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On the right: the just-announced Canon Cinema EOS C300. But this shot from the Engadget live blog very clearly shows a DSLR on the left — with the “C” logo that indicates it’s a Cinema EOS camera. But the new EOS-1D X that we’ve seen (so far at least) doesn’t have that logo. So what is it, a 5D Mark III? Will the production 1D X have the logo, and if so what exactly delineates “Cinema”? UPDATE: turns out it’s a new full frame DSLR “under development” that offers “4K video,” which I’m interpreting to mean the same kind of “4K” as the C300 — right? I mean, why would they let a presumably cheaper DSLR upstage their historic movie camera? Either way, here’s a better picture and the press release: More »