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Get Your Canon T2i/T3i, GH3, Nikon D800, & More Looking Like Film with FilmConvert's Newest Update

FilmConvert Standalone Version 1.047During the NAB 2013 show, FilmConvert, the film emulation color grading program/plugin that actually maps color profiles to specific film stocks, was updated with support for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, GoPro HERO3, Canon 7D, and 60D, as well as newer profiles for the Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III. Now, in the newest update, they’ve added the Panasonic GH3, Nikon D800 and D7000, in addition to the Canon T2i/T3i. Read on for more about the update, including a new ability to apply film color and contrast separately.

This is the current layout and options for grading (click for larger):

FilmConvert Standalone Version 1.047

Here is a bit about the newest release:

With support for Nikon cameras for the very first time, this update includes direct profiles for Nikon’s D800 and D7000 DSLR cameras. Not content to stop there, this update also includes all new profiles for the Panasonic GH3, as well as the Canon 550D/Rebel T2i and 600D/Rebel T3i digital SLR cameras.

This release also introduces a new, user-requested feature to FilmConvert that gives filmmakers the ability to independently choose both the amount of film colour, and the film contrast shift that is applied in the film emulation.

This release also updates the C300 CanonLog profile with a revised exposure target. “We received quite a lot of feedback telling us that many filmmakers are exposing quite high up on the CanonLog curve,” says Lones. “So we’ve taken this opportunity to revise our exposure aims on this profile accordingly, in the hope that folks will find it a better fit to the way they’re actually working.”

One of the early criticisms was that there wasn’t much support for other camera profiles that people might be using with their cameras, and this has been rectified ten-fold. Each camera has a number of different profiles, including neutral and standard, and where applicable, they also have support for Flaat, Technicolor, Prolost, and Marvel profiles.

Now, some of the purists out there might say, “Why not just shoot film?” First of all, shooting film is far more expensive than just shooting some clips with your DSLR. Secondly, at least for me, this is a great way to get your footage 70-90% of the way to your final look very quickly. There is a ton of control over the image within the software, and you can really apply as little or as much of the look as you want to any clip.

Philip Bloom recently regraded one of his earlier films with FilmConvert, and even though the FS100 isn’t technically supported yet, he still got great results (be sure to download from Vimeo for best quality):

If you haven’t used it before, they have free trials available, and the software comes in a full standalone version, or as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut X and Final Cut Pro 7. Each one on its own is $200, but you can also get a bundle including everything for $300. All of these firmware updates are completely free, so if you already own the software, head on over to their site and download the newest versions.

Link: Downloads — FilmConvert

Disclosure: FilmConvert is a nofilmschool advertiser.


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  • I already use the current version with every camera I use. If your cam isn’t listed you still can get great results with this software. Truly love Film Convert. It made my life much easier. Now I just make slight adjustments after applying it to my footage.

  • Would this make it easy to match 5d and d800 footage?

  • I have a C100 with the Ninja 2. The Gh2 profiles actually look better on it than the C300 profiles of the same sensor, lol.

    • Maybe, but the color rendition of the emulation is not as accurate with the GH2 preset.

  • I-Don’t-Get-It. Ever since the 1980s you can’t go to a trade show without someone introducing a new Film Look program. Why do you want grain?? Hollywood used to spend a lot of money to ELIMINATE grain.

    Now many people want high resolution 4K and RAW files. Are these same people going to eff-up their pristine picture so that it has a Film Look??

    • Grain is only a small part of it for me. For me this is about the color science and the way it develops these images.

  • This sounds too much like buying the extra undercoating on a new car. From what I’ve read it’s just Instagram presets for video. So, no histogram, how can you color correct without a basic essential like a histogram. Also, I have yet to see how to reference other clips on the timeline side by side wile inside the plugin. Just use Color Finesse by Synthetic Aperture, it’s about the same price.

  • love it. use it on almost every project now.
    don’t understand the criticism.

  • “Disclosure: FilmConvert is a nofilmschool advertiser.”

    I would never have guessed after the 18 articles you have run on them.

    * Disclosure: I purchased FilmConvert and am very happy with it.
    Like Jeremy above, I get better results on my GH2 with a non-GH2 profile.

    • They weren’t the first 4 times we wrote about them. This is our 5th post in 9 months, we’ve written about similar topics many more times.

      I know you’ve been vocal for some reason about us covering this, but again, as I’ve said many times, if something is good, we’re going to write about it, and no one else has tried doing a color grading application using the actual camera color profiles. It makes a big difference.

    • grain sometimes helps with digital banding that occurs during compression… maybe

  • Joe, any thoughts on the canon picture profiles released tonight. Any point to use that instead of prolost?

  • I get better results using Vision Color picture styles (which aren’t supported yet by FilmConvert).

    • They are supported..

      • Visiontech from VisionColor is probably the best picture style around, not just based on my personal opinion but also from what people have said about it. Plus visioncolor and visiontech are officially supported by filmconvert.

  • I’m glad you added the last disclaimer about FilmConvert being an advertiser. I hope you will continue the practice, as it really helps keep the trust and honesty in the site in place.

    About FilmConvert itself, It’s a superb tool. I use a D7000 and I’m actually surprised they added it – it would make more sense to do the 5200, maybe (I was going to switch, now I’m waiting for the pocket BM).

  • Is this plugin for PC or is it for Mac only?

  • looks pretty awesome!…Is there any promo code?

  • There’s rumblings, which can neither be confirmed or denied, that the GH4 will have 2k video….. but don’t tell anyone I told you ;-)

  • Will Montgomery on 05.15.13 @ 6:01PM

    Actual film is still a great option rather than trying to make digital video look more like the real thing. It’s much less expensive now to shoot film both 16mm & 35mm than it ever was. Try it while you can.

  • How does this compare to free Davinci Resolve v10?