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How to Create a Long Exposure Video Effect in After Effects

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How Many Movies Did 'Game of Thrones' Rip Off in its Most Epic Battle Yet?

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Buying a Camera? Watch This First

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FIELD TEST: Cintel Film Scanner Still Impresses, Now with Keycode and Audio Improvements

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Getting Bored with Traditional Ring Lights? Try This Triangular DIY Alternative

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Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube This Year

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David Fincher's Rocky Road to Success: The Triumphs and Failures That Shaped Him

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DP Steve Yedlin Blows the Lid Off Camera Resolution Myths

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Best Tripods for Your Budget & The Academy's Surprise President [PODCAST]

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Flanders Finalizes XM Series Monitors, New Gold Standard in 4K UltraHD

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Here's Every Single One of the 2,400 Shots in 'Gone Girl' and Other Fincher Movies

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Film Set Etiquette: 6 Rules for When to Speak and When to Shut Up

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Still Not Shooting in 4K? Here's Why You Might Want To

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Here's How to Stream 30,000 New and Classic Films Free

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The Dardenne Brothers' List of 79 Favorite Movies is a Masterclass in Realism

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How to Maintain Focus on a Moving Subject When You're Shooting Solo

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