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This New Ad for Bentley Was Shot on the iPhone 5S & Edited on an iPad Air Right Inside the Car

Bentley AdYou would think that an ad for Bentley, which makes some of the most expensive and luxurious cars on the planet, would pull out all the stops to make their product look absolutely perfect by using a camera that mirrored the opulence of its subject. But instead, the ad was shot on an everyday smartphone — an iPhone 5s to be exact, and the result was surprisingly gorgeous! Continue on to see what a beautiful 2014 Bentley Mulsanne looks like through the eye of a smartphone, as well as some behind the scenes footage that shows all of the added goodies these filmmakers used to make their images pop.

This ad, which is technically a short documentary, is called “Intelligent Details,” and was commissioned by Bentley Motors to highlight the “fusion of luxury, performance and technology” of their new Bentley Mulsanne. Their approach to this meant having the ad “filmed, assembled and edited using the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform.” Essentially, the filmmakers used an iPad Air to assemble all of the footage, and edited the entire thing in the backseat.

These filmmakers essentially turned a $300,000 luxury car into a production office, which I’m sure is the whole point of approaching the project this way — to show that the Mulsanne is an extravagant tech-hub on wheels. AppleInsider got to speak with Bentley’s Head of Communications Graeme Russell and was told that out of the factory, the Mulsanne includes a Wi-Fi hotspot, two electrically deployed picnic tables with iPad holders (with space for Apple’s wireless keyboard) and high-end audio components.

Check out the ad below, and make sure you continue watching after it ends — the behind the scenes portion starts at the 3:15 mark. Continue scrolling to find out what tools these filmmakers used to achieve the look of the video.

So, what exactly was used? According to AppleInsider, two iPhone 5s’ were mounted onto $75 BeastGrip lens adaptors that allowed them to use threaded lenses, including the $38 Neewer 0.3X Baby Death 37mm Fisheye Lens, as well as a Schneider iPro lens, which you can buy in a kit for $230. Oh! I almost forgot — they also used one of Freefly’s $5,000 MōVI M5 gimbal stabilizers for all of those beautiful handheld shots. As far as software goes, the “fast and dirty” edits were made using iMovie, while the $5 FilMic Pro was used to offer more control over their cameras — it’s kind of like the Camera+ for video.

What did you think of the video? Now that a company like Bentley has utilized smartphone filmmaking to promote their luxury cars, do you think that it will become more acceptable professionally (given that you’re got some bells and whistles like these filmmakers did)?

Link: Behind the scenes of Bentley’s iPhone-filmed, iPad Air-edited ad — AppleInsider

[via WOBentley]


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  • Personally for what it is, it’s ok. I shot something on the iphone the other week and I think even though these guys probably went off the back of ‘shot on an iphone’ I still think there was room for better shots to be used. This is what I shot myself in an hour –

  • This is just a silly marketing ploy.

    Who cares?

  • Awful. Everything that’s wrong about cinematography and direction nowadays put into one ad. Keep making such bad stuff indie filmmakers.

    • Well said. What I hate most is the fact that people believe these are good standards…

    • indie filmmakers? What are you an elite unionized pro filmmaker? Man, the rest of us can only dream of reaching your God-like status.

    • The shooters probably made a mint from this project. Everything that’s wrong? Wow, let’s all take a breath.

    • I would not call these guys indie film makers. They used an iPhone yes which I do think is nothing more than a gimmick but still a relevant gimmick to illustrate a marketing message. Just because they shot it on an iPhone though does absolutely not make these guys indie film makers.

      • I agree with Craig. Calling these people indie filmmakers because they used an iphone 5s is like saying someone is a pro because they use a RED. This is just someone wasting a bunch of cash. I personally know I could have shot better things than this no offence. However these guys with other gear are probably ahead of the game and rule. It’s just horses for courses I think.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that people like bad things these days. I guess because it’s more relate-able and people are envious of anything done to a higher standard. Welcome to post-modernism… It’s all about tearing down the beautiful… and uplifting the terrible and mediocre.

  • Same look and “mood” of Apple videos. God how much I hate this approach to filmaking.
    Out there there are better phones and better tools to invest in to do advertising.
    Just a silly production placement commercial.

  • Looks okay, would have looked 1000x better shot on an Epic or anything else.

  • you guys need to calm down. ;)

    This is not narrative film making. It’s just internet based marketing. For it’s intention, it looks fine.

    I don’t think it looks “awesome”. There are a number of issues with it, but for the internet…on Fb…it will serve it’s purpose well and is much, much cheaper to produce.

  • I say this is pretty cool. What’s with all these brutal commenters these days? This was shot on an I-phone. A freakin phone. Yes the lighting could of been a little better but this was kind of run-and-gun from the looks of it. I think it’s pretty cool, such an expensive top of the line car company shot on the cheapest camera, something accessible to just about everybody, a phone with no crew and limited natural lighting. Another reminder of how awesome it is that we have these filmmaking tools we take for granted at our fingertips.

    • Yeah, I don’t find anything wrong with this shoot either. Some people need to lighten up. It actually looks pretty dam good.

    • Thanks for adding a little balance to the comments Stephen and Gene. I admit that, sometimes, I read the comments on NFS just to see what kind of trollish, meanspirited trainwreck they become; especially on the tech posts. I actually get excited when I see positive, or at least, simple and honest, statements made about the articles.

  • People can complain about the look as much as they want. I personally don’t think the ad looked that great. But that doesn’t matter, because the important question isn’t did it look the best it could? The important questions are, did the video generate interest and did it achieve the goal of the campaign? With over 372,000 views the answer is a resounding yes. The ad was getting at smart, technologic integration and innovation. The production literally mirrored their point. Very smart indeed.

    • It’s what the customer wanted. Period. It’s not what the shooter wanted. By the looks of comments on this blog for some time now it looks like the shooter, some of them that is, is getting out of touch with what the customer is happy with. With all the new advances the shooter might be getting disoriented.

  • damn… hope you guys got toast for all that jelly.. its a damn commercial and a good one at that. it served its purpose which is too sell the car and its functions and features. it was shot on an iphone so what! sound like a bunch of bitter haters to me.. then we see your work and its not better, guaranteed on that one. Haters are too busy hating they don’t have time to actually be out there making good films.

    • Can I get an A-men ! People should spend less time complaining and more time worrying about their own projects !

    • All the people hating on here, really? seriously!? This is why there’s successful film-makers and film-makers who are just drying up and not going anywhere. The ad is great for what it is!, stop hating and go make your own shitty films..I’m pretty sure your negative outlook wont get you anywhere.


  • Yeah, it’s really good. FOR A PHONE.

  • Yeah, it’s really good. FOR A PHONE. Except, both because it’s an ad, and the shots are so repetitive it’s also WAY TOO LONG.

    • Apparently the customer is happy with it. Isn’t the customer always right? 379,000 views in 3 days—the end user is happy too. Isn’t the end user is always right?

      • Yeah and by that logic the transformer franchise is cinematic perfection.

        • Who cares? What’s your point?

        • The customer isn’t right? The end user isn’t right? The shooter with his ideals of “cinematic perfection” is right? Is that your point? If yes, that sounds like a small cluster stoop of shooters masturbating over their fantasy ideals. If no, sorry for the harsh honesty of what it looks like you’re saying, but not intending for it to sound like it.

          You probably don’t realize how you’re coming across.

          Sorry for my blue humor.

  • Isn’t the point (well part or it at least) to highlight the union between Apple and Bentley? That’s sort of what I got anyway.
    Being ultra picky though, wouldn’t you have at least gotten the frame rate right to stop the strobing on the headlights on the final pack shot?

  • What did they use to capture sound? Surely it wasn’t on cam, or on phone audio?

    • You can get lav mics for iPhones so it’s not unimaginable.

    • I did a filmmaking workshop with some elementary school kids a few weeks ago. We shot on iPads and edited in iMovie because I wanted the kids to know they had the tools to make movies. We did cheat on the audio. We used iRig pre (I think it was the pre) to plug some rode ntg-1 mics into the iPads. Got some pretty sweet sound. Basically any Xlr mic is usable. And it even provides phantom power.

  • Where’s all those beotches that said the GH4 can’t be used to make commercials because it’s not sophisticated enough!!!

  • Steffi Hawk on 05.17.14 @ 9:12PM

    now compare that to jaguar that shoots their ads with the alexa (both british males sense)

  • Yes, yes, we all get the point. Movies can be shot on cell phones now. There are even a few cell phones with 4k cameras in them. But I still don’t understand why Bentley, arguably THE most upscale car manufacturer in the entire world would want their commercials shot on an iPhone.

    • Then you DO NOT understand marketing — simple as that. This wasn’t a capricious act, the agency/client knew exactly what they were doing.

    • Didn’t you not see the titles? The spot was a joint project between Apple and Bentley and was made to showcase their product lines. How could you not understand that??!!

      • How does using iPhones to film a commercial for one of the most expensive and exclusive vehicles on the entire planet benefit Bentley in any way. Will a person who can afford a $300,000 vehicle care in the slightest that the commercial was filmed with a cell phone?

        Also, they used $5000+ of gear and lenses to film the commercial. They didn’t just pull their iPhones out of their pocket.

        • Did you notice the built-in computers? They’re iPads with external keyboards. Bentley is showcasing technology in the cabin. Appropriately, with it being Apple hardware, Bentley made the commercial with Apple iPhones & iPads.

          Burberry, another high end, British line, used iPhones to shoot a fashion show. The old codgers want to seem current.

  • It’s promoting the iPad in the car. Hence, they shot it on an iPhone for marketing purposes. That is all. Move on.

  • I would take a (dangerous, sweeping, generalized) guess that almost none of the people on here moaning about the video have ever had clients to appease. Don’t mean to sound shitty but if you did work with clients you would get that this works. Aesthetically it may not be the commercial that the shooters would have liked to have shot when a Bentley job but I bet everything that I own that it was on spec and fit the brief perfectly. There is a hell of a lot more to a good commercial than pretty pictures.

    • Ahem, sorry… *when WINNING a Bentley job…


      • I imagine the profit margin using an iPhone, and editing it on the laptop in the car, was higher than using a Red Monochrome and editing it on the shooters computer. :-)

  • Howard L Hughes on 05.17.14 @ 10:39PM

    I think all posters should attach a link to there resume with each post.

  • Harry Kemball on 05.17.14 @ 10:48PM

    The spot’s look was very thin….none of the B/W class of the Hollywood B/W master cinematographers skill.
    It look ipad cheap…for a dime…..!

  • The fact that you are talking about the commercial is the point.

  • This ladies and gents is the future of filmmaking. Cameras will be smaller and better 50 years from now and editing might be one integrated unit e.g. ipad. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this infomercial. It looks good. Those saying it doesn’t come across as threatened filmmakers. Don’t be scared the iphone filmmakers won’t take away your clients anytime soon.

    • In some ways, I don’t disagree with you. However, when you proclaim that an opinion that differs from yours is coming from someone that is “afraid”, you are then saying that your opinion is the final word. It is just that, opinion. I thought it looked pretty good, but at moments I was wondering if this were a spec piece. Some things didn’t seem “right/pro” to me. I knew they would never get these guys to appear on spec, so I knew it must be some car show corp video. Oh, I have more than 20 years in the biz and have produced commercials with a lot of directors for national/international clients. So, I think my opinion counts for something. I don’t even think that Bentley gives a care how many hits they get. Most of their customers aren’t trolling camera tech sites looking for videos. This was more about apple and their push for more automotive integration.

  • i wonder what half the people here would have said if the author of this article had said its shot with alexa.. gear obsessed people..

    • Yes, I would like to see a video shot with an iPhone or Galaxy 5S alongside the same video shot with a pro camera. Don’t say which version of the video was shot with which camera and ask commenters to decide which was best.

  • I’d imagine that the sort of people who buy a 300k car actually really like the fact that they can say ‘look, they made this, sat in the back seat’. I’m basing that on the fact that Bentley and the agency they’ve used will have researched the hell out of that market. I’m not 100% sure, but it seems unlikely that they were aiming at low-budget indie filmmakers with this spot…

    As far as image quality goes… I thought it looked great. To be honest, if I hadn’t read that it was shot on an iPhone, I probably wouldn’t have thought about it. There’s a couple of shots that are a little weak, but overall it’s pretty impressive. Whoever made it really knows what they’re doing – I’m half decent, and I doubt I could have got anything that looked half as nice out of an iPhone.

  • Like it or not, a lot of people buying Bentleys nowadays are not just 50+ year old men. So for the relative low cost of this ad compared to a regular Bentley ad, this probably delivered a whole lot of the viral ‘cool’ factor they were no doubt after. Job done. Successfully.

  • Looks better that I expected. But I piss on it because it was shot on an iPhone. I hate Apple,

  • If they will use the will get more professional video :-)

  • I think that it’s verry limeting. There’s a reason this entire video was in B&W, if this was in normal colour it would be 100000 times harder to make it look profesional.

  • In the video, all I see are a bunch of hipsters playing around with Apple products.

  • Why they shoot the video using un Iphone and they did no use a Sony Z2, Galaxy s5, etc. Why IPhonem beause they want edit in an Ipad, with Imove, with a preofesional editor, Android doesn`t have that option. WIndows phone neither. Why an Iphone, cause is Iphone. That is the fu***** reason. Why un Iphone and no a Red?, cause is marketing. wake up.

  • Anthony Marino on 05.18.14 @ 9:23AM

    I like the song. But seriously its not about the camera or the technology really it’s about the car. Its cool someone was trying to be different to use an iPhone/iPad when in all actuality they could’ve used an Alexa. It’s a bently obviously they didn’t do it because of the budget. I give them an A for effort. Probably in 5/10 years we won’t know the difference anyway. As far as today is concerned I’d rather use a sony 4k handycam than any Mobil device, technology is just not there yet, it looked like my old miniDv footage.

  • Uggh… The ONLY reason it was shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad was so that blogs like this would pick up on it (probably via a press release) and write about it. Eventually bigger sites and news organisations with much larger readerships (and bored/lazy journalists) would rehash the story and there you have it – FREE ADVERTISING. I wish site like this would stop feeding the monster. I’ve clicked on the click-bait article to post this, but I’m not clicking on the video.

    • It was as much an iPad/Apple ad as a Bentley one.

    • I was curious what they did with the iPhone, but you are right, there really is no other reason to shoot a commercial like this on an iPhone – it just look terrible.

    • 1. So, damn the people involved for doing their job competently?

      2. You don’t know what click bait means, trust me!

      • I’m not damning the advertisers or the production team. They’ve obviously done their job very well. I’m damning the journalists who lazily rehash these stories (usually from press releases) because they NEED new stories to keep their blogs moving and people clicking.

        BTW, I work in advertising and have close friends who work as journalists, so I know EXACTLY what click-bait is – and this article is definitely click-bait.

    • Agreed. This is gimmicky. I’ll be glad when something shot on an iphone isn’t unique enough any longer for people to talk about it. It’s done all the time anyway. It is a beautiful commercial though…

    • Agree I’m not watching it either.

      • You guys are stick in the mud’s! How do you expect to work with the hip young directors with your attitudes? I work with top ASC Dp’s and they love to play around. THAT is an indicator of creativity. Yes, they own their own Alexa’s but they also use GoPro’s, PocketCams … whatever is suitable to the job. The time they save using a GoPro for a quick shot allows them the time for the more important shots. They are at a level where they aren’t uptight about thinking gear reflects on their abilities. :-)

        • Exactly. Choose the right tool for the job.

          This short film Apple of My Eye could only have been made with something as small as an iPhone.

    • Daniel Mimura on 05.27.14 @ 3:41AM

      Right..they wanted free advertising from filmmakers who care what cameras they used..because indie low/no budget filmmakers are the target demographic for Bentley Motors. I would say they used iPhones because they integrate iPads into the seats and have integrated built in wifi…etc…

  • I think the ad looks great and tells their story well, especially for a short-documentary format. Can anyone articulate why this filmmaking is supposedly so bad? If you could also provide examples of your own superior work, that would be great.

    • Augusto Alves da SIlva on 05.18.14 @ 6:50PM


    • THIS!

      I applaud you, good sir!

    • Space Captain on 05.21.14 @ 7:28PM

      Exactly. So many sad people here that really don’t get it. Envy gets you nowhere. Maybe try to do some work instead.

      This is an ad for Bentley which is a luxury car brand. They used Apple because Apple as a brand has a similar significance (enter Android fanboys) and is integrated into their cars. The video is shot on Apple and edited on a piece of the Bentley. Brilliant move. You may not care but it works and the client was probably very happy. I’m sure the crew will be thinking of you when they cash their cheques and when the phone rings for their next job.

      • The fact that some commenters here can’t get why an iPhone was used for this video says something about them.

        And secondly, the fact an iPhone can look this good, and that it takes a trained eye to catch and point out correctly the difference between it and far more expensive (even “filmic” ;0) ) cameras, highlights why some shooters are feeling insecure about their ultra expensive cameras and much higher price tags for doing a shoot. I can understand their concerns.

  • All the people hating on here, really? seriously!? This is why there’s successful film-makers and film-makers who are just drying up and not going anywhere. The ad is great for what it is!, stop hating and go make your own films..I’m pretty sure your negative outlook wont get you anywhere.

  • Karl Poyzer on 05.18.14 @ 11:25AM

    I assume it’s been graded black and white to hide the iPhones lack of colour latitude?

    • Augusto Alves da SIlva on 05.18.14 @ 6:54PM

      It doesn´t matter the reason. They did it and it is well done. Not every movie has to be shot on Alexas and RED. I can assure you that most of the shoots I was working with an Alexa were shot with prores 422. Not my decision but in your line of thinking that couldn´t be done??? Different languages ask for different tools. I loved it, I support it and always will.

      • Mm…I think you’re missing the point? Behind the tangential comments about ProRes and the oh-so-subtle claims regarding your professional use of Alexa cameras sits an heir of misguided confidence. iPhone’s do not reproduce color all too well, which is likely why the commercial was released in black and white. That’s all the previous comment was aiming to point out, I believe. :)

        • And what if it was a stylistic choice before the camera choice? I can’t see it being too much different if it was shot on a RED and made BW.

          Obviously an iPhone 5S is limited with what it can do, but look at what they were ABLE to do with how limited it is. Film makers need to stop being so wrapped up in the best technology to tell a story. I think they did a good job, despite how obviously shitty making anything with an iPhone can be. I agree with what you mean about the possibility of it being BW because of the iPhones color though. I’d like to see what the footage was like before they graded it.

        • Daniel Mimura on 05.27.14 @ 3:46AM

          Right on, david, on all points.

  • Pretty well done. And if it was shot on an iPhone to be picked up by blogs and get free advertising: mission accomplished!

  • Two things that interest me about this – Firstly…yes of course it’s primarily a marketing stunt, as it could have been shot with anything. However, it does highlight that digital content is changing and what the consumer wants might not always be beautifully shot on an Alexa with a full crew, it could just be an iPhone. Ultimately these things are just tools and in the right hands can produce beautiful results as well. Obviously if your not interested in making any content for corporate clients, getting paid a lot which in turn allows you to do your “personal projects” then fine, but those that probably embrace, utilise and stay in front of this change will probably do very well from it and be able to afford an Alexa for their short film.

    Secondly – This is slightly different from above but I don’t really believe it was edited on an iPad. I think that was just part of the stunt. For one, how would you sync externally recorded sound, which I’m sure they used? Where did the motion graphics come from? Can you even add a Black and White filter in iMovie? Just wondering…

    • Augusto Alves da SIlva on 05.18.14 @ 6:58PM

      The black and white comes straight from iphone filmic pro. If you have an iphone please use it and you´ll be amazed. I shot at least 8 international campaigns in several countries, USA, Brasil, France and England and clients loved it. I love defying the limits of the equipement. Funny using a Movi which is $15000 with a few hudreds from the iphone….but hey that´s the fun part of it!!!

    • They were being sneaky regarding the editing, I think. The behind the scenes states that it was ‘assembled’ on an ipad. Then, later, it says it was edited in the car…but on what? A first assembly is one thing, a finished edit is another.

      Still, an amazing image with hardly a blown out highlight.

  • earnestreply on 05.18.14 @ 2:21PM

    I’m liking not hating. This is a great little film-school-in-a-box video and is exactly why NFS is the very first blog I check each day. Learning about Beastgrip alone was worth the time I watched the post. It would be even cooler to know all the lenses they used.

  • What did they do for sound recording?

  • Definitely a cool little video! thanks to the film makers behind it no doubt. The whole thing just felt a little awkward though, with the B&W to mask the terrible colour reproduction no doubt, huge DOF, high compression, ugly blacks. This on a higher end camera (even a DSLR, to be honest) would have been significantly better, without the apple propaganda haha!

  • I think at this point we all know that all the different camera phones and cameras are looked at as “film stock”. Everything is capable of being used to tell a story so its just a matter of choosing your “film stock” which is now your camera phone/dslr/andy capture device.

  • Apple is a market leader in the mobile space. Surely, anyone who can afford a Bentley can also afford Apple products. So, Apple integration is a no-brainer for Bentley. As far as Apple is concerned, the Bentley partnership is also a no-brainer as it it furthers their marketshare by partnering with such an upscale brand and continues their penetration into from-the-factory automobile integration.

    What many of you aren’t realizing is this commercial was not primarily made with you (actual or wannabe cinematographers who know the difference between an Alexa and an Amira) in mind, although Apple is acutely aware of your existence. For Apple, shooting high-end, high profile projects on an iPhone is meant to be empowering. It’s supposed to make people think that if their phone is good enough to shoot a commercial and their iPad is powerful enough to edit it in the back seat of a car, they’re certainly good enough to shoot and edit personal videos.

    Whether you believe it or not, video is extremely important to Apple, going all the way back to the first postage stamp sized Quicktime videos. If they had shot this commercial on Alexa, they would’ve almost certainly used ProRes, which is Apple’s codec. In that regard, Apple wins either way (and every time ProRes is used, for that matter). If Alexa is the most used camera for TV production, ProRes is the most used codec for TV production, which always makes me chuckle at the claim that Apple doesn’t care about video professionals.

    And for those people claiming the video is in b&w to hide the iPhone’s bad color reproduction, the Mac 30th Anniversary video was in color and looked good enough to inspire people with an iPhone to see its potential for beautiful imagery (with a little 3rd party help, of course).

  • The video looked very good. But god this is such a marketing ploy / Gimmick. Could you even imagine trying to edit, sync sound and create motion graphics on an Ipad? Let alone in the back of a car? Anyways great job and congrats on the free advertising.

  • Bentley gets a free commercial, Apple gets to advertise their products– a win-win situation. Once again it’s not the type of camera used, it’s creative minds moving forward.

  • Anybody notice the upwards flicker on the turn signals – second time it appears is 4:16 .. don’t know if that is how they actually appear or is a result of LED + Iphone?

    • Might just be that they were shooting at 120fps at that moment and the shutter is out of sync with the lights?

  • Nid Collins on 05.20.14 @ 7:34PM

    It took more than a single iPhone by itself to make it. The title of the article is very misleading.

    • I disagree. The article title mentions that the production recorded with “the iPhone 5S”, not *an* iPhone 5S. Written generally as it was, the title allows for the possibility of multiple of the identified camera to be used while still remaining accurate.

  • I think the reason that a wide array of people feel discomfort to posts like this (myself included) is that we feel our careers being somewhat threatened. As a cinematographer, I have to know expensive cameras and I have to know them well.

    What these posts do is suggest to the world that our work can be done with the use of an iPhone, which is upsetting as it subverts some disrespect toward our craft.

    Having said that, the point of cameras and camera work is to have them contribute to telling the story. Here, the story is that this commercial was shot cheap and edited minimally. Well done.

    • The problem with the reliance on the “expensive cameras” (or expensive computers/editing stations, etc.) is that the digital age is one great equalizer. By the next NAB, it’s quite possible that there’ll be 4K cameras for under $5,000 that will be both IQ and feature competitive with the $250,000 cameras of the last decade and with $50,000 camera of today. The big leap forward there – presuming there are no hitches in the delivery – are actually not GH4 or BMPC4K but AJA Cion, essentially a $50,000 camera for under $10K. Sony, I assume, will soon have a camcorder type unit that combines the full frame sensor from A7s with the features from FS-700, + the internal 4K recording via XAVC and ProRes. And priced around $5,500. Why would you need an Alexa or Red then?

      • Very true. I’m not opposed to cheaper cameras in the slightest, either! I’m a big fan of technology becoming more accessible to everyone, particularly in the filmmaking world (helps my wallet, afterall). I guess my point was that these marketing gimmicks tend to underscore the amount of work and talent that go into a production under the guise of “anyone can do this–it was made with an iPhone!”.

    • To your point, the irony here is perhaps that while many may be lead to believe they need only an iPhone to make a commercial like this, just taking a look at the BTS scenes makes it very obvious to filmmakers that a whole lot of time, effort, extra equipment, and planning went into making the video look as good as it did. A casual observer may just see the iPhone and not pick up on the smaller important details at play.

    • Daniel Mimura on 05.27.14 @ 4:03AM

      Nahhh… You shouldn’t feel threatened. Yeah, you have to know different cameras, but you just have to know how imagery looks out of different cameras…it’s all lighting and framing and if iPhones are “good enough”, let that be the equalizer that it is (well, depending on the project), and let your lighting and framing choices (in coordination with the director) be your strength and not worry about equipment. Let AC’s learn all the technical minutiae of cameras and be freed to focus on the light.

  • Reading through a selection of the comments from people proclaiming the awfulness of using an iPhone and how the advert is terrible… it would be an interesting experiment to have shown them the video, asked for their opinion, and then informed the viewer of how it was shot.

    • Exactly. People are sore because you can’t buy your way into talent. A skilled filmmaker can make a great piece with the lowest end equiptment, while the less creative focus most of their energy on spending money. Storytelling is the emphasis, no matter what camera you use. Great video.

  • Stop making stupid comments about if shooting with an Alexa or whatever would have been better. I thought it was well done and well edited. Is it a gimmick to shoot with an I-Phone? Probably is. But if you know the slightest thing about advertising you should know that trends come and go. I have been shooting commercials in 35mm (And now digitally) for 40+ years and I have seen all of them. Anyone remember the 80s? You were a good DP if you knew how to shake your camera well and forget about focus. Will an I-Phone or the equivalent produce a better image in 5-10 years? Of course! Technology is advancing at a rate we never thought possible in film school. But, will we have different lenses, follow focus, zoom controls etc? Maybe those things will become old hat.
    Maybe cameras will become obsolete also and we’ll have a chip implanted in our brains and the image will be sent to the clouds like I-Tunes. Stop talking about the &%#@ cameras and start learning about film making and start producing good work. I don’t give a hoot if you shoot with and old Super 8 or 2000K new camera if it is a good film.

  • Dang! You guys (gals) have gotten more and more mean on this site. Feels like Im on YouTube at times. I know people just starting out that jsut want to shoot music videos for their crew, or better wedding videos with storylines that find this info useful. Not the best looking video, saw some glitches but to the naked, untrained eye, I can say good job to the production team. And to the writer, V. Renee, for introducing it. The point was made… You can shoot on anything and make good work. Be it a 1965 16mm Arri SR1 or a RED Epic or a iPhone 5S. Grant it is a repost but one I have not seen until NFS posted it. Happy Filmmaking everyone.

  • It’s an ad like all ads. It’s selling us something.
    And we just bought it.

  • Lest some forget how good an expensive monochrome camera can look here is the U2 video shot with a Red Monochrome. Yep, it sure does look better than an iPhone!!

  • what a LIE!!! the iphone was just an recorder.. you can use as an recorder an old hd camera as well and result will be the same.. or other smart phone.. what a poor PR.. the also made black and white to cover poor color range in iphones.. the truth is that they record this commercial using lens and stabilisator.. there is no difference on what you will record it as long it is hd or simmilar to hd..

  • What he’s doing is simply putting a lot of filmmakers that rely on heavy artillery, to shame..proving that you don’t need to have a Red or Alexa to make something beautiful. As we were all taught in film school, less is more. I’ve seen a ton of short films and independent features that used the likes of The Red and Alexxa, that were just terribly shot and poorly written thus even having those cameras on set completely useless. Meanwhile this guy using the iPhone just shut the game down using simple means to get his point across.

  • Using an iPhone 5s for making this movie demands to be very creative. So, well done. But I wonder, using a low-cost camera and low-cost accessories .. with a very expensive Mövi ? Not everybody can afford such Mövi what gives it a cinematic approach like a Hollywood movie. This is an unbalanced situation: the lens (the most important thing) is a tiny fraction of the cost of one Mövi. Strange. But like already been described here : it’s a marketing trick/stunt with class. Sharing both luxury goods : Bentley and Apple. ;-)

    • Daniel Mimura on 05.27.14 @ 4:27AM

      The Movi isn’t that expensive if you look at it from another perspective: that the Movi 5 is about the same price as a (cheap) PL mount lens. But any way you slice it, price doesn’t really matter on a Bentley ad. They can mix and match cheap and expensive gear all they want.

  • Looked like it was shot with an iPhone. Yawnfest 2014 contender. If that’s rude, :| Personally if I were to have shot for Bentley there would have been two avenues I’d had gone. RED Epic Dragon or Film, but in IMAX. Think of how crisp and clean those cars would have been. The detail and levels of contrast and the ability to see more than just an okay image. And I’m aware IMAX is fucking huge. But really push technology. Which is why anything less than a DSLR to me is hokey. Anything less than say Alexa or Sony or RED are just for blogs and quick projects. This is just me. If I want to do it then I need it to be the best I can get it. Not for the sake of sparring cash.

    • Sorry, you wouldn’t have even been awarded the job. If the end use was smart phones and tablets you show a incredible disregard for the budget of this project. Your need for over the top gear must mean you are compensating. :-)

  • ExtraAudrey on 05.22.14 @ 5:32PM

    Luxury brand only spends about $50 filming amazing advert!

    Methinks somehow we’ve all been duped….where did that film industry go?

  • Wayne Turner on 05.23.14 @ 4:43AM

    I find it quite amusing that one of the criticisms mentioned in this thread is that it was made by Bentley so that would be picked up by blogs and get free advertising. How many $300 000 cars were they planning to sell through blogs? I am pretty sure that Ryan Koo is a little bit more intelligent than what you think. It seems like there are a bunch of self-absorbed people missing the point here. Great post Ryan. Ignore the idiots with their irrelevant comments. I wonder if Bentley had approached them to do the commercial with iPhones whether they would’ve turned it down?

  • They are not driving…

  • What other support gear was used besides the Movi? I wish they’d list all the other gear they used…

    I thought it was well done though…B&W gives it a “classy” feel that Bentley probably wanted anyways…

  • As much as I admired the video quality, I was a lot more impressed/interested in the audio equipment they used. Could anyone elaborate more on that equipment?

  • Fantastic and amazing! Thanks for sharing this. For the rest of you that are angry? No more excuses!