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Missed the Premiere of Showtime's 'Ray Donovan' on Sunday? Watch the First Episode Free Online

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Ray-Donovan-ShowtimeWe already shared one recent Showtime freebie, the first episode of the 8th season for Dexter. While that show will take a bit of catching up to do if you haven’t been following along, this one won’t (since it’s brand new). You may recognize his voice from many HBO Sports documentaries and NFL Films, but Liev Schreiber is also a talented actor at the helm for the new Showtime series Ray Donovan. If you missed the premiere last night, you can check out the entire first episode below.

The trailer for the series (or you can skip ahead below and get right into the first episode):

Here is the first episode, likely only available in the US as that was the case with the previous free episode we shared (NSFW is expected as this is pay TV):

Link: Ray Donovan — Showtime


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  • Solid writing, great visuals, top notch acting … at least, from Jon Voight. Pixelated boobs. What else can one ask for?