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NAB Video: Imagineer/CoreMelt, Digital Anarchy, and NewBlueFX

Coverage of NAB with FreshDV continues with new possibilities in the post-production environment, including Imagineer/CoreMelt’s planar tracking Plugin SliceX, Digital Anarchy’s digital makeup plugin Beauty Box, and NewBlueFX’s 3D titling software Titler Pro. Watch the video below for information on some of most exciting post-production tools at this year’s conference:

Will any of these tools improve your existing workflow and/or save you time? Let us know how below.


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  • SliceX is just going to be amazingly useful with Mocha. Stupid NAB though man, it’s like being told what you’re getting for christmas before it’s even December…

  • I’m far from unbiased here: I make many of the CoreMelt demo/tutorial videos, including the one playing in the background of that CoreMelt interview. Still, SliceX with mocha is very cool indeed. It really is as easy as “trace then track” a lot of the time.

    I can’t talk much about it because it’s still in beta, but the promo video is public, online here:

  • Ben Prater on 04.9.13 @ 8:56AM

    Would it be possible to link to the products in the blog entry? They all look pretty cool.

  • I have SliceX and I have to say its a pretty good little tool to have. I don’t do heavy rotoscoping with it but it works in a pinch. Tacking will definitely help and I’t expand my usage. Any word on what the upgrade will cost?

    Thanks Core Melt.