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Red Rocket Travel Slider Might Just Be the Most Portable and Versatile Slider You've Ever Seen

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We’ve talked about travel sliders here at nofilmschool a couple of times before. However, even the smallest of sliders can be a hassle to get into your backpack, and most of them aren’t particularly useful if you want to slide any more than two or three feet (which, let’s face it, we all do). Enter Nice Industries, creator of the wildly popular Aviator Travel Jib, with a brand new product, the Red Rocket Travel Slider. This is no ordinary slider, however, as the components to get it all set up can be fit in a case the size of a shoe box. But that’s not all, with a track length of anywhere up to ten feet (yeah, you heard that correctly), the Red Rocket might just be one of the most versatile travel sliders ever. Check out the Kickstarter launch video below:

What’s most interesting, and perhaps revolutionary, about this slider is the fact that it is designed to work with standard EMP pipe which can be bought on the cheap at your local hardware store. Because the user has the option to use of any length of track depending on the shot (and do so cheaply), the Red Rocket Travel Slider is not only one of the best bargains that you’ll find in terms of travel sliders, but it’s also the most versatile. Of course, Nice Industries also has a set of premium six-foot carbon fiber tracks, which break down into two-foot sections for ultimate portability, to accompany the slider.

In addition to offering the Red Rocket Travel Slider at a discounted price through their Kickstarter, the fine folks over at Nice Industries are also offering the slider paired with their innovative Aviator Travel Jib at some of the higher donation levels. If you haven’t already seen the video for the Aviator, check it out below:

The Red Rocket slider, in tandem with the Aviator jib, looks to make one of the most portable (not to mention affordable) combinations for achieving highly complex and cinematic camera moves. I’m personally a huge fan of the jib/dolly combo (jolly?) because it provides one the most precise and versatile systems of camera movement short of getting out the Steadicam. The possibilities are endless, and the entry price point for achieving such camera  moves has never been this low.

What do you guys think? Do you see yourselves making use of the Red Rocket Travel Slider on your next set? What about the Red Rocket/Aviator combo for some sweet jolly moves? Let us know in the comments.



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  • What was the motion control unit he was using? That timelapse bit looked sweet.

  • What’s the diameter of the EMP pipe? I was wondering if I can find matching tubes in Europe. I like the possibility of affordable and long slides. I already have a short 2 ft slider for travels.

    • Robert Hardy on 04.2.13 @ 10:14AM

      Here’s Zeke’s answer from the Kickstarter Q&A:

      The Red Rocket works great on metal pipe with an outside diameter up to 29.8mm. That is the approximate outside diameter of 1″ EMT pipe (they call it one inch, but the OD is just under 30mm which is 1.17 inches).

      It will also work on metal pipe with a smaller outside diameter. It doesn’t have to be exact because the retaining pin tightens down to accommodate different size pipe. Use of a smaller diameter pipe may reduce the maximum load. So I recommend using 1″ EMT to get the maximum rated load (45lbs).

  • Anyone know when it will be available? Didn’t see a date?

  • I feel lawsuit coming xD “Red Rocket” ;)

    • Definetely, but why oh why do they have to name it ‘Red Rocket’ in the first place?? I can’t imagine they don’t know the other Red Rocket.

  • What makes the slider portable is easily destroyed by the need to lug around tripods to support it ;)

    • Robert Hardy on 04.2.13 @ 10:21AM

      That’s a damn good point haha :) Personally though, I think this slider will do extremely well with the independent film community due to that ten-foot length. I could totally see this replacing staples like the baby dolly and doorway dolly on my sets.

      • Unless you want to point the camera anywhere near a forward angle while you move (the camera would show the tracks).

  • I think its less of a slider and more of an alternative to something like a Kessler Shuttle-pod Mini. Still seems really appealing, I can think of more than a few jobs where cheap and basically unlimited track would’ve come in handy.

  • I wouldn’t pay 800 for it, that’s for sure.

    • You don’t have to. The base kit is $425 if you back.

      • If it were $425 w/ the carbon fiber rails, I would have bought it…it’s twice as expensive as I think it’s worth though :-(

      • Yeah, $425 and it comes without the actual track…

        • You can pick up track for just a few dollars from your local hardware store. $6.50 gets enough track at my local store for a 5 foot run. $13 gets you a 10 foot run. That way if you are traveling, you don’t have to bring your track. You can just pick it up at your destination and leave it behind when you come home.

        • It’s not waste because you don’t have to throw it in the garbage. You can give it to good will and someone who needs pipe will buy it and use it. Zero waste.

  • There is no safety features to prevent the base with the wheels from being topple or go off the track. I believe the most versatile and cheap solution (might not have the catchy name and artistic finishing) is the one that comes from Juicedlink company. At least that one has a feature to prevent the system/camera from being dislodge from the track.

    • Thanks for the comments everyone. If you have any questions you are welcome to email me directly at info (at) I’ve been working on this design for years, but I’ve been a filmmaker much longer (over 20 years).

      Kicap, it’s not shown in the photos, but the unit does come with safety stops to prevent the cart from tipping over. They aren’t really necessary if the cart is set up right, but they are included just in case.


  • Interesting idea. You will need a couple of tripods right? Is it possible to use C-Stands with some kind of locking socket? That would make leveling super easy with only one leg. C-Stands should be able to handle the weight.

  • The base looks a lot like the Cinemover, a less expensive product that has been out for years and is definitely more versatile. I owned one for a while but ended up selling it for the same reasons people are pointing out above – you have to lug around awkward heavy crap to use it. Pipes from hardware stores sound like such a good idea until you have to carry them with you every time you think you may want to do a slide. My old school Igus rails pack into my tripod bag and pop onto my sticks with a quick release plate. There is a reason 3′ sliders are so popular – they make life easier than conventional dollies.

    • Exactly, there’s no shortage of options that are more versatile for fractions of the price.

  • Carrying 2 tripods would be such a pain.

    Konova slider is only $209, lightweight, uses bearings, can shoot vertically, sets up in seconds & has a cheap motion control unit.

  • We used the Aviator jib arm last week. Well made, and a great design. It wasn’t the carbon fiber version but still very light weight. The jib arm on the new expandable slider looks like a great combo but wondering exactly how it is kept safe from falling over.

  • Electro Mechanical TUBING (EMT) is TUBE, not pipe. Well what’s the difference? Tube is measured by Outside Diameter, pipe is measured by Inside Diameter.

    BTW some people call EMT Electrical Conduit. It makes life a lot easier if you use the right terms in both film-making and construction.

  • The idea is great. To be able to vary the size of your slider is wonderful, but for the price it is not worth it. I am currently working on plans for a diy slider following the same idea but i was thinking about adding a speed control to the bottom. I’ll keep yall posted

  • can we take top angle shot