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NAB Video: Kessler CineDrive, Carbon Slider, and Pocket Jib Traveller

04.10.13 @ 5:24PM Tags : , , , , ,

Products, products products! Here’s the latest from Eric Kessler at Kessler Crane, plus watch the CineDrive Quick Start video, brought to you by our NAB 2013 partners FreshDV:

What kind of applications would you use these products for? Let us know down below!


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  • Still trying to think of an application to use the full 250 axis system, but it’s awesome…. Kessler is always up to something cool.

  • Don’t see any info or pictures of the carbon slider?

    • I was lucky enough to organize an event where the Carbon slider was present. I played with it a little bit and it’s LIGHT. Crazy how light they made the slider. Will probably replace my normal one witht he carbon version next year…

  • While you’re at NAB checking out motion control systems, look at camBLOCK as well – we’ve got a new portable system that we’re launching via Kickstarter.