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Panasonic 4K GH Camera Could Be Announced February 7th

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Panasonic GH 4K Angle EngadgetThis month in Las Vegas at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Panasonic gave us a taste of what will be its first 4K camera, the 4K GH (or GH4K as it has also been known). They didn’t publicly reveal too much about the camera except for the body — which looks very much like a GH3 with a brand new 4K sticker on it. We have learned, however, that the new camera from Panasonic could be announced as early as next week. Click through for more.

Here’s what 4/3 Rumors had to say about the announcement:

According to two trusted sources Panasonic will launch the new 4K Micro Four Thirds camera on February 7. As you already know the camera will cot a bit less than $2,000 and can record at amazing 200Mps and has ALL-I intra mode.

It should be noted that this is technically a rumor, so details can change, but it has been given the highest rating by 4/3 Rumors. Even if it doesn’t come exactly on that day, there is a very, very good chance it’s going to be announced sometime next month. One of the initial rumors stated that the camera would have 4K recording up to 30fps, but we don’t know what the recording rates will be below that. It would be interesting if they could squeeze a little more speed out of it than 60fps at 1080p based on the extra processing needed for 4K, but it could come down to whether the processor is capable.

Panasonic GH 4K Angle Engadget

It’s unclear right now where this camera is going to fit into the GH line. It doesn’t seem like it will be a replacement for the GH3 based on the price, as there are plenty of stills shooters who don’t need to pay more for the extra video features. This may mean that Panasonic has two separate GH lines that are geared towards different markets, but it could also be Panasonic trying to get in on the 4K train as soon as possible, with the lines eventually merging in a more cost-effective way.

In terms of delivery date, Panasonic had huge delays on getting the GH3 to the States, and if memory serves correctly that was similar with the GH2 as well. This means that even though you could pre-order right after the announcement, it may be another few months until cameras are actually delivered — but like anything else, that can always change.

Check out more over on 4/3 Rumors.

Link: (FT5) Official GH4K announcement on February 7 — 4/3 Rumors


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  • The GH series rocks. If only Metabones could provide that EF to m43 Speedbooster with electronic support. What a wonderful world it would be! Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic : )

    • +2. A Speed Booster with EF mount would enable us to send a crew out with the “Three Wise Men” and a few L primes. I’d also like to see an AG-AF100 replacement with 4K RAW to SSD’s and higher frame rate options.

    • @Ben – there is a Lens Turbo adapter (focal reducer) for the GH3/M43 cams.

      • Thanks for the link! Although I’ve already heard about that adapter. The problem is, I’m invested in Canon glass like so many other people. Bet it works great for the Rokinon cinema lenses though!

  • wow. all i hope is the 10bit color.

  • Yes, 4K and 10bit 4:2:2 would be amazing. Though it’ll probably be 4K 8bit 4:2:0, if history is any indication. Would love to be proven wrong, though!

    • Right. How would you squeeze a 4K 10bit 4:2:2 stream into anything with a bitrate that an SD card can chew?

      • How? Innovation. Computers use to be the size of buildings now they fit in your pocket. The prosumer camera market place has evolved so rapidly in the past 5 years. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if one of these camera manufacturers come out with a new 4K 10bit 4:2:2 codec this year, in a camera at this price point.

        • Or even better: 4K 10bit Raw!

          Blackmagic Production camera… it will eventually be released… I think.

          • I thought I saw one a few days ago, but it turned out to be just a unicorn…

          • I own the Gh2, GH3, BMPCC, BMCC and believe this GH4 will be a beast of a camera. RAW is nice but the space and workflow is ridiculous. And it makes you a lazy shooter. If you know your camera and how to light right, you will save space and your turn around times will be ten times faster. Plus, the only people who will notice the difference with Raw will be you and other editors.

          • It will have 12-bit raw — eventually. Here’s a thought, Panasonic: license CineForm RAW.

      • FYI: They had this new card on display at CES 2014 (alongside the GH4 mockup.)

        “will offer a minimum write speed of 30MB/s (equivalent to 240Mbps). Accordingly, the new Speed Class 3 cards will accommodate the rumored 4K 200Mbps .mp4 capture.”

      • The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera records 220Mbps to SD cards. I’m sure Panasonic can record 4K at 220Mbps to SD cards.

    • Sony Z100 has a 10 bit 4:2:2 at 200 Mbps. Whether this unit will have it remains to be seen but it is apparently doable.

  • This month? I thought it will be next month.

  • This is going to be great, It needs to have higher speed HD and have 10bit output. Those two things will really allow it grow, 4K is great and will be used but it has to be 10 bit for it be worth it. I have my money waiting for this one. Micro 4/3 is growing into a great system. Oh it has to have Focus Peaking as well.

  • So they’re jumping on the 4K bandwagon… nevermind low bit depth and highly compressed chroma subsampled codecs…

    4K does very little to improve the actual image quality. It’d be so much better if it were 10 bit raw at 1920×1080, or even 10 Bit ProRes 4444.

    Sorry, not to hate, I like 4K as much as the next guy, but I feel like it’s not appropriate for all cameras and even misleading in some cases.

    • Agreed wholeheartedly. I wish the manufacturers would come up with a numeric scale for dynamic range. This 4k consumer nonsense is clearly being driven primarily by the simplicity of 4K marketing. Unfortunately, dynamic range has no distinct fixed point of reference and the consumer has no idea what it actually means. Even many prosumers believe DR is a function of resolution.

  • From panasonic gh4 I want prores 10 bits and 120 fps at 1080p. 4k and RAW are good staffs but i dont need it.

    • thecouchguy on 01.30.14 @ 9:51AM

      Totally agree on the 120fps @ 1080 and prores 10bit. I’ll bet the farm gopro 4 will have the 120fps 1080p, if they keep it at 60fps it will be shameful.

      And if it had raw it would be a serious Olympic air punch moment from me. We KNOW if bmpcc can do raw then a large corp like panna can do it. Its just a matter of laziness or not wanting to eat into another department.

  • Everything people wish for in this post would be great but we’ve always been disappointed from manufacturers with higher product lines to protect. My thinking is get the camera thats out now because there will always be the wish camera on the horizon and they usually disappoint :( Look how high the expectations for the 5DMk3 were and what a flop it was.

    I think instead of that new car that just drains money, spend that on a camera that makes money.

    • The Mk III was a flop? I hope you’re being facetious.

      • Not at all. Everyone had such high hopes and Canon basically rereleased the same camera on the video side. Maybe half a stop better dynamic range but still bad, soft image designed to cover up aliasing and almost $1000 jump in price. Also no clean uncompressed 422 HDMI output till about 9 months later and then it had no audio.

        Yes I’d call that a flop. People are only buying it because its a 5D.

        • I think you meant to say disappointment, instead of flop. Indeed, it wasn’t the revolutionary upgrade people were expecting. But I’d be willing to bet good money that the Mk III is the best selling DSLR used for video by a wide margin, except perhaps the Rebel lineup due to the price.

          Its faults (and pixel peeping) aside, it still produces an astonishingly beautiful image with unmatchable low-light capability. I’ve used both the GH2 and GH3 and I have never quite been able to produce (or seen anywhere else) the same “wow” factor I get from even an average shot on the Mk III. And in low light, it isn’t even worth comparing.

          And the Magic Lantern RAW hack is only icing on the cake.

          • Your right, flop was not the right word. And if I shot with Canon I would definitely use the Magic Lantern hack. Amazing results I’ve seen from that.

  • Ya the 5DMk3 was such a flop. I mean who wants 14bit uncompressed raw video?

  • What’s the point in posting about a rumour that will be revealed in a week?

    • Because if I were in the market for something in this price range I’d like to know when I could get my hands on it, or at least pre-order.

  • 4k, 8k, it doesnt matter. Will it fit a cinematographer demand ? Will it have focus assist ? Film Gamma ? Raw ?…
    I would prefer a thousand times a 1920×1080 with proper cinematography specs than a 4k that offers just “contrast” and “brightness” controls …

  • I am excited for this. None of my past jobs justify a RAW workflow yet, so a good hi bit rate/color sampling is what I would need. I work quite a bit with the GH2 and would love a bit more dynamic range, and sensor sensitivity. If this camera has a close to true 3k resolution and you can get a good key then I’m happy. Also like many have said before focus peaking is needed as well. I also wish for better ergonomics but I don’t think that is happening in a mirrorless/DSLR form factor. I don’t really need XLRS, it’s useful and would be appreciated but most of us are used to dual sound nowadays.

    Unlike many I don’t see the need for a speed booster for my work. I think the characteristics of M43 is ideal for film-work(my type at least). You have some of the advantages of 16mm(easy deep focus) coupled with some of the benefits of super 35(easy shallow DOF). To me it’s the ideal format. I hope it grows. Though like I said preciously in needs more improvement. I’m looking forward.

  • About the things you guys are wishing it would have:

    You can call Panasonic and connect to the tech department, and tell them what you wish the camera would have. In both my experience with calling camera companies to make suggestions, and hearing from others I respect who do it, camera companies actually want suggestions from people that use their cameras. They want to know what things to do, what direction to head in, with their cameras to make them better, and more attractive to buy. I called GoPro twice with the suggestion of taking the guts of the camera and making a second line of cameras. Both times the guy I spoke with asked why I wanted that. I said the main reason was the fish eye lens—I loved the camera but couldn’t use fish eye because I can’t have conferences streamed and recorded with a fish eye perspective. But now in the GoPro 3+ there’s a way out of the fish eye. I think they must have gotten enough suggestions from call-ins about the lens so that they made it possibler to opt out of the fish eye. Panasonic could do the same with all the dream features you fellows wish it had.

    Call them. It really can’t hurt. And when you’re talking to them don’t be in a rush. Make sure they understand what you want and why you want it. If you sound like you know what you’re talking about they will listen more. Make your reasons clear to them—it may make a difference!

  • we dont really need 4k. we need more dynamic range. and no aliasing etc. instead of making prosumer 4k cameras they should come up with perfect full hd cameras. but they wont.. its just a stupid game

  • I use a GH2 and love it. My wish list:
    10 bit 422 or 444 Intra codec
    Good low-light performance
    Focus peaking
    Super fast auto focus with object tracking
    Great stabilisation
    Great ergonomics

  • Hey guys, love the site. Gee I just bought my GH3 (with the aim of doing narrative films etc…) then I saw the announcement of the Gh4 4K, I’m not a cinematographer but I’ve seen images and features made with the GH2/3 and loved the look and quality. I guess it depends on your level, i’m probably classed a novice I think the workflow involved with 4K would be just too much for me. Let’s make at least one film before I upgrade! Agree, MFT format is terrific and gives bang for buck, which for micro-budget film makers like me is a real boon.

  • The original rumours were not for a GH type camera and a hybrid possibly fixed lens camera for $2700 I think. So is there a second camera for nab?

    Taking a step back, 200mb/s p30 is probably going yo be out shone by Sony’s p60 4k 150mb/s and 600mb/s cameras. It is,disappointing.

    About all the compromised cameras with video features. They are giving you the cheap processing option, a bit above in data rate what backed get the GH2 to do. The Sony data rate options probably better suit a camera of this price. As for the rest, if they design it right video features should not make much of a difference most of the time.

  • Would be nice if a DSLR came out that could match the frame rate of my cell phone. I don’t understand what’s going on with the lag in DSLR technology. My gorpo and iPhone both have more exciting specs then half the cameras out there, that’s pathetic.