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How to Keep Your Actors in the Moment & Where Not to Pitch Your Work [PODCAST]

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Yet Another Ode to the Best Shots in All of Cinematic History

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Come for the Prizes, Stay for the Judges: ScreenCraft's Short Screenplay Contest Is Now Open

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DJI Launches a $499 Drone, Smaller than a Soda Can

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What if You Walked Out of Your Boss's Office with Funding for Your Film?

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How Two Companies are Drastically Altering the Future of Visual Effects

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Sling Studio Sets your Multi-Cam Free

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Watch the Sony a9 Livestream Event Online Right Now

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film financing
10 Steps to Writing the Perfect Prospectus

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Cannes 2017
How Werner Herzog-Approved 'The Rider' Director 'Got Creative' Financing Her Exquisite Cannes Premiere

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DIY Light Leaks in 4 Easy Steps

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Check Out the World's First Multi-Aperture Pinhole Lens for DSLR Cameras

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Why Screenwriting Rules are a Myth

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Cannes 2017
8 Truth Bombs from Clint Eastwood's Cannes Masterclass

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The Best Things You Can Do For Your DP Career Off-Set, Part 1: Relationships

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4 Tips for Harnessing the Power of Natural Sound on Your Shoots

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Divide and Conquer: Why You Should Work With a Co-Director [PODCAST]

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How to Edit a Film Score to Best Serve Your Story

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11 Movies Everyone's Talking About at Cannes 2017

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