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AMD Takes a Different Angle on VRAM

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Cinematographers, Keep These Tips in Mind when Creating Your Portfolio

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Why NYC is Better than LA and 9 Pieces of Screenwriting Advice from Aaron Sorkin's AMA

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Making a Sports Short? Here’s $25K For You

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What Does it Mean When the Coens Use Green?

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MSE Tackles VR Camera Mounting with the New VRig

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We Pick the Best Camera for First-Time Directors [PODCAST]

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Learn How Stairs Can Be Used as Visual Metaphors in Your Films

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20+ Films You Need to Watch About Race in America

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Atomos Adds Firmware Support For HDR

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Enter the New World of Narrative VR Production, from Script to Post

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NVIDIA Goes for Live Streaming VR with the Quadro P6000

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How to Shoot in the Middle of Nowhere—Without Power

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What's the ISO of Your Eye?

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Antoine Fuqua, Denis Villeneuve, Oliver Stone & More Headline TIFF 2016 Lineup

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Why You Should Preserve Your Film...Or Else

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54 Films That Aren't Appreciated Nearly Enough as They Should Be

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