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Want an Alternative to the Three Major NLE's? Give Grass Valley's Edius a Try

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Edius Main UIThere is no perfect editing solution on the market that will fulfill every editor’s needs on a consistent basis. Premiere Pro is great, but many take issue with the lack of ownership of the software with Adobe’s subscription-based business model. FCPX is the fastest thing around, but it still scares a good many editors, many of whom are not switching back to Apple any time soon. Avid is powerful. Really powerful. But it’s also a bit clunky and the learning curve is steep and somewhat intimidating. So what’s an editor to do when none of these programs fit their needs? How about trying Edius on for size?

Every NLE has the thing that sets it apart from the others. Premiere Pro has integration with the rest of the Adobe Suite. FCPX reinvented the timeline by doing away with track-based editing. Avid boasts a list of just about every major studio film in the past 20 years, all of which were cut on its systems.

So, what is it that makes Edius special, that sets it apart from the pack? Well, nothing really. There are no flashy features or reinventions of editing conventions. There’s just one solid NLE, with a focus on usability and workflow speed, that has been meeting the needs of broadcast editors for years.

Here’s a quick video rundown of the Edius interface (Keep in mind this is version 6.5, not 7):

And here are a few of the key features in Edius 7:

  • Superior 4K workflow, including support for Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink 4K Extreme and EDL import/export color correction interchange with DaVinci
  • Open to third-party I/O hardware from Blackmagic Design, Matrox, and AJA
  • Editing media files with different resolutions—from 24×24 to 4Kx2K, as well as real-time conversion of frame rates on the same timeline delivers more efficient editing into the hands of editors
  • Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title, and graphics tracks
  • Support for the latest file formats (Sony XAVC/XVAC S, Panasonic AVC-Ultra, and Canon 1D C M-JPEG) as they are released
  • Work natively with many different video formats, such as Sony’s XDCAM, Panasonic’s P2, Ikegami’s GF, RED, Canon’s XF format and EOS movie format
  • Fastest AVCHD editing in the market (up to 3+ streams in real time)
  • Multicam editing of up to 16 different sources simultaneously, with video output support
  • 64-bit native processing with maximum memory access for streamlined real-time editing
  • 3D stereoscopic editing

In my eyes, these features put Edius Pro in contention with all of the other major NLE’s on the market, especially considering the fact that many editors now expect their NLE’s to natively deal with any and all codecs. In this area, Edius delivers and even excels.

If you’d like to give Edius Pro 7 a shot, you can head over to the Grass Valley website and download a 31-day free trial.  While pricing information for Edius 7 is still unavailable, it will likely follow previous versions and come in around $600.

What do you guys think? Is Edius a viable alternative to the three major NLE’s? Let us know in the comments!

Link: Edius Pro 7 – Grass Valley


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  • What about gpu playback/render acceleration?

    • Edius is the ONLY nle that uses Intel Quicksync embeded hardware acceleration for h264 encoding. Highly desirable if you write to BluRay or export for television station queue.
      It also used GPU for many effects, but unlike others is not hardware dependent.

    • I am going to post sometime in the near future the performance comparisons of all 4 video editors. I specifically evaluated multi-cam as it pushes the system to the max. I wanted to see if the other offerings were better then what I have been using. EDIUS came out near top. It was not the top performer (Vegas was) but it was very close.

      I can play back 4 video streams from DSLR footage at once with color correction and EDIUS can keep up. In fact, 6.0 was able to do this on a PC I had over 2 years ago. Back then none of the other editors could compare.

      It is also the best at multiple-monitor configurations. I currently utilize 4 monitors for my editing. Will update here once I have the video available on YouTube.

  • Edius is a viable alternative and works well on an entry level latop. I just wish they would give the UI a complete overhaul – it looks soooooo dated and clunky. I mean the size of all those buttons is just stupid and the drop shadow on them…really…drop shadow? its 2013 FFS.

    Also I’ve not used it lately but I would hope you can do something about the amount of screen real estate it wastes. The size of the blue time strip, the black strip above it and the size of the button panels. Just ridiculous.

    • Paul’s criticisms seem so superficial to me. Bothered by drop shadows….Please!

      Sure, everybody would like a little more real estate or better use of what we have. But with all the screen and shortcut customizations you can do, I find that a few different layouts optimized for the tasks I regularly encounter, it Edius really works for me for many years.

      In fact, I kind of like the look doesn’t change twice a year. I hate having to exit my creative mode to think, “Let’s see….I used to have a button here for this…..Where is it and what does it look like now?” It’s especially nice to be in familiar real estate when a deadline is approaching. We all do have deadlines with paying customers…Don’t we?

      Maybe it’s just me, but I am very content with Edius…..high performance, stable, flexible, and reasonably priced.

  • We use it at work(broadcast) and love it. Super fast to edit with and very easy to customize. I wish could use it on my iMac at home. Also wish it had the plug in community that FCP has. Edius has a great tool in the layouter but after that effects aren’t there.

    • You’re able to do that thru bootcamp (works fine on my MBP for about 2years). Avoid Parallels, because of the speed loose.

    • I think everybody is a little envious about the FCP plug-in library. However, for many like me that generally produce videos for paying customers in which FX and glitz isn’t the most important issue, Edius’ other strengths more than make up for it.

      As for support, Edius excels. My experience has been if you need to speak to a person about an issue, you will generally get somebody in a reasonable time, if not immediately. I haven’t had problems lately, but that’s what my experience has been in the past.

      As for the GV Edius Forums (, they are LEGENDARY, going back to when the company was Canopus. At one time, I was probably considered one of the online gurus, and it was a lot of fun helping other users. These days, I’m more likely to ask a question than supply the answers, and I am always impressed at the timeliness and quality of the answers I get.

  • FCP X, Avid, and Premiere are enough. What’s the point of learning a flavor of the month NLE when you have problems finding people who use it when you need to collaborate?

    I’ll move to FCPX before I try another NLE that hardly anyone uses.

    • Need community? Go here and have your questions answered within minutes.

    • I think an important consideration about which NLE you invest time learning has to be what your long-term aspirations are. Do you anticipate a need for a particular NLE on you resume? For instance, if you aspire to land somewhere in the big-time Hollywood, then maybe you need to really learn Avid. For others with an eye on other video production markets where FCP predominates, maybe FCP is your best choice. So, depending on where you think your career may take you, you need to consider what you learn.

      However, for many others (like me–I’m a small, independent, owner-operated studio producing mainly corporate video, and my wife wedding-event video–with absolutely no desire to end up in Hollywood), or for hobby folks, etc., does it really matter much which NLE as long as it works for you.

  • moebius- how do you know no one uses it?

    • I read sites like Creative Cow. And I said ” hardly anyone”.

      • Lordy, I’m starting to go overboard here. There’s at least two reasons why there’s little Edius traffic on the Cow.

        First, back in the day before Edius first came out, Canopus, a Japanese company, produced proprietary hardware, high performance codecs, and simple NLEs with names like DVRex and DVStorm. Canopus was a great engineering company, but a absolutely LOUSY marketing company, especially in marketing to the U.S. About the time they released Edius 1.0, they also suddenly disbanded the legendary “green and black” text-based user forum, and attached themselves to The Cow as their user community platform. Then (and I don’t know the back room details), some sort of conflict erupted between Canopus and The Cow over something or another, and just as quickly as it joined The Cow, Canopus yanked its forum off The Cow and started up the forum they still host.

        (BTW, the founder of Canopus was fond of bragging that under the hood of some Avid workstations back then was Canopus hardware and codecs…Did you know that? I got that directly from the horse’s mouth.)

        The second reason that Edius has little The Cow presence is that there is absolutely no reason why it needs a The Cow presence. The GV Edius forum is legendarily successful as a user community. No need for secondary or tertiary communities.

  • How much did Edius pay for this “advertorial?”

    • We don’t do paid posts and we’re not under any obligation to cover something even if someone is an advertiser (which Grass Valley is not). We try to cover things in a positive light whenever possible. There is enough negativity on the web and in the world in general.

    • Terence Kearns on 08.11.13 @ 1:05AM

      I’m glad you answered that question, but it’s easy to see why the notion would occur… I mean there is nothing really on offer here in terms of information to improve the life of the editor. Any editor can wade through a list of NLEs and take it upon themselves to pour over the details and comparrisons. The video review is underwhelming in the extreme.

      One anomally that seems to be consistent across a lot of industry blogs (not just nofilmschool) is the conspicuous absence of the mention of Sony Vegas. When I set up the video editing lab for a university where I worked, we included Edius, Final Cut, and Vegas. All of them pretty good. In the years since, I have completed projects in Premiere Pro and Avid as well just to get a feel for all the NLEs out there yet I still keep coming back to Sony Vegas. But nobody ever mentions it. It’s like the 13th floor LOL! It has all the pro features you can possibly want including proxy-based editing, 3D editing, realtime calling shots for multi-camera editing, colour grading, VST/Dx plugins (comes with compressors, paramatric EQs etc), heirachical based compositing with blendmodes, Open CL and CUDA based accelleration, a scripting API, decades of pedigree, and a decent selection of 3rd party plugins. Yet no mention. It is by far the fasted tool under the sun, and it doesn’t have a steep learning curve either. The biggest sin is it’s ordinary un-fancy interface, but it’s not as ugly as Edius or Avid – although that is a matter of opinion :)

      Very puzzling.

      • Terence Kearns on 08.11.13 @ 1:17AM

        For anyone reading who has never heard of Sony Vegas (this surprises me less and less) or never been curious about it, you can get a basic rundown at wikipedia

        and you can visit the official site

        You can buy the suite if you need stuff like BluRay editing, or you can buy the editor for half the price – and you OWN the software FOREVER ;)

        The most active community for vegas is at CreativeCow where the guys are really good.

        No I have no affiliation with Sony. Vegas is not perfect, but it comes close enough for today’s state of the art NLEs. Like Edius, it’s windows only.

        I do music production as well, and for an NLE, it is by far the best video editor with musical capabilities.

        • Lynchenstein on 08.13.13 @ 5:30PM

          Vegas started life as an audio editor so it’s no surprise that it possesses strong audio capabilities.

      • Terence Kearns on 08.11.13 @ 1:49AM

        I also gotta say the issue of intgration (between Premiere and After Effects and Photoshop) is overstated.

        You can bring in multilayerd photoshop (or tiff) files and animate the layers in vegas.

        I am an Adobe CC member so I use After Effects for advanced composting. I export AE projects as an [alpha mapped] image sequence. I then have a dedicated vegas project file which references all the images. I then simply use that project file as a single video event on the timeline in my master project. If I change anything in AE, I simply render only the changed images in the sequence, and my master project is AUTOMATICALLY and passively updated in vegas. No special branded ‘integration’ required. Having said that, you can get industry effects Boris Continuum Complete and Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD as native vegas plugins. So AE is very optional but I love using it. If I am integrating from a 3D program, again, I can use alpha mapped image sequences. Sony now promotes Hitfilm as an advanced compositor, but I haven’t used it much and my go-to app is still AE.

        This fuzzy idea that there is some advantages to cross app workflow simply because the apps are from the one manufacturer, is a myth.

        • All you mention can be handled by Edius (and almost all other NLEs) as well. My friend uses Vegas and as I dropped by at his place with my laptop we’ve done a comparison. Edius was able to handle more FX without rendering even thru he had a lot more powerful workstation than my laptop.

      • I’ve been using Sony Vegas also, for about four years now, and I’ve noticed the same thing, like it’s the red headed step child. I use if for just my own personal projects and found that it was a lot easier to learn than some of the others.

        I’m also with you about Creative Cow and the Vegas user base there, Awsome!

      • I cut in Vegas for 8 years. if you’re doing your own end to end work, and on small projects, it’s fine. I still use it from time to time to do small things. But it’s buggy as all get out and has been since V7 or so. It does NOT play well with others, it’s round trip capability has always been horrible, and it is not suitable as a cutter for either broadcast or film. After speaking directly to the project lead and offering my concerns, I had to finally jump to a pro level tool. So I jumped to Avid. All my problems went away overnight.

        • I fully agree with the sad decline of Vegas since V7

          Editors have better to do than wasting their precious time to get this thing to run in a deterministic way…

        • I was a Vegas fan boy and heavy user for years. Finally had to cut loose and learn Premiere as Vegas has become so unstable (as PTF stated since V7). I wasted many hours of my time as a beta tester for Sony Creative Software, and contacted projects leads and others in charge at SCS, trying to get them to pay attention to the growing instability of their software. Apparently, milking the dwindling Vegas customer base for paid yearly updates was more important than creating a solid product. I’ll always have a place in my editing heart for Vegas, but Premiere CC is so much more stable, I can’t justify using Vegas when it crashes so often. All the money and time I spent on Sony software is largely pointless now, and I’m forced to repurchase all the plugins for the Adobe ecosystem now. Thankfully, the learning curve to Premiere hasn’t been so bad and the shortcuts are more natural to me now than Vegas shortcuts.

      • IMO, I think that Edius and Vegas have one BIG thing in common.

        Edius is currently owned by GV, a major player in broadcast equipment for decades.
        Vegas is currently owned by Sony, a major player in broadcast equipment for decades.

        Both were acquired by a major player in broadcast equipment (do I repeat myself, hehe), and both play second or even third fiddle to their owners’ main business. Both get second or third rate marketing efforts.

  • I just recently started using Edius as an alternative to Premiere Pro. I have both and figured I’d just give Edius a try. I haven’t gone back to Premiere. Things I like best about Edius: (1) Waveform monitor updates instantaneously and Premiere is very very slow, (2) multicam editing — I like the way it works in Edius and if things get too slow with multiple cameras, you can turn off effects and skip frames so it doesn’t slow down; (3) as an editor (i.e., trimming, etc) it just seems faster and simpler than PP. Things I don’t like about it: (1) audio not very easy to edit; (2) not as many plugins (but I don’t miss the ones I can’t use); (3) 32-bit (but that’s been fixed in version 7, which just came out), (4) can’t do greater than 100% preview.

    Anyway, I don’t think anyone should write it off until they give it a try.

    • Terence Kearns on 08.11.13 @ 1:30AM

      I did the training for Premier Pro CS6, I learned all the keyboard shortcuts and I put a paid project through it. I came to the conclusion that there is no way you could be super-fast with this thing (Premiere). It’s just a slow clunky workflow on the timeline. Just my opinion.

      • Premiere is the fastest NLE I have ever used playback wise, and the shortcuts are all totally customizable. I have a very fast system though so that may make a difference. For keys, I use a modified version of FCP 7 shortcuts. I’m BLAZING quick like those robots from “ghost in the shell” with the trippy fingers.

        Never tried Edius. After using Premiere CC every day for the last week, I have become a full convert. I had been on the fence since switching from FCP 7 to CS5 Editing a sizzle reel now, and I sync’d 4 days of dual system sound and 3 cameras in 8 hours with the built in sync feature. The damn software is literally adding days back to my life.

        • Fast? Drop AVCHD on the Timeline and watch it choke.
          With Edius I dump an hour on the Time line and edit in seconds.

          For a real world test, check both app’s resource use during playback with the same footage. PP is still quite bloated.

    • Rich Nation on 08.27.13 @ 1:39AM

      I’ve been editing for broadcast TV for about 16 years and have used almost every brand of software, many of which no longer exist (Fast, SpeedRazor, DPS Velocity, Media 100) I’ve used Edius for 6 years, alongside Premiere. I use Adobe After Effects alot, so having Premiere has always been part of the package and has grown into a great piece of software. I edited with FCP 7 for 6 months and hated it. NOTHING i’ve ever used is faster than Edius. For straightforward editing, its just so much faster to do things with it, IMO. Downside is it’s low of features/effects. The muticam editing is so much easier than ANY other NLE out there. Even the latest Premiere multicam is too much work/ordeal to set up compared to Edius. So to wrap up my thoughts, There’s many great NLE’s out there and all do some things better than others. But if you want something that handles so much in real time and faster than most, then I recommend Edius.

  • what about Lightworks? it’ll come in september for mac

  • I was using PP for about 8 years, switched to Avid, back to PP… And finally tried out Edius. For about 2 years I didn’t switched back. The major reason was the speed. Edius don’t use CUDA (but a lot of 3D transitions are GPU rendered) and this is great. I’m able to edit 1080p AVCHD (Canon DSLR) direct out of the cam and apply a primary and secondary cc (yes, with animated masks, sharpening etc.) on the fly (in realtime) without stopping the playback and without any rendering. All that I’m able to do on my 2.5 years old MacBookPro (bootcamp, ATI gc). Consolidate a project is even more awesome – it creates an extreme tiny proxy based project and gives the ability to transfer the whole project to an USB stick for working on an other (powerless) machine (core2duo is more than fast enough) and easily switch back (synchronize) to the full resolution project on my host machine. There is also an AfterEffect bridge to import AE plugins. Many fx aren’t compatible and only some works fine, but I never saw this feature on an other NLE.

    Which other NLE is able to keep up?

    • Oh and last but not least: it’s solid as a rock!

      • When I first entered digital editing in 1999, I had my “5-S’s”
        1. Stability–nothing more stable than Canopus, now Edius
        2. Speed–Canopus and Edius always very high performance.
        3. Storage–back then, storage finally dropped to $10 per GB, giving me 100 GB 4-drive array for $1K.
        4. Support–Canopus support legendary. Edius continues the tradition.
        5. Scaleability–NLE just get faster and faster with computer upgrade…no new expensive boards needed.

        One and five have faded in importance. But Stability, Speed, and Support are as important as ever.

        • When I first entered digital editing in 1999, I had my “5-S’s”
          1. Stability–nothing more stable than Canopus, now Edius
          2. Speed–Canopus and Edius always very high performance.
          3. Storage–back then, storage finally dropped to $10 per GB, giving me 100 GB 4-drive array for $1K.
          4. Support–Canopus support legendary. Edius continues the tradition.
          5. Scaleability–NLE just get faster and faster with computer upgrade…no new expensive boards needed.

          Three and five have faded in importance. But Stability, Speed, and Support are as important as ever.

        • OOPS. Three and five.

      • When I first entered digital editing in 1999, I had my “5-S’s”
        1. Stability–nothing more stable than Canopus, now Edius
        2. Speed–Canopus and Edius always very high performance.
        3. Storage–back then, storage finally dropped to $10 per GB, giving me 100 GB 4-drive array for $1K.
        4. Support–Canopus support legendary. Edius continues the tradition.
        5. Scaleability–NLE just get faster and faster with computer upgrade…no new expensive boards needed.

        Three and five have faded in importance. But Stability, Speed, and Support are as important as ever.

  • Personally I’m open to trying all the software… but atm, I’m also really enjoying Premier’s speed, integration with Ae / Ps / Ai and overall functionality (being a filmmaker, motion graphic artist and animator).

    Crazy timing though!!!
    Just this weekend, I launched a beta version of a user-driven site called ‘The Digital Slice’ ( It’s a simple start and very early days… but I’m hoping it’ll eventually be a place that brings clarity to the post production world.

  • The best thing about Edius is that you can mix any kind of codecs and frame rates and resolutions on the same timeline. You can also uprez and downrez and it looks really good even without hardware conversion. This is perfect for people who edit documentaries and TV. Edius has some great codecs, like Canopus HQ for instance that speeds up the workflow. The quality of the codecs are really high, just like Avid DNxHD. I used it for more then one year now and it’s rock solid. Works on almost any computer with any hardware setup.

  • I have experience with Avid, FCP, Premiere and Edius. Edius is cheap and as good as the rest.

  • João Nunes on 08.11.13 @ 11:49AM

    What about lightworks you guys, i’ve been editing as a processional for the last 10 years and have worked with all the majors, avid, fcp, sony xpri and quantel, and the one i like the most was Quantel paintbox suite. Is the by far the fastest and more acurate for editors but unfortunatly i dont have the money to buy one for me. But last month i gave lightworks a chance and after one day or two i was able to cut and trim faster than my loved fcp7. It is a very simple but powerfoul nle and im waiting for the mac version to see how stable and fast it is on my Macpro suite. What you guys thing? Can you gave him also a try.

  • Just curious what the update is for Lightworks on Mac.

  • It might be the hardware, as I’ve used it on different machines but all the same setup.

    It’s speedy for basic editing but as soon as you start color correcting and adding effects, it slows to a crawl and crashes at least twice an hour.

    • I checked the hardware today and it’s the Grass Valley Elite so that makes me think it’s not a hardware issue if it’s straight from the manufacturer.

  • hannreuhieck on 08.11.13 @ 6:42PM

    i used premiere since 2000 to 2005 with its superslow speed in rendering with pentium 3 (took 10 hours for 5 minutes video in timeline), then i tried ulead media studio, avid, sony vegas, canopus edius 3, and you now what…edius is the best one for me. since v 5, i use with my i7, 24 gb memory, 6 TB non raid internal HD, Geforce gtx 295 workstation. thank edius for its speed, even for 16 tracks multicam HD 1920*1080 editing. ofcourse there are alot of pros and cons in every NLE software. when DLSR video came, i found that every NLE software cannot play this codec smoothly except edius and yes without transcoding and yes again with full HD resolution. just put all of your footages di timeline, pres F8, change display to 16 monitors, press play…and numberic for selecting track….done. Multicam in Premiere ?…ops…every one knew it. well, no one of us will pay by the NLE softwares company due to this testimony. I think this place is for sharing and to help someone who need information……what make me confused, why some one get angry when Edius got the 1st place ? grew up man….edius also free..if time is up after 30 days…just reinstall your PC…then you’l get another 30 days without limitation…yeah without limitation. FYI : i used edius v3 with EDIUS hardware, but after v4 till now, no one of edius hardware in my workstation

    • hannreuhieck on 08.11.13 @ 7:07PM

      2012-2013, then i tried premiere and his friends AGAIN….the result is still no hope, well, edius users go for edius, premiere’s go for premiere, avid’s for avid..nothing wrong. no one will recognize what NLE software u use to cut the video. just go and produce a lot of movies, if ur NLE software is not powerfull enough but you can’t move to another, just add plugin….simply life…

    • Edius is free?

      • hannreuhieck on 08.17.13 @ 9:38AM

        not really, but if someone can’t buy it, just install trial version for 30 days, then re install…. :), it is the same with full version no limitation…

  • I would kind of disagree with the statement that Avid has a steep learning curve (can’t really comment on the “clunky” part since I don’t know what that is really referring to), at least as far as just cutting goes if one is coming to it from FCP7 or PP. I mean, they were both pretty much patterned after Avid, right down to FCP’s adoption of the red, yellow, and blue arrows to accomplish their particular functions. All three more or less do the same thing, and the differences are idiosyncratic for the most part. The only major differences from the standpoint of a single user are the ways in which FCP and PP (don’t) manage media, and the fact that Avid is much less oriented around direct manipulation of the timeline, although the “smart tool” allows for this once you get used to it.

    And +1 on Lightworks. It’s not very well known here in the U.S., but if you check out the pedigree I think we should refer to the Four Major NLE’s.

  • You forgot to mention that EDIUS is the most capable colour correction NLE out there. Anything I can do in DaVinci Resolve, I can do in EDIUS (except motion tracking). It’s real time, full res and the fastest NLE out there (yes, faster and more stable to PP). I’ve been editing with it for the past 5 years, coming from AVID. Unfortunately, no one knows about it, or more to the point, people hear things, rather than giving it a go. I have, and I’ve never looked back. If you want to give it a go, I have over 20hrs of free tutorials at my blog. Cheers :)

  • sudarshan juyal on 08.16.13 @ 4:46AM

    One will be surprised that in india a huge number of editors in the wedding video industry have been using Edius for a long time… the loyalty to Edius is unshakable… i tried convincing some of the best editors to switch to Premiere pro or FCP… but in vain…
    there is no doubt that the movie, TV and advertising fraternities are into Adobe and Apple in a big way, but the number of editors using Edius is far bigger than we can think of… perhaps much bigger than Premiere Pro and FCP put together…

    • I understand that Edius has quite a following in Asia, Down Under in Australia, and Europe. That’s probably because Canopus was a Japanese company that marketed heavily in Asia, and then Canopus was bought out by Thompson (GV), a European company.

      I also understand by some of my Edius acquaintances that Edius has found a sizeable niche in U.S. broadcast news. I suspect that is because there could be nothing like having Edius when at 10:30 p.m., the news producer says, “Here’s the raw footage from three cameras of three different formats. Cut me something one minute twenty-eight seconds long. Oh, by the way, we need it on the server by 11:08.” Edius edits mixed-format editing with a flourish. Little or no rendering. If your PC has the horsepower, Edius will use it.

  • Jim Willett on 08.16.13 @ 12:10PM

    I too have left my Premiere Pro icon dormant for years now since switching to Edius Pro. Gee, sorry about those button shadows guys, they don’t bother me one bit- in fact, the Edius gui is extremely relaxing on the eyes compared to other NLE’s I’ve used. And one thing not mentioned here is that because Edius is not as well known with every Tom, Dick and Harry using it, it’s has a wonderfully accessible forum that you can actually get great answers to issues when they arise (and they do with every NLE) through a very knowledgeable and supportive user community, rather than the nighytmare of an Adobe forum. That said, it’s just a lean, clean editing machine with great user features and that’s all I want.

  • ゴローズ 革ブレス

  • I was a loyal fan of premiere since early (pre pro) v6. I have been using it for over 16 years (with different video cards from matrox) and the last version was cs5.5. I tried out other NLE simply because of 3D editing which premiere did not support. Having tried Vegas, Ulead and Corel applications Edius was the last on my list. Must admit although it doesn’t have the abundance of 3rd parties supporting its filters and transitions, the ones that are supported are more than adequate for my needs. Unlike premiere it doesn’t have a separate app (like media encoder) for background exporting but having said that I can edit and get jobs done faster on edius than premiere. I hardly use premiere any more. It’s close to perfect and there are no small incremental changes to the software in every dot release every 12 months like adobe. Sorry to say this but I have converted from premiere to edius and to think I used to laugh at people who said they used edius. If adobe can a) provide a playback engine for native playback and scrubbing as fast as edius on native AVCHDs b) provide the multicam capabilities that edius provides c) Have a stabiliser as good and fast as edius, d) allow proxy editing for editing on underpowered laptops e) allow 3D stereoscopic editing and if it’s not too much to ask for because it’s so complicated but f) ability to customise a transition and save it, I may go back to premiere.

  • I am an amateur user; I don’t make my living from editing or working with media. I currently have Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas and Edius (plus over the years I tried a few others). I purchased tutorials/ lessons from Adobe and taught myself to do video editing many years ago but I’m sure that I’m not at the proficiency level of many of you. After using the three NLE’s concurrently for a few years (I’m a self professed software junkie) I find that I am choosing to use Edius exclusively almost all of the time now. My biggest worry before buying/ trying Edius was that Edius would be too complicated for me to learn and to use but I use Windows and so I found Edius easy to adapt to and I find it consistent and it gets things done.