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NAB Video: Davinci Resolve 10 and Scopes


Blackmagic keeps pressing forward with version 10 of Davinci Resolve and Scopes to support the evolving market for 4K and beyond. Watch the video from FreshDV‘s coverage to hear about the new features Open Effects, the Online Editor, and Resolve Live:

Davinci aims to stream-line the color correction process by becoming more of a one-stop-shop, with improved integration with the other frequently used post-production tools. This announcement also continues Blackmagic’s theme of Ultra HD and 6G-SDI technology. Share your thoughts below!


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  • Resolve Live sounds sick. And your coverage is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  • Blackmagic spokespeople seem to always really know there stuff and explain things well. That should be expected from all companies, though sadly it’s not always the case.

    • It may in part be due to the fact that their products speak for themselves. They don’t have to dance around the facts because they know that despite any small issues there may be, it’s still a great product.

    • I’d take that back if I were you…
      That guy doesn’t even know that the pocket will eventually be able to shoot RAW…

  • So Davinci is becoming a NLE.

    Looks very similar to the one that many don’t like!

    • Online editing is a totally different animal than offline. They’re not trying to be FCP, Avid, or Premiere.

    • David J. Fulde on 04.9.13 @ 11:10AM

      Not really. As someone who has had to do conforming on shows in DaVinci: I am very glad that they are improving the tools there.

  • Does anybody know if Davanci Resolve 10 could work on a 13inch macbook pro? The version 9 Lite doesn’t seem 2

    • Andy Kaczé on 04.15.13 @ 6:29PM

      No, sadly it won’t play on the 13″. That’s mainly because of the Intel HD 4000 Graphic Chip which is not powerful enough to handle the task. You can run it on the 15″ though … but no expect no fun ;)

      Resolve flys with dedicated nvidia graphics with Cuda.

    • I’m currently using davinci resolve 10 lite on a 13″ mbp with Intel 4000 HD card. It works fine. Mavericks update helped a lot I think.