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Criterion Presents: 'The Short Films of David Lynch' Free on Hulu, This Week Only

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Wherever he is, you can bet David Lynch is busy. Lynch is an American director that needs no introduction, nor does his work — which is an incredible thing to be able to say about an artist anyone considers a ‘surrealist’, if you stop to think about that. The Short Films of David Lynch does not contain the complete short films of David Lynch, but it does contain several commissioned pieces and very experimental works Lynch created as a student. If you’re a fan, a completist film-follower, or someone just plain interested in some of the most… well, interesting short material you may ever see, check below.

Criterion’s Facebook post/Tweet reads simply:

Get a glimpse into the mind of David Lynch as a young man. Free on Hulu all week.

One of the pieces, The Alphabet (1968) — which, I guess, is not safe for work… or really “safe” at all, — should give you a good idea of the places this material can go. Viewers who are easily disturbed should use discretion. First, some background on the piece, from an interview by Chris Rodley in Lynch on Lynch:

My wife Peggy’s niece was having a bad dream one night and was saying the alphabet in her sleep in a tormented way. That’s sort of what started The Alphabet going. The rest of it was just subconscious.

The rest of the background info behind these shorts is equally interesting — Premonitions Following an Evil Deed, for instance, was filmed on the original Cinematograph created by the Lumière brothers.

These are only free — and legal, mind you — to watch on Hulu (or embedded here) for the remainder of the week, so if you’re interested, be sure to check them out while you can (you can find the rest of them at the link below):

Link: The Short Films of David Lynch — Criterion on Hulu


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  • They’ve been on Netflix for a while…unless they removed them recently.

  • Skinny Pete on 04.18.13 @ 3:28PM

    Just as I was about to delete my hulu account; paying to see ads is unacceptable

  • @#$%& can’t watch this cause im not in usa.

  • I am not hip enough to get the appeal of this stuff at all! Just silly and boring. It’s like a Monty Python episode with no pay off and thats saying alot cause I don’t find Monty Python all that funny to begin with. I am sure someone will blast me for not “GETTING” these short films or worse ….not seeing the divine artisty in these shorts.
    Still won’t change the fact I find them pointless and boring! But someone will find them amazing and awe inspiring I’m sure.

    • Eric Jolley on 04.19.13 @ 5:34PM

      I would never assume that your age, but could it be a generational thing? There’s no doubt that Lynch’s films as well as the Python flicks (with some crossover to Terry Gilliam) have been hugely influential to filmmakers over the years. Lynch is definitely one of the directors that made me want to get into filmmaking and I’m kind of bummed he has withdrawn from the commercial market. I can totally understand his frustrations with it though.

  • Chip Simons on 04.25.13 @ 2:39PM

    I’m glad you put these notices on the site but this is at least the third time I’m come here from the newsletter to find that was I was looking for has expired. Dig the site. Dig the newsletter. Don’t dig wasting my time or feeling disappointed. If something has a deadline that has passed just leave it off the email. Please.

  • The USofA is not the entire world. Don’t say his films are available to view for free, when they are free in only one country. That is just dumb…