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Mastering The Art of Film Blocking

How do you approach blocking and composition? Whenever film students discuss directing, they typically describe the process of talking to actors and discussing the screenplay. Directors will of course discuss with cinematographers where the camera will be placed and move over the course of a scene, but this is often an after thought. One of the key concepts that seems to be left out of the conversation is the importance of blocking and composition in order to tell a story. Even at a higher level, directors now feel like they can just go handheld whenever shooting action sequences. Or can put a camera on a boom and fly it around wildly to keep an audience's eyes moving.

Especially at the Indie Film level. Filmmakers today can simply grab a dslr and start shooting. However, the thing that really distinguishes a director's ability to tell a story is deciding where to put the camera, what will be in the scene, and how movement will be used to tell the story. In this series of classes and video essays, we seek to gain a better understanding of blocking and composition so that amateur directors and cinematographers can start thinking about the importance of this sometimes overlooked skill.


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