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Don't Talk or Text During 'Only God Forgives' or Ryan Gosling Might Do Horrible Things to You

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Don't Talk or Text During Nicholas Winding Refn's Film or Ryan Gosling Will Do Horrible Things to You - nofilmschoolWe don’t really know what he’s capable of. Ryan Gosling that is. He warmed our hearts in The Notebook and terrified us in Drive, and his newest film Only God Forgives, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, is coming to Alamo Drafthouse theaters. If you plan on seeing it, Refn has a message for you, and he’s got Gosling on his side (so I wouldn’t make him angry):

The PSA is an ongoing series from the Alamo Drafthouse, who is notoriously strict on those who don’t follow their “Don’t Talk or Text” policy. If you missed the last one, Julie Delpy gave us a piece of her mind:

Based on his previous work, I would take the threat from Refn pretty seriously. But the choice is yours: talk or text at your own risk in the Alamo Drafthouse.


[via Indiewire]


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  • Robert Hardy on 06.29.13 @ 12:04AM

    This was almost as good as “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal”. Almost….

  • It’s ok Ryan. I’ll be watching this film at home. Unless its a spectacle film I’m not listening to other people eat/wander in late/ text or in one recent case, explain the entire film to their partner anymore.

  • Strange…. Does it mean this is common to have people talk or phonecall during movies at the theatre in the USA?
    Never been to the movies there, but here in Paris i don’t witness such behaviours in theatres. Only the very rare times i witnessed someone talking or making noise at the theatre, many other in the audience would urge him/her to shut up right away!

    On the other hand, i went to the movies in Bombay once, and this was a totally different story : ppl talking, phone calling, making jokes, and even eating warm food during the movies! That was epic!

    Would be funny to document such differences from a country to another…

    • Daniel Mimura on 07.11.13 @ 11:57AM

      Yeah, it’s a thing. It varies greatly neighborhood to neighborhood.

      and yeah, that would be an interesting thing…to document the differences from country to country about movie theater audience behaviors… I spend the summer in Mexico back in 2000 and they have this thing where they good heartedly shame people who’s phone goes off during a movie. It’s interesting because they don’t get pissed off or sign loudly or yell something (which I do in the US because I always feel that people who’re willing to talk during a screening really don’t understand subtlety)…anyway, in Mexico, it was sort of this thing where they would basically light heartedly tease them for forgetting to turn their phones off, so people sort of socially police it in a positive way.

      I don’t think cellphone usage in theaters is actutually a huge problem or anything—the Alamo just likes making them—and they have access to lots of filmmakers , celebrities, and film buff ex-governors.