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AbelCine Extends Documentary Grant Deadline for Chance to Win Three $33K Canon Rental Packages

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AbelCine doc grantAbelCine has extended their documentary grant deadline, giving applicants another week to upload a Vimeo pitch for the chance to win a $33,000 Canon C300 rental package. They’ve also added another prize to the mix: Unlimited DPX access to cloud-based rolling credits service Endcrawl, which includes all the 2K, HD DPX, and 1K H.264 renders your little heart could desire. Read on for the details.

We covered the 2013 AbelCine Doc Grant announcement last month, with the word on gear packages, judges, and competition details. Not much has changed at this point except a later due date — so for those who missed the deadline, worry no more. The good folks at AbelCine have also thrown in Unlimited DPX access to Endcrawl (currently a $499 value in the service’s private beta mode), which allows post-prod crews to collaborate online using a cloud render engine, legal boilerplate and various aspect ratio templates.

I’ve never used Endcrawl so I can’t comment on the service, but it’s been used to bang out credits on a fair number of recent films:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.49.22 AM

After the new August 27th deadline, the real competition will begin. Abelcine sums it up:

After all submissions are in, 10 finalists will be determined based on votes from the Vimeo community. Then a panel of judges comprised of AbelCine & industry experts, as well as special guest filmmakers Mark Benjamin, Ellen Kuras, ASC, and Peter Schnall, will choose three winners who will each receive an equipment grant to be used towards the Canon C300 package & lenses of their choice.

I was going to let this one pass, but I might actually apply this week with The Misfit Economy:

I’ll throw the decision out to the ether: yea or nay?



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  • Do it! Nice trailer and idea mate!

  • Anthony Marino on 08.21.13 @ 7:55PM

    Yea…looks compelling, what amazed me was a shot of the little kids laughing with one another. It was beautiful. What looks like such dire circumstances they still had it in them to smile and just be children. Sad mostly but refreshing as well. Powerful stuff. Nice work Laura and glad you’re back in one piece, some of the shots looked kind of dangerous. You can see the hostility on their faces. I’d certainly go with it. Thanks

    • Laura Gamse on 08.21.13 @ 9:53PM

      Thanks Anthony, yeah those two were my favorite! The shots probably look more dangerous than they were to shoot, at least for all the India footage we were in good hands. A C300 would definitely up the production value, maybe I’ll give it a shot…

  • This really seems to be a generous prize.