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Next week I’ll be modeling shooting some of [REDACTED]‘s summer line on a Panasonic HPX2000.1 [REDACTED] does an online virtual runway which, on the production side, consists of models walking in front of green screens; for the website, the green screens are later replaced with, you guessed it, runway. I started thinking about a runway configuration and how the models will be covering a fair amount of distance from back to front, requiring deep focus if they’re to look sharp the whole way (minor pun alert!). We’re not shooting on a 5D or anything so I’m not hugely concerned about an overly shallow depth of field, but why leave it up to chance? I turned to my trusty Android phone and searched the app market, where I discovered CamCalc, which has been downloaded less than 500 times (because it just came out) but looks to be an incredibly handy app for shooters. More »

  1. Unless the gig falls through, which is usually why I don’t talk about work until it’s in the can. []