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Want a Free RED EPIC & Zeiss Lenses? Enter HDVideoPro's 7th Annual Still and Motion Competition

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Who wants to get their hands on the RED EPIC-X Pro Collection? Well, if you’re like me and your couch-change is a little shy of $48,260, then you may want to consider submitting your short films and/or stills to HDVideoPro’s 7th Annual Emerging Pro Still & Motion Competition. Presented by RED, Zeiss, and Adobe, HDVideoPro and Digital Photo Pro are teaming up this year to award the photographers and filmmakers who submit their best work. Here’s an example of what you can find in the competition’s motion gallery:

Now, clearly you must be wondering, “Is that all I get if I win — just the RED EPIC-X Pro Collection?” No way! First place also gets you four Zeiss CP.2 lenses, publication in the December 2013 issues of Digital Photo Pro and HDVideoPro magazines, as well as in their respective online galleries. All in all, the First Prize Winner gets a $64,459 award package. (Not bad for a five minute project, eh?) Ten finalists will also be awarded, and they all will receive a one year membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Motion submissions include: finished shorts, motion vignettes, narrative or non-narrative. They can be up to five minutes and must be uploaded to Vimeo in order to be submitted. You can enter up to two. Still submissions include: five images composited into a single file (up to two submissions) “that demonstrates your ability to create an engaging multi-image project.” Submissions will be judged based on composition, creativity, originality, and artistic ability.

As far as eligibility goes, the competition is open to students currently enrolled at an accredited college/university and taking a photography and/or filmmaking class, or to professional photographers or filmmakers. Listen up professionals: only pros with up to five years experience are eligible. Here are the official rules.

All entries must be received by 11:59 PM (PST) on August 15, 2013, so if you’re interested here’s the link to enter.


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  • i think the official rules say “up to” five years of experience for pros.

    • Correct, fixed that

    • 5 years experience ???…what a joke…how are they gonna know ???

      Unless you are known name in the industry no-one has
      any idea how long you have been working or not working.
      Let’s just say it’s for students and non-established yet people.

  • Anyone notice that all of those shots were in slowmotion?

  • Mher Hakobyan on 03.23.13 @ 6:17PM

    RED company does everything limited: such as competition only in Area of USA, the second is that they sell RED cameras only in the area of USA nad even in GB – London, very poor marketing policy… i spend 3 time RED scarlet (best complect collection) money (36000-40.000$) (i spend my money buying AF101, 5dm3 2pcs, 7D, 5dm2 and Canon L ser. Lenses), but i still can’t buy RED scarlet, becouse RED is not sell camera in Dubai, it is not sell in Russia in Armenia…. who are they? what is in their brain? they can work 10 and maybe 100 time money if they sell in the stores of whole world, stupid marketing policy.

  • JustCallUsNobody on 03.23.13 @ 6:31PM

    Like most of these contests : No outside USA eligibility…

    So, this sucks and they are cutting out themselves from a huge talent base, such a shame.

  • What gets me is all the people that have epics will still enter this and try to win more instead of letting smaller guys get a shot.

    • You guys need to make up your minds. Is it the tool or is it the talent? I’ve seen some pretty bad looking Epic footage. A “smaller” guy (or gal) who’s big on ideas and talent will get noticed. Stop getting hung up on the equipment, lose the defeatist attitude and make something memorable.

      • Well put. To reiterate what was mentioned above “composition, creativity, originality, and artistic ability”. All of which can be done with a DSLR. So… Instead of whining, start writing!

        • If you haven’t seen them before, you should check out some of Sadie Benning’s shorts that are shot with the PXL2000 (we’re talking the Fisher-Price PixelVision…a toy). They’re pretty incredible.

      • That wasn’t Russel’s point. His point was that a lot of people who already shoot on an Epic are entering this contest to win an Epic – which is a little unfair because who really needs to own two Epics?

  • Ashley Hakker on 03.23.13 @ 7:29PM

    I think that pitching students against professionals with 1-5 years of experience is sorta unfair…

    I’m a student, I’m finishing my first ‘big project’ which I’ve blown $1000 on for costumes and props even, but if 2-3 years from now I’m not laughing at this project and saying ‘Oh man, I could do so much better now’ there’s something wrong with me.

    If anything it should be split into two separate categories, one for pros and the other for students.

    • I think that’s fine. There are a lot of professionals including myself that have no film school experience or any lesson experience. Whoever wins this in my opinion is going to have a great creative idea. Being a student or a <5 year pro won't make a differnece.

    • That’s a valid concern. However, consider that the term “professional” covers a LOT of ground and doesn’t necessarily equal good or better. The official contest rules state the entrants will be judged equally on “Composition, Creativity/Originality and Artistic ability”. More years of experience may make you better at composition but the other two you generally either have or you don’t. You might not be as disadvantaged as you think.

    • There’s a lot of professionals who aren’t that good and there’s a lot of students who are. As long as the films are judged by their creativity and not by their production value, it is totally fair.

    • Daniel Mimura on 04.2.13 @ 6:39PM

      I think it’s fair because film school counts as film experience. It sure as hell counts for more than 4 or 5 years being a PA and working your way up.

  • If its include free Dragon upgrade, count me in! 8-P

  • That is an example of who they want to enter this competition? Why does a dude who apparently shoots only spring break parties, bro sports, raves, and an occasional dude in a ski mask with a gun deserve an EPIC? Why should a show reel or demo reel show that you can light a scene or enhance a narrative through composition or camera movement? Just show some titties and lens flares and collect your free camera…gross.

    • I don’t know what the problem is Jerome. If you think it’s so simple to do just a few shot’s of parties and flares… Showing the emotion that you feel on a party in to a video. Then you try it! Then you can judge if it’s easy!

      • Pffffttt! Kevin! Don’t you know Jerome doesn’t have time for that kind of malarky, he’s far too busy critiquing competition promo videos?! Get real!

    • That music video is very well made and could easily be a big national or even international promo video on tv.
      You don’t like the content or the message, but that doesn’t make it a bad video!

  • Sadly, only for US residents. What’s up for Canadians??? mad

  • Peter Schick on 03.30.13 @ 8:15AM

    Are they afraid that people outside the US will produce better stuff? Or do they just give a fuck on everybody living a brought? Bad statement of Adobe, Zeiss and Red?

    • Shea Singerling on 06.27.14 @ 11:23AM

      RED is a US company that honors it heritage in our country and this contest is them doing just that. Sorry if you’re not from the States but there is plenty of talent here to fill the contest.

  • To author, you did a great job writing this!