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andra remote wireless automatic focus control follow system ipad app device cameraGiven the ubiquity of today’s touch-based apps, it seems fairly logical a forward-thinking manufacturer would devise a way to augment — but not automate — the role of First Assistant Camera. Meet Cinema Control Labs’ Andra Motion Focus system. Andra puts the heavy lifting and guesswork into the hands of today’s technology without taking away the crucial dimension of creative camera control. Check our interview below for more details. More »

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Imagine this. You’re working a RED Epic film with a bunch of new crew members, and you’re in the camera department. It’s the first set of the second day. This production is moving, and you shot 10 pages the previous day. Your DP calls out for the 35mm Cooke prime — no sweat. You head over to the video village or camera cart, look for the lens case, and *gasp* the case isn’t there. After a full half hour of looking, your team can’t find the missing lenses. Panic ensues, mistrust starts to brew, and fingers begin to get pointed. What’re you to do? There may be an innovative solution for you if you’ve got a prepared equipment manager — the StickNFind, a bluetooth powered  location sticker that works with Android or iOS. Click through to see the IndieGoGo pitch video: More »

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This is a guest post by Evan Luzi, a camera assistant who runs The Black and Blue.

You step on set for the first time ever on day one of a shoot and you’re ready to impress everyone. You’ve worked hard to get to this point and it feels like now — finally — you’re where you want to be. From here on out, it should be easy.

Well, if that were the case, we’d have a lot more people working in the film industry. Instead, there’s no doubt about it: it’s tough to make a living in Hollywood.

Getting on set is just the first step in a long process. In the beginning, you need to “wow” those who gave you your opportunity in the first place.

Lucky for you, I’ve got a secret to help and it’s bound to make your first day a better one. But before I reveal it to you, let me tell you a story. More »