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Apple Unveils New Miniature Mac Pro with Dual Integrated Workstation GPUs

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Apple New Mac Pro

Today at the WWDC, Apple took the wraps off the new Mac Pro they’ve been working on that will be released later this year. It’s certainly a departure from anything we’ve seen before at the professional level — so read on for more photos and details of the new machine. [Update]: Be sure to check out the newest post detailing more of the features.

Apple is certainly trying to change the game when it comes to professional workstations. The new Mac Pro resembles a fancy desktop speaker, and it’s absolutely tiny compared to the current Mac Pro:

Old Mac Pro and New Mac Pro

Some details:

  • New Intel Xeon Processor
  • Dual Integrated AMD Workstation GPUs (This means you’ll need to use OpenCL with Adobe)
  • Have up to three 4K displays on built-in workstation graphics
  • Expandable through the newly announced Thunderbolt 2
  • HDMI-Out
  • Motion-sensing ports that light up when the machine is rotated (to make plugs visible)
  • Available later in 2013
  • No price announced yet

Here’s the video of the presentation:


Inside New Mac Pro

Back of New Mac Pro

Intel Xeon in New Mac Pro

Dual AMD FirePro GPUs Apple New Mac Pro

Mac Pro Thunderbolt 2

We’ll have more reactions on this announcement and everything else they’ve unveiled today.

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  • I always knew that R2D2 would eventually help with the data managing.

  • Who gives a fuck about the design of your computer case? It sits under your desk. Pros want performance and reliability, not objet d’art.

    Oh and yeah, expandability. :)

    • mikael_bellina on 06.10.13 @ 6:22PM

      Hum, I would say, sometimes I take my big beast on the client location, so something little versus something big it’s nice. In a regular case, it’s like 60% of empty space, so if apple make something more inteligent with good cooling that’s cool !

    • Looking at the specs it seems that the performance will be great!
      With 6 thunderbolts you can expand it with a lot of I/O components (quite all the blackmagic devices uses thunderbolt) and with the USB 3.0 you can use HDD such ad Western Digital and Toshiba, not only the very expanses Lacie or Apple ones.
      The designe is very important: not all the professional workers have a lot of space where to put their workstation and having something small hepls to better organize the space.

      I think that apple have done something great! And I’m not an apple boy!

      • As a creative person, design is also important to me. I don’t know why everyone thinks that a good design isn’t a big deal. Nobody says that about sports cars… “All I care about is performance, I don’t care what the car looks like”.

        • Despite my last comment I love industrial design, but this is not form following function – it’s function following form. How great is your new workstation going to look when it has a mess of external drives and cards hanging off it? The case design is the very, very last factor for me.

          If you don’t want a case full of air look at something like the Silverstone Sugo S09. Small form factor and no need to have half your components on the outside!

          • Thyl Engelhardt on 06.11.13 @ 1:47AM

            While I clearly see a form follows function approach (central cooling air channel), I still have to agree with you on the expansions. This only looks good as long as you don’t work with it. With Blue-Ray drive, RAID, etc. boxes all over the place, it gets a bit pathetic. Maybe, accessory makers will adapt their design, and you could end up with three cool looking cylinders on or below your desk, but I am sceptic. It would also be pricey.

          • But how is this form more functional than the typical front through back air flow design? That design also allows for expandibility … Seems to me like severely limited function for the sake of pretty form.

          • Ant, since nobody answered your question, I will despite the lateness. This new form is much more functional than the typical box. With the box you have 2 or more small fans which are necessary to cool the innards. As they are focused on cooling specific areas, they use more energy and are less effective, and, due to the obvious design of a box, hot spots occur easily due to the heat not flowing naturally. As I’m sure you’re aware, hot air rises. This form allows a single heat sink through the center of the tower to draw all heat equally, while a single fan operating at lower speeds is able to then draw this air out following the path of least resistance. The only way in which this form is less functional is a mental block people have about such a radical departure from the norm. Hopefully people get over that.

  • Just remember not to put a book on top of your new Brewmac, as that will instantly kill the fancy cooling. :)

  • I’ll be interested in seeing what the cost is, somehow doubt it’ll be in my price range, but I already went back to Windows, for better or worse.

  • Hang on a second… AMDs???

    Someone disagree with me here if I’m wrong, but is this just another big kick in the arse of professionals using Adobe products??

    No I think for now, I’ll continue the planning of my Hackintosh..

  • Wow air cooled technology……….I think I will stick to my water cooled PC. Are they ever going to catch up to PC??? they seem to care more about the artsistic shape of the box, perfect for the non professional

    • You could have a water-cooled Pentium 4 OC to 4Ghz for all we know (less performance of the archaic duo core 2.0 Ghz). Watercooled means nothing – what are you water cooling? You forget this little coffee maker is going to house 12GB VRAM and 12 core new Xeon processors not released yet. Let’s not forget they leap frogged the speed of SSD! The power is pro. Expandability? It is there, just different then how we are used to.

  • I wouldn’t call it miniature if this thing has A LOT more power than that old Mac Pro tower!!!

  • Matt Groves on 06.10.13 @ 6:56PM

    EXPENSIVE!!! Everything they call inovation is so expensive. To put our RED card in an external enclosure is expensive. An extra $600 here and there adds up to a very expensive build, has anyone seen the expense of these thunderbolt RAID systems? They simply made super computers inaccessible to serious developers like Adobe for a failed flagship product! Foolish. I almost unbearable listening to people applaud something that nobody will be able to afford :/

    • They haven’t released a price yet, and what would you possibly expect? Obviously workstations are expensive, apparently you’re in the wrong business.

  • shaun wilson on 06.10.13 @ 7:15PM

    any news on ram?

  • My guess is the final price will be x2 the price of an equal PC build.

    • It will be far more than that. My build was about 1/3rd the price of the closest Mac Pro equivalent (though much better specced).

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    (trouble breathing)


  • They are introducing Thunderbolt 2 before anyone I know within the industry has even gotten anything with Thunderbolt 1.

  • James Gardiner on 06.10.13 @ 11:48PM

    This is FCPX disaster all over again.
    This is not a PRO tool. Its a mass market prosumer tool. It will go well for graphics artists and wedding videographers. Pros.. No. (Just like FCPX)
    But yes they will sell a lot as its suitable for that middle ground market.
    Pros.. no.
    But again, a HUGE mistake by Apple.
    Everyone aspires to be real PRO, so use the tools they use so they can say they have the same tool set skills..
    Bring on Windows and Adobe… This is not the answer..
    All I can hope is Linux actually stabilizes with a good graphics engine. Wayland and this recent out break of graphics engine development could be good, could be bad..

    But like all the big pro stuff from Discreet and Black-magic. The high end tools are Linux..
    Would love for it to make it to the generic pro.. But Linux needs a lot of work for that to happen..

    I’m so depressed that Windows is the best choice business wise for a Pro.


    • Psssst…”PROS” are losing ground in their own industry to people who haven’t been raised with the closed-minded mentality that an editing setup needs to be enormous, expensive and archaic. These people are making money – a lot of it, and taking it directly from the hands of dinosaurs.

      This new MP, like anything else, is just a tool. If you can’t make it work for you, then you’re doing something very wrong. Adapt, or die.

      • Pssss! Apple IS the “expensive” one As for the design of this new MP, it looks to me like an update of the Power Mac G4 Cube which Apple had to “put on ice” shortly after its introduction.

        • Ehh, what? FCPX is $300. That’s pretty good for an NLE. If you’re talking about workstations, Apple has always been cheaper than the competitors. Similar HP and Dell workstations are always more expensive due to the on-site maintenance being included. So what exactly are you talking about?

  • Once all the cables are connected to the back of a tower the last you will be able to do is spin it around. Hopefully they will realize they need a button on the back to illuminate those ports when you can no longer spin the thing around because there are a ton of cable connected to it.

    I would trust a PCI-e plugged in to the board on separate lanes a lot more than I would trust have everything on the same interface. What I’d like to know is how many separate Thunderbolt controllers are those six ports hooked up to on the motherboard?

    Also, I can’t imagine cooling a next gen processor, two advanced graphics cards and the hard drive will be an easy chore in that small of a case. I hope to god this doesn’t suffer from the same overheating issues that plagued other small Apple products in the past.

    It’s also going to cost a lot to transition from an existing tower because to relocated PCIe cards such as RAID controllers, etc. is most probably going to require buying entirely new gear, or relocating those cards to external enclosures interfaced to the computer through Thunderbolt. Going from PCIe –> Thunderbolt 2 is opening up a potential door for problems that doesn’t need to opened.

    A professional workstation setup is still going to take up the same amount of space as you relocated any internal components like hard drives, PCIe interfaces, etc. to external boxes. Personally, I would prefer to be able to just pick up my tower with all that in one box than to lug around two or three separate enclosures.

    I don’t know how you could transition to this from an existing Mac Pro without spending a ton of cash. A bit of a let-down for anyone that isn’t in the top tier of their industry.

    • If you buy long expensive cables, you will be able to spin it. Think about it: long expensive cables. Any manufacturer crossing your mind ?

  • Richard Collins on 06.11.13 @ 5:07AM

    They’re quite obviously catering for the high end pro’s with the biggest budgets, not the ‘bedroom’ or ‘attic studio’ professionals. These machines, partnered with expensive external devices are going to cost big bucks. The kind of big bucks that hollywood has to spend. The way to go is Hackintosh for most of us…

  • Apple Design: Tower, Cube, Flat on stick with half sphere, pancake Mini, now a Tube, next is the Pyramid … will include an All Seeing Camera near the top

  • if an unknown company like xi3 can come up with a modular design in a very small package over a year ago, that allows stacking units for increase power, and fast upgrades, I thought Apple’s design would be more revolutionary than making obsolete the previous ports to sell cables. Pros need solutions that promise an upgrade path without tearing the desk apart. something like this would have been nice:

  • Very disappointed in this Mac Pro. Not sure what my upgrade path will be. I don’t need the raw power this computer offers. My current 2009 Mac Pro tower hangs under my desk. An SSD runs the OS and Apps for pure speed. A 2TB drive holds all my data. A second SSD clones my main SSD every night. That still leaves two open drive bays for expansion or data shuffling and backing up.

    Not interested in external hard drives attached to a Mac Mini or iMac. Am I the minority who wants this flexibility without the clutter?

    • Clutter? It’s 1/8th the volume. You could buy 7 enclosures and take up the same amount of space. If you don’t need the power, this isn’t for you. Obviously. Complaining for the sake of complaining, it’s pretty clear who the actual professionals are these days.

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