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NAB Video: G-Technology and CalDigit

Take a look at new USB 3.0 drives and a Thunderbolt media dock from G-Technology, as well as new media storage for video editors from CalDigit. Coverage from the floor care of our NAB 2013 partners at FreshDV:

I’m digging that new G-Technology media ecosystem. What do you guys think? Share below.


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  • Darren Wolff on 04.10.13 @ 11:07PM

    Holy shamolee! Probably the less interesting side of nerdism…..but this stuff makes such a difference. I’m nerding out regardless!!!

  • Yeah! I’d actually love some of those G-Technology “ecosystems” myself.
    Right now I’m suffering my lack of backing up and have only 70GB out of my 2TB Raid 0 working drives… It’s sad, I know, but luckily a batch of BDs are arriving tomorrow…