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Check Out This Vast Array of Zeiss CP.2 & Cine Zoom Lens Sample Footage

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cp2Last year, Zeiss announced that they were updating their line of CP.2 compact prime lenses, and not long after that they rolled out 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm T/1.5 super speeds. Zeiss is known for making exceptional lenses that won’t completely break the bank (compared to similar quality lenses,) so they’re ideal for independent filmmakers. If you’re in the market for fast, adaptable, great quality lenses, but aren’t exactly sold on which to buy, Zeiss aggregated a bunch of sample videos today comparing their CP.2 Compact Primes and Cine Zooms Lenses. Take a look and judge for yourself.

You may have already read up on these lenses when they first came out, but Zeiss does us a solid by compiling the videos to demonstrate their performance. Below are just a few of the videos comparing the lenses, but all 16 can be viewed here.

To preface this first video, it was shot with lenses ranging from 15mm to 135mm and the Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200/T2.9, in order to demonstrate the “different angle of view of each focal length.”

This video was shot using a myriad of different lenses: CP.2 21/T2.9, CP.2 25/T2.9, CP.2 28/T2.1, CP.2 35/T2.1, CP.2 50/T2.1, and CP.2 100/T2.1 CF.

Shot with the CP.2 50mm/T2.1 Macro:

Finally, this demo reel footage was shot using the CP.2 85mm/T1.5 Super Speed lens and a Sony PMW-F3.

Be sure to visit AbleCine for more info on the CP.2 primes and Cine Zoom lenses.

What do you think about the sample footage? What is your experience using CP.2 primes/zooms? Let us know in the comments.

[via AbleCine & wolfcrow]


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  • I’ve read extensively on the CP.2 lenses, and the consensus is that they’re very inconsistent on look. Lenses of the same focal length vary, so you’ll want to test a batch of them before purchasing. Otherwise, they look great for the cost.

  • Who writes this crap? “Zeiss does us a solid by compiling the videos .”

    Are we 12 years old here at nfs.


    • They didn’t compare the Samyang to the CP2s…not the same Zeiss.

      As someone that rents his gear quite a bit, to the point that it has a become my second highest source of income, I tell you don’t ignore the brand recognition that Zeiss brings. Even if you ignore that, their image quality has certain asthetics that basic L-glass or a Samyang can’t give you.

      Above all read a quote from a man who knows his shit:
      “..their build quality leaves a lot to be desired. With cheap plastic housings and exposed focus and aperture components, the Rokinon lenses won’t last long.” – Matthew Duclos from

      I have bought two zeiss zf primes in 2008 and they haven’t failed and still delivered great image, they have paid it self and I’m currently planning on investing on the CP2s. I have looked at other options, from Cooke, to Schneider to Leica, etc etc. None of the others beat Zeiss in the price/quality/range factor. I’d love me some some Summicrons or Master Primes or settle for the S4i, but they are just too expensive for my pocket.

      I wouldn’t advise anyone against buying a Samyang lens, but do remember to evaluate all factors, including whether or not you wil want to rent your gear out. The better built they are, the better it will fair in strange hands and the longer it will last in yours.

  • I had the opportunity to shoot with Zeiss and Samyang. Very objectively, there is no difference on lens 35 mm and 85 mm of Rokinon who are excellent. Maybe that the 24 mm is slightly less precise in low light than its equivalent at Zeiss.

  • Guys

    I was never a fan of CP2s until I saw this shot on Red, and all of a sudden I find myself choosing between buying Minis4s or Cp2s.

    All the examples above have nothing on this video I’ve posted below. Even the above examples in this post seem very 7D and Canon Primes to me.

    Enjoy this and be blown away… had CP2s been in the wrong hands for too long, finally the lens has been put in the hands of a magician.