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NAB Video: Hocus Products Axis 1 Wireless Follow Focus System

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Wireless follow focus systems are slowly getting cheaper, but when you’re dealing with wireless, quality is still the most important aspect. Hocus Products, who makes the Axis 1 Wireless Follow Focus System, has been developing the device for several years, but they are now finally about to ship to users. I’m told from those who have used it that it should stack up nicely against the much more expensive Preston systems which can run over $30,000 for a complete kit. Click through to check out the FreshDV video with Peter Hoare from Hocus:

Some people will certainly need 3 channels — focus, iris, and zoom — but I think 2 channels will be fine for most, especially at this level of quality. The price — $5,000 for a full package — is extremely competitive with many systems out there, and I think it will likely compare closely to the Bartech system in terms of price and features.

The Hocus does have plenty of handy functions that make for a well-designed device, like the way the motor won’t keep pulling during calibration if it feels something stopping it. I also really like that it figures out where it left off if it loses power — so if you are in the middle of a shot and you happen to lose power, if you can reattach a power source, you should be able to continue right in the middle of a take. That is the sort of thing you’re paying for, and while most of you won’t really need a wireless follow focus (or will refuse to pay more than $100 for anything, ever), a good wireless follow focus — like a good tripod — will easily outlive your camera.

Head on over to Hocus to learn more about their wireless system.



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  • “…or will refuse to pay more than $100 for anything, ever…” <—– AWESOME

  • Anthony Marino on 04.30.13 @ 10:49PM

    $5000 bucks…hmmm???

  • $5k for a quality wireless FF aint bad BUT when you have a quality modular system like Red Rock offer – starting from $1400 for the amazing ENG sole shooter rig right up to full wireless kits for $2400…I know which system I would be investing into.

  • “Or they can phone me, I’m very easy to get a hold of.” – loved it.

    I really like the finger wheel add-on of the redrock micro unit. But I like the simplicity of this one. Redrock micro nickel and dimes you.

    • Yeah I guess they do but still, at the end when u add all your nickel and dimes handed over I’d wager it’s still several thousand cheaper Plus you have a more versatile system. Full wireless if u have a crew, a finger wheel ENG set up when u don’t. So you’ve played less for more.

      • Hi,

        We have an ENG thumb roller accessory coming too. Please remember, our system is fully digital and compatible with other motors. The speed and accuracy beats everything. Our system is far more accurate, with more resolution than anything else. We also have a very intelligent automatic torque system that is much gentler on the lens. If you have any questions, you can email me direct at

        See, I said I was easy to get hold of ;-)


      • I was at NAB 2013. I saw tha RedRock Micro “wireless” system; it surely LOOKED nice but it didn’t feel as solid as the Axis1. When I asked to try the “wireless” mode, they told me they didn’t want to because there was, and I quote: “too many different frequencies used in the central hall of NAB and this would make possible interferences. We want people to see how our system works, not how it’s affected by surrounding overloaded frequencies”…

        See? You usually get what you paid for. A Preston system is very expensive but it’s the most reliable system on the market so far. Redrock displayed a system that wasn’t functional. You may say “YEAH!!! A remote focus system fully loaded with gadgets at a cheap price: in getting one NOW!” but you’re always better off trying it before. I got around the NAB. I saw a lot of remote focus systems. Axis1 was by far the most exciting. Most versatile. And for 6000$ (with protective case and some accessories, and shipping. I know, I just bought one!), this might be the best deal overall the whole NAB this year!!!

        … or maybe the best deal was that GoPro drone sold by a sketchy Chinese company for JUST 99.99$!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yep, we have an ENG roller coming soon.


  • I would rather choose RT Motion`s systems, also approx. 5000 USD for a two channel system:

  • Has anybody compared this with the Redrock mirco wireless remote follow focus?

    How expensive is the bartech complete kit?

  • David Sharp on 05.1.13 @ 10:55AM

    The main drawback I’ve seen so far, with Hocus is the same problem most other wireless follow focus systems have. When you get to the 2, or 3 channel systems I REALLY need a Zoom Rocker. So far Varizoom is the only one I can find with one, but its double the price :( But it works great though.

  • I brought the first unit Hocus Focus made (It took like 3 months to receive after paying for it) but once I received it I was very happy, The motor is a little noisy which I’m sure they have a quitter motor now, the build quality is excellent. I believe I paid about $2,200.00 which at the time was very good price considering what was available on the market. Once you get used to wireless follow focus it is hard to go back. There an excellent company but if this unit cost more then $3,000.00 I would recommend a barteck or even the redrock or maybe even a first Gen Hocus Focus, $5,0000 is way to much in my opinion.

    • Hi Max,

      The HoFo and the Axis1 are different animals. The Axis1 is designed to go with Masterprimes, Alura Zooms, Cooke 5is, with Alexas, F65, film cameras etc. When you have 300k USD of camera sitting there, a 5k follow focus is penuts. Most of our customers are high end rental companies, focus pullers and steadicam operators.


  • also looks like a good one channel system.

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