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21 Grams. Far from Heaven. In the Bedroom. One Hour Photo. Boys Don’t Cry. American Splendor. I’m Not There. Happiness. Adventureland. The Ice Storm. These are just a few of the independent films produced by superproducers Ted Hope and Christine Vachon, and the two of them are banding together to share what they’ve learned with other producers and aspiring producers on Saturday, November 5, 2011 here in NYC. The masterclass focuses on the important stuff: “get your movie made, make it well, make it great, get it seen, and survive to do it all over again.” They’ve also created a discount code for NoFilmSchool readers: “NoFilmSchooler125″ will save you $25. For would-be indie producers, this is a must-attend workshop, and you couldn’t pick a better pair of producers to learn from. Here are the full details: More »