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self distribution direct options

Whatever you choose to call it: self distribution, direct distribution, or as some prefer ”alternative-distribution” — the tools are out there for filmmakers to publish their work and get paid for it. It’s not a fast track to success and will likely require the full breadth of your attention to make it work, but it is quickly becoming the most viable way for filmmakers to carve out a market for themselves in this industry. Read on to get a roundup of some of the big players, a simple breakdown of what each of them offer and my first impressions.

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Insider Access at ChillThe Chill distribution platform has been on the rise since the beginning of this year and the company is continuing to improve and evolve their platform. One of these evolutions is Insider Access, a new feature designed to help filmmakers create an exclusive destination for their audience to follow along with a production before the release of a film. It’s where all your exclusive content can go, including anything you want to publish direct to boost audience interaction and growth. Get the scoop on Chill’s latest after the jump. More »

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Chill Digital Distribution

Could the future of your career as a filmmaker depend on learning to market yourself? That’s what Brian Norgard thinks, founder of Chill, a new platform that aims to be a ‘partner’ for filmmakers through every step of the digital distribution process. At nofilmschool we had an opportunity to chat with Norgard alongside Jason Brubaker, founder of Filmmaking Stuff and the Film Acquisitions Manager at Chill. Hit the jump for our discussion about how their tools can help filmmakers, their philosophy behind digital distribution, and fundamentals behind having a successful self-release: More »