'The Florida Project': Sean Baker on Why You Need to Invest in Yourself When No One Else Will

Jon Fusco | October 9, 2017

Watch: Go Behind the Scenes to Learn How Google Designed the Pixel 2's Camera

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3 Ways David Fincher Uses Color to Completely Mess with Your Head

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What Dan Harmon's Improvised Cartoon Can Teach You about Instinctual Storytelling

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The Filmmaker's Mental Checklist: 9 Things to Nail Down Before You Hit Record

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Watch: 6 Ways to Make Realistic Fake Blood

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Watch: Why You Should Study 'Twin Peaks: The Return' if You Want to Experiment with Time

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Tutorial: How to Create an RGB Split Effect in After Effects

Jason Boone | October 6, 2017

NYFF 2017
'Anything Can Happen in This Movie': The Sheer Satirical Brilliance of 'The Square'

Jon Fusco | October 6, 2017

Stock Footage 101: ActionVFX Teaches You the Basics of Working with VFX Assets

V Renée | October 6, 2017

RED's Monstrous Monstro Sensor is Here at Long Last

Charles Haine | October 6, 2017

8 of the Easiest Ways to Get Yourself Fired on a Film Set

V Renée | October 5, 2017

Watch: 5 Films That Director Ridley Scott Loves

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New Wave Crash Course: Agnès Varda’s Personal Film School

Dylan Dempsey | October 5, 2017

Sound Devices Increases Track Size on Popular MixPre Series

Daron James | October 5, 2017

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Your Definitive Guide to Preparing for 'Blade Runner 2049'

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'Loving Vincent': Animating Van Gogh's Life in 65,000 Oil Painted Frames

Max Winter | October 5, 2017

The Future of Buying Lenses & The Best Screenwriters of All Time [PODCAST]

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Watch: 12 Times 'Rick and Morty' Referenced Movies and TV Shows

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Diffusion 101: Should You Use a Pro Modifier or Some DIY Trick?

V Renée | October 4, 2017

Looking to Self-Distribute Your Film? Sundance Wants to Lend a Hand

Liz Nord | October 4, 2017

EPICOLOR Uses Artificial Intelligence to Grade Your Footage Automatically

Charles Haine | October 4, 2017

Beau Willimon and Patton Oswalt Want to Share Your ACA Enrollment Ads

Christopher Boone | October 4, 2017

NYFF 2017
Why Racial Representation in Film Goes Way Beyond Casting

Sophia Harvey | October 4, 2017

Rugged G-DRIVE Mobile SSD R-Series Can Survive 3-Meter Drops

Charles Haine | October 4, 2017

NYFF 2017
Richard Linklater on Why 'Last Flag Flying' is a Road Movie, Not a War Movie

Jon Fusco | October 4, 2017

The 100 Best Screenwriters Ever According to 40 of the Best Screenwriters Today

Liz Nord | October 3, 2017

for your production bible
Stretch Your Doc Production Dollars As Far As Possible with This Tax Incentive Guide

Liz Nord | October 3, 2017

Aputure Ships Super Bright 300D LED 2K Equivalent

Charles Haine | October 3, 2017

Tom Petty's Legacy as a Music Video Innovator

Justin Morrow | October 3, 2017


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