon’s in the video realm like the Nikon 5200 or the Panasonic GH2/GH3, for instance, and they don’t have to cost $3000, let alone $8000 like something comparable to these cameras image quality-wise. Canon can offer a lot more for a lot less.
          But the real problem isn’t for me, it’s for those who have invested in EF lenses and can’t really use them if they were to switch systems, and it sucks that the only options they’re given are either too crappy or too expensive.
          Hopefully the Metabones Speed Booster will change the scenario a bit.

        • Well, the GH2 / GH3 for one. No moire no aliasing true 1080p.

          • and also 3x the price of a T3i

          • Unfortunately the GH2 has no moiré, but has aliasing, and the GH3 has no aliasing but has moiré…
            Still, I think those are not “proper video cameras” as @pat meant. He was referring to cameras like the HV40 or the Canon XF-300. The GH2 and GH3 are actually DSLRs (or rather “DSLMs”), although bringing a more hybrid concept to the table (especially the GH3).
            @seenematic The GH2 was costing $600 before it got discontinued and the T3i, while costing around $520 for the body only, is not very comparable to the GH3 right now.

  • WOW! Where did all the comments go?

  • LOL! All you peeps hating are funny! Did you watch the release video? Touch screen, (nothing to new) kids mode, food mode, the intro music and how they talked about the product all points to soccer moms looking to get a bit more creative. It looks to me like Canon has a whole lot of sensors that they need to sell and a new body is a great way to mask it. Car makers have been doing it for years, slap last years v6 in it till we run out…Oh and put a wing and body kit on em to make em sell. Does this make them bad cameras? No, just new bodies and features with a inflated price tag. Now if Canon releases the 60d/7d upgrades with crazy prices and the same V6 from last year then I will jump ship!

  • “The 18-55 STM is actually a brand new lens for Canon, and it allows autofocus with both cameras, and any other camera that is compatible with STM (silent motor) lenses.”

    STM stands for “stepping motor”… not “silent motor”.

    • Right, I’ve written about them before, but it’s more useful to talk about them being quieter, which is one of the chief design differences.

  • Until they get rid of that damn jello, I’m keeping my ancient 5D MK I and just shoot on film.