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NAB Video: Red Giant and Digital Rebellion

Continued coverage of NAB 2013 from FreshDV brings you a conversation from the Plugin Pavillion, where Red Giant discusses Bulletproof, their new tool for data management, and Digital Rebellion shows off their cloud workflow system Kollaborate:

So many more options for post-production workflows are popping up, it’s an exciting time. What, if any, of these new tools will you integrate into your workflow?


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  • Will Thomas on 04.10.13 @ 5:22PM

    Windows? DNxHD?

  • I am SO pumped about Red Giant’s product. It’s exactly along the lines of what we have been waiting for. When the guy gave me the rundown about it, I felt like I was grilling him with questions about it, but only because I’m excited.

    We have a ton of archival media that gets recycled again and again at our company off (just the nature of our work)—and the ability to catalogue it for quick, easy access is outstanding. I was looking at CatDV first, but this low-cost product is way more in line with what we need, without a bunch of stuff we don’t. The things that it doesn’t have yet that I can’t wait for are smart folders and integration with Adobe XMP metadata (so I can log in prelude and just use that metadata), and I would love range markers (like in Prelude). The Red Giant dude assured me that smart folders were coming asap, as well as XMP integration at some point. The other feature I really want is the ability to make custom metadata parameters, like you can with Adobe.

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