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EF & MFT 2.5K Blackmagic Cinema Cameras Just Got a Massive Price Drop

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Blackmagic Cinema Camera - Micro 4-3 Mount Without Lens - FrontWe just got through talking about Blackmagic’s low numbers for shipping Pocket Cinema Cameras, and the delay on the Production Camera 4K, but now we’ve got some pretty exciting news about their other camera straight from CEO Grant Petty. The 2.5K Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which we’ve told you is now shipping regularly from major resellers, just got a massive price drop. Instead of retailing for $3,000, the company has now reduced the camera’s price to just $2,000. Here is what Petty said about the shipping dates:

The new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is now shipping and there is a software update for it posted on our web site.

There are some new features in the software for the Pocket Cinema Camera. You can now focus by pushing the focus button when using an active MFT lens. This makes it very easy to accurately focus. The focus peaking feature is still there and you enable it by double pressing the focus button. The focus zoom feature is enabled by double pressing the OK button.

There will be an update for the 2.5K Blackmagic Cinema Camera soon that will also add these features, plus new de-bayer processing that will improve the cameras sharpness when shooting non RAW files.

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is not yet shipping as we need some more time. Our first batch of sensors was delivered only this week, so we have not been able to complete the software for the camera. We expect to start shipping in about 3 to 4 weeks once the final software work and testing is completed.

Here he is on the price drop (emphasis mine):

We have worked very hard over the last year to be able to build the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at a lower cost so we can reduce the price and allow access to digital filming to a wide range of cinematographers and photographers.

We have done it and from today the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT models will be reduced in price to US$1,995. This is very exciting and is one of the proudest moments of my life to be able to do this!

I think people will be able to use the savings to invest in some exciting lenses and rigs to really boost the creative possibilities. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is a fantastic design that’s now well proven. The advantage of the 2.5K sensor is it has enough resolution to eliminate the bayer resolution loss of a HD sensor, but when shooting RAW it produces files that are too not to big to store and work with easily. It’s a fantastic solution.

All orders placed that have not yet been filled, can be reduced to the new lower price.

This is absolutely dirt cheap when you consider that the camera still comes with a full version of DaVinci Resolve, a program that retails for almost $1,000. If you were to buy that software plus UltraScope separately, you’re almost getting the camera for free. There is no doubt that Blackmagic wants to take some of the heat off for not quite delivering on time with the new cameras, though this is definitely a more interesting way to do it. Obviously if you bought a camera only recently, you’re probably disappointed that you could have saved $1,000 from the retail price, but that’s kind of the way it is with any product.

Grant also mentioned that they’ve developed a new community for content creators called Splice:

So I have created a new community page where we have people talking about their stories and posting their projects and images online. It’s not about Blackmagic here, as I really just want to share people’s stories about their work and how they got started in the industry.

I get to talk to so many people from thousands of post production and broadcast facilities, so I hope this website lets others enjoy these stories as well.

When we proposed this website to people in the industry, they were really receptive to the idea and have been fantastic in supporting it. They have really opened up and shared the tough times as well as the good times. They have explained how they got started in the industry and even the big breaks that made them who they are today. It’s fantastic and we are so lucky that we have had this support.

If you are interested in reading these stories, please head to

I hope that Splice will be a community space where you can go to see the background stories behind so many great projects. We will feature everything we can from feature films, shorts, TVCs and documentaries. There are loads of projects from directors, DPs, editors, colorists, visual effects artists and post houses who have all shared their stories.

With all of the recent developments with other camera systems, and the missed shipping target for the 4K cam, this price drop makes a lot of sense. Blackmagic has proven once again they are willing to shake things up a little, even if it might upset a few customers or lose a little money in the short term.

For those looking at their next camera, is the 2.5K BMCC back on your radar if you’d been looking elsewhere?


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  • Amazing! Just ordered mine :) Shame that in the UK we get screwed on VAT though!

  • I’ve been debating between the 5D MKIII and the BMCC 2.5k for a little while now… $1200 less has settled it for me!

    • +1

      Ordered mine too :) Shame about having to be screwed with VAT just for being in the UK though… Still about £650 cheaper though so winning :)

      • Shame indeed. But hey, you could have bought before today and really been pooched! I was, quite literally, a second away from confirming my order two days ago… Not that I couldn’t simply cancel the order, but you could appreciate the situation.

        • Not true. I ordered my BMCC last week and B&H refunded the difference today after I called in. They will adjust price on anything bought within 30 days.

          • Boom. Swell guys

          • Is this true. Rather than send the item back, I can call B and H tomorrow and they will adjust the price? I ordered this on the night of the 30th, it shipped on 31st and it wont arrive until Tuesday August 6th.

  • I’ll wait, once the 4k is out, it’ll drop more :)

    • or it will be discontinued…

    • Not likely. It’s already ridiculously low for what it does. If they drop it much, if any lower, they’ll be hurting the sales of the pocket camera.

  • I’m glad I cancelled my order for the 2.5K last year and went with a BT Scarlet. I know prices go down but at this speed I would not have been happy. That said, I like what BM is doing overall and wish them success with their cameras, hardware and great software. Maybe I’ll grab v.2 of the BMCC.

    • Between the info in this article and this link, this has been one of my favorite posts. Great times for camera nerds!

      Great article Joe and great link, Patrick.

  • Just purchased a Blackmagic Cinema Camera! I could not resist the great deal on this camera. For those thinking about purchasing BCC I’d recommend purchasing it through Ebay-Adorama Store because you get 2% back rewards from ebay + 1% of those credit cards that give rewards. I’d suggest buying the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera with Switronix Battery and Charger because you will need the battery if you are considering to shoot without being plug in on an outlet most of the time. You get $100 off purchasing it as a bundle. Hope this tip helps someone out there save some more money!

    • Chris Lambert on 08.2.13 @ 3:17PM

      I purchased a hdv-z96 led toplight off ebay and saw a sony battery to dc adapter on there for $15ish dollars could resist snapping it up should do the trick.

      also my iphone battery by Anker has a DC out with i believe 12.5/15v so there are ways of powering this thing very cheaply should you need too.

  • 5D MARK 3 MAGIC LANTERN (team) RAW HACKj thank you in so many ways.

    The Mark 3 really had some people debating on which camera to get, both still even at the price drop has it advantages, especially considering media/storage costs, but the price drop just got BLACK MAGIC back in the loop in full circle.

    Dont know what net profits they will be making on the 2.5k cameras ,but they just saved alot of face and bought alot of time until the pocket cameras with raw and 4k cameras come into full swing.

    H3ll of a deal, now we can own more than a camera brain that shoots 2.5k 13stops with RESOLVE for for two RACKS(2K) Absolutely amazing for us indie folks.

  • Sorry, but this is not fair to existing costumer. I just got the MFT 1,5 month ago – one of the first ones. I had my backorder since NAB 1,5 years ago on the EF. How can a company drop the price of its product by a third just after its delivery. Again, this is not how you build a costumer relationship. Has something like this happened before?

    • It happens in every production line. The main one that comes to mind? The iPhone.

    • Some retailers will price protect for 30 or so days. I doubt this happens with BMD but, if you write them or your retailer, you might be able to purchase additional items at a steep discount.
      On the other hand, there’s very little “unfair” about it. An item was offered for sale at a certain price and these conditions were met by a buyer. As long as the product works as advertised, there’s no claim to be made.

    • I do feel your pain and BMD could have handled this thing better, and I hope they offer some sort of compensation for the people who just received their cameras. But one problem in your 1.5 year waiting period is that you pre-ordered one camera, then you changed that pre-order to a newer camera so you also contributed to this waiting period yourself. Had you stayed with your original choice, you probably had been shooting more than half a year already and the camera had paid itself off many times.

    • Literally everything ever sold in the history of time goes down in price after time. You always pay a premium to be an early adopter of a product.

  • Graham Wilson on 08.2.13 @ 6:04PM

    I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but…is the price drop because it now frees up a space in the product lineup for an upgraded/updated version with some of the more professional features we’ve been waiting for? Removable battery? XLR with 48v? Better LCD screen? Adding $1000 back in to the price would solve almost all of these issues.

    • The guy all the black magic footage comes from (gurley?), tweeted something the other day about BMD adding an active mount to the cinema camera that supported auto focus. So, I agree that the are going to have a line of cameras all priced about $1000 apart. Pocket, cinema v1, cinema v2, production.

  • John Wilton on 08.2.13 @ 7:15PM

    And here i was hoping they would raise the prices to filter all the wannabes from having this camera. -1

    • Never understood why “pros” should frown when amateurs get good gear with their own hard earned money. It just baffles me :/

      • It floods the market and lowers the pay on jobs. You still have have to know what you’re doing. Just because you have a good camera doesn’t mean you know how produce quality work. People who are secure about their work have nothing to worry about. Try telling a client, can we wait 2 hours to charge the battery and offload the footage from the drive?

        • So work harder at selling your skill and experience instead of relying on an impressive camera. Hell, many DPs (especially well known ones) don’t even own cameras.

          • agreed. I’m just pointing out the problem with the cost of tech dropping. Ironically, If this didn’t happen I wouldn’t have gotten in this business. I get tired of hearing about which camera is best, which is not suited for pro work, and what great movies I would make if I only had a good camera and now I have a chance. 127 hours was shot mostly on the 5D without magic lantern, far from unprofessional. Ive meet trust fund babies who own epics, and cant shoot worth a sh!t. But they still flood the market with their incompetence.

        • The amateurs flood the wedding videography business and charging $800 a pop. Horrible editing, mic in the shot, annoying un-focus shots, bad composition, videographers on every shots especially the most important scenes, same day edit my ass, learn to edit and and compose a shot before you offer that shit. True story.

    • So how do we filter out all the wannabes who had money to buy a bunch of equipment but don’t have any talent? Because I can attest to coming across plenty of them.

      • John Wilton on 08.2.13 @ 10:59PM

        Do what RED did and still does . Raising prices. Its like walmart and target syndrome. You charge a dollar more and it does filter out alot of people but you keep prices low, well you get everyone who thinks they deserve a certain camera. Ive seen soooo many people complain that they actually deserve to have this camera and when they cant get one, they complain even more. Then they jump on the Canon RAW bandwagon and now the same people ( alot of them here) jump on this bandwagon again. Its very amateur and just showed that flooding the market with whiners makes the real filmmaker look like a novelty. Yes, your work speaks for itself but no one is looking at work anymore, there looking at the cheapest thing they can get.

        • That doesn’t do shit, there’ll be less wannabes and there will be less people with talent. I remember seeing people who spent $250,000 to buy an F35 who weren’t really serious. The fact is if you want to be taken seriously for your talent, you have to sell yourself based on your talent not your gear.

          • John Wilton on 08.4.13 @ 2:32PM

            Not anyone can scrounge up 250k to buy a camera, but everyone in the sun can buy something great for 2k now, and yes it will flood the market even more. It doesn’t take talent to make a movie or productions or even a good one for that matter. Show me a “talented” filmmaker who made a feature film and ill show you 5 “untalented” filmmakers that did the same. It just takes the know how and a crew who knows how. Making a great movie is subjective, not everyone will like your movie even if you know everything about filmmaking or have all the talent in the world, its if you can get the audience’s attention nowadays. Attention seeking is at an all time high, so guess what, now every bonehead who doesn’t have talent or technical skills can say . ” im a professional , i shoot RAW and have the camera to do it”, look up on youtube have a 12 year kid teach em how to shoot standard coverage and edit and boom!!, more lost jobs to mediocre filmmaking. 5 Years the online filmmaker will be a joke just like every band on myspace was, yea there will be a few who will make a few bucks, but the overexposure of the “filmmaker” will be as funny as the “Im in a band” guy nowadays.

          • Daniel Christensen on 08.4.13 @ 6:51PM

            You’re wrong. Giving everyone and their mother a great camera will simply saturate the market, and make moviegoing and indie film festivals have much greater appeal, and a wider range of content to choose from. And if you can get your hands on a quality camera, you can practice and make yourself that much better at the craft. So stop complaining. We all know you’re worried about your job, pal. Just cool it.

          • John Wilton on 08.5.13 @ 9:39PM

            Sorry, Daniel but everyone and their mother DOES have a camera, and at alarming rate are making more and more crap filmmaking. Just look at youtube and vimeo. They are becoming grave yards for you short films. Theres was a point in time when the market wasn’t saturated, when everyone and their mom didn’t have a camera. Am i worried about my job? No, i don’t make films for the internet. Theres no money in the internet on a broad scale for filmmakers, why?? cause the market is saturated. Think it’ll get better for the online community to make money? Nope. If you shoot for a hobby, then yes you will do good. Its better that way, but being online makes everyone have the illusion that everyone wants to see your film or hear your band, in reality they don’t, only your friends.

          • I’m sorry, but I’m with John here…
            Take a look at Vimeo and Youtube… hell, take a look at what happened with the stills photography world. It’s pretty much dead. People are chasing MegaPixles and flood the net with cheap image tricks. It’s impossible to actually find something good and enjoy it.
            I’m an old school 35mm filmmaker. I just recently (3 months) bought a BMCC to have some fun and revive my old profession as a hobby, and the $1000 price drop just showed me Black Magic is not a company to trust. There is no reason (4K or not) that the price should drop 33%. This will be my last BM.
            It is one thing to try and interrupt an industry, and a whole different thing to build a good, steady and trustful customer base.

            Hi BM, look at Leica, Apple, RED – all have customers who love being associated with the product they bought. I guess next time I should save a bit longer and treat myself with a RED.

          • Mark Sutton on 09.27.13 @ 2:39AM

            John Wilton said “It doesn’t take talent to make a movie or productions or even a good one for that

            So your saying John out of all the movies ever made that not one envole people who where talented?

      • Rachael Dakoda on 08.10.13 @ 1:41AM

        Selective gene therapy will get rid of all of the wannabees in the video market.

        Stupid? Silly? Dumb?
        Of course it is.

        Everyone has the Right to own a camera and make a video movie.
        The public will buy the “crap” and/or go to the theatre to watch “crap”.

        The quality of print and video has declined over the years because people do not want to pay for the pleasure of being entertained. They don’t know what it takes to do it and only want instant gratification. Some of them even own televisions to watch more crap.

        Sell your art that you make to the audience that wants to buy it. I don’t work for any less than my own set day rate. Neither should you.

        Buy/Rent the equipment you “need” to make a movie/promo/ad/? and charge for it.

        I always ask a client if they feel that their product is worth the cost of a poor production. If they feel that their product has a value then what is it? What is your “value proposition”?

        Stop complaining about something over which you have no control. If you don’t want to make wedding videos for $800 then don’t. Make them for the price you want………….clients will come to you.

        Show and sell!



      • This is the same argument that the music world had when the price of the instruments plummeted in the mid-50′s (the era of the Telecaster, the Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul & SG + countless imitators, as well as thereto unseen amplifiers like Fender Bassman). The result of this democratization was the music dominant era of the 1960′s. Given the time lag and similar technical developments, this is the likely outcome of the advancements in the video technology. (Omni already made a 4K chip for smartphones).

  • Anthony Marino on 08.2.13 @ 10:15PM

    They should’ve made the MFT mount active (my Monday morning QB) But good news for some while others scream. My heart goes out to you but by no one should think the camera business is fair. It can’t be. I’m still anxious about the pocket camera, for the extra grand I loose the form factor and an active MfT mount. The 2nd version of the 4k should be interesting. It almost makes sense to drop it from their line up considering with some firmware tweaks I’m sure the 4k can give us exactly what the 2.5k cinema camera offered. I’m not saying the 2.5 camera is irrelevant, just realizing their other two cameras check all the boxes and more than the original did.

    • active MFT may be in the offing later on … allegedly … according to hearsay (+ some other improvements, such as focus peaking and a new debayering processor)

  • Anthony Marino on 08.3.13 @ 10:35AM

    One question, where does this leave the Digital Bolex. Surprised no one has mentioned it here. Haha

  • With the price drop, I’m thinking of buying one of these. Does any one know if any of the problems in the article below have been resolved?

  • Shane Preston on 08.4.13 @ 11:12PM

    Displaying Core Strengths

  • I’m not looking to make money off film, only create beautiful HD imagery on a budget of around $3k (body)

    I’ve considered the C100 (Dismissed early as too expensive)
    5D Mk2 & 3 (Won’t give in to DSLR’s rolling shutter restrictions)
    BMPCC (Cheap,TOO tempting, gorgeous Images, though superior to DSLR, still has Rolling Shutter and won’t handle a lot of use)
    BMCC (Rolling shutter, dropped frames, audio drift, hard to get wide shots nearly outweigh the beautiful images, though not perfect for the price range)

    and the 4K BMCC (Just out of my league price-wise, though global shutter and S35 sensor with Pro Res are more appealing than the gimmick of RAW as I can’t afford the editing tech)

    and it still seems despite it’s smaller sensor, it is building from the failures of the BMCC and may well create the best all rounder for ME;

    D16 Digital Bolex. Global Shutter. 2k. RAW images on a sensor small enough that it’s not a big deal to play with. 12 bit 4:4:4. Internal 400GB Enterprise SSD. XLR input and audio metering. Plus, a multitude of lens mounts available. A little patience will hopefully pay off, though they should drop their price to at least $2750 to maximize profits.

  • my guess is that gopro is going to release something this year that once again puts everyone in stalemate… these things will be like polaroid cameras soon.

  • Does it still have issues with overheating? Some have stated the 2.5k camera (really only 1080p usable) can get uncomfortably hot, where they’re worried it might get damaged or eventually shut off.

    A design change may be in order.

  • kdyxaybahg EF & MFT 2.5K Blackmagic Cinema Cameras Just Got a Massive Price Drop « nofilmschool kdyxaybahg kdyxaybahg kdyxaybahg

  • Magic Lantern is a Black Magic Killer and BM knows it!

  • Love 50D have two of them but bought BMCC yesterday cos it is convinient in professional shoot outs,
    can preview shoots,shoot on larger SSD drives ,it offers professional tool that is quick to shoot out of box.
    Not to knock down ML I think t is amazing addition for hand held pick up shoot,anamorphic stuff.
    I think credit to both BMD and ML especially after current price drop,they gave us tool for very small amount of cash to make blockbusters.

    Now that I have both including namorphic glass and fast SSD and CF cards will stop finally reading forums and dribbling and start making films and dont wanna know about new cameras for next 2 years…

  • We agree Jacoby. We use a Magic Lantern and Canon 5DMIII. It is a serious opponent for BM.

  • Scott Streep on 09.27.13 @ 1:51PM

    John Wilton what did you mean by this?

    “It doesn’t take talent to make a movie or productions or even a good one for that matter. Show me a “talented” filmmaker who made a feature film and ill show you 5 “untalented” filmmakers that did the same. It just takes the know how and a crew who knows how.”

    I thought good movies heavily rely on talent to make them successful.

  • Oh, dear. It was that time of the morning with the addition of my girlfriend talking in the back. Sorry “gave”!

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