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One app, Five screens

04.7.10 @ 12:00PM Tags : , , , ,

When the iPad was announced in January, I wrote a piece at FreshDV employing some contrarian thinking — everyone else was saying “the iPad and HTML5 will kill Flash!” — and stated, “Flash is suddenly valuable again:”

With Flash, you can develop your rich-media experience once, and then output to web, iPhone, iPad, set-top boxes, and Blu-Ray platforms all at once… For productions with smaller budgets, being able to output to several different platforms without incurring huge costs will be… well, huge. And the iPad, I suspect, will be the crown jewel in Flash’s cross-platform strategy.

Now here’s Christian Cantrel from Adobe AIR (of which Flash is a key part) demonstrating this in action, on many different platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Droid, and, yes, iPad. More »