Aaron Sorkin Masterclass: 'You Know More in Your Head than You're Able to Put on Paper'

Jon Fusco | July 26, 2016

Antoine Fuqua, Denis Villenueve, Oliver Stone & More Headline TIFF 2016 Lineup

Jon Fusco | July 26, 2016

How We Used Artificial Intelligence to Write a Crowdpleaser Horror Script

Jack Zhang | July 26, 2016

Why You Should Preserve Your Film...Or Else

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17 Different Ways to Mount Lavs to Tricky Costumes (Including a Batman Suit)

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54 Films That Aren't Appreciated Nearly Enough as They Should Be

V Renée | July 26, 2016

Assimilate Scratch Pushes Deep into Stereo 3D and VR with 8.5

Charles Haine | July 25, 2016

We've Ranked Every San Diego Comic-Con Movie Trailer, Completely Subjectively

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12 Indispensible Tips for Budgeting Your Indie Feature

Sophia Harvey | July 25, 2016

Watch: New Tech Meets Old with a Film Camera in a Gimbal

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What Does it Take for a Short Film to Win $300,000?

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How to Build a Movie Set in Your Garage

Zach Daulton | July 25, 2016

This Might Be the Greatest Disney Mashup Ever Made

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Tutorial: What Do You Do with a LUT Once You Have One?

V Renée | July 24, 2016

This Library is Basically Every Screenwriter's Dream Place to Write

V Renée | July 24, 2016

CASE Remote Air is the Smallest Wireless Camera Controller in the World

V Renée | July 23, 2016

The Cinematic Philosophy of One of the World's Most Provocative Directors, Lars Von Trier

V Renée | July 23, 2016

4 Editing Techniques That'll Help You Make a Heart-Pumping Action Sequence

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What Creates Hitler-Like Evil? Brady Corbet on 'Childhood of a Leader'

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Watch: 4 Principles That Will Help You Create Beautiful Shafts of Light

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Watch: The Remarkable Similarities Between Kubrick and Tarkovsky

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Is a Drone-Balloon Hybrid a Match Made in Heaven?

Charles Haine | July 22, 2016

Editors: Apply for This New Shortform Editing Residency in Coastal Maine

Jon Fusco | July 22, 2016

Win $10,000 Before You've Even Made Your Film

Jon Fusco | July 22, 2016

Intro to Lighting: Terms, Techniques, and Concepts You Need to Know

V Renée | July 22, 2016

Why Ira Glass Hates Producing and Mike Birbiglia Cut Witty Lines in Improv Comedy 'Don't Think Twice'

Micah Van Hove | July 22, 2016

The Fate of a Short-Form Miniseries, from Doomed to Netflix

Emily Buder | July 21, 2016

Watch: How to Composite with a Blue Screen Like Lucas in the '80s

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Watch: Why is Three-Point Lighting the Filmmaking Standard?

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Got a Science or Tech-Themed Script? Apply for the Sundance Sloan Grant

Christopher Boone | July 21, 2016


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