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While personal branding can be an important consideration to make in today’s world of hyper-stimulation and instantaneous mass media, there’s also a danger to become type-cast or pigeonholed given the body of work you’ve already established for yourself. Recently, director Rick Alverson has teamed up with the stars/masterminds behind Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! – Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim — in a project that anyone familiar with the latter series may actually find difficult to believe. The Comedy screened at this year’s Sundance and has subsequently been released on VOD, and Tim Heidecker’s lead performance has received some impressive nods and positive attention. In a recent interview by Filmmaker Magazine, Tim highlights the benefits of breaking your own creative molds. More »

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Ryan Koo is now Koo

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UPDATE: I’ve ended the one name experiment and gone back to using, as far as credits go, both first and last name (Ryan Koo) like the rest of humanity. I wasn’t 100% comfortable with the one-name thing, though plenty of people still call me “Koo” and always will. The post below is my original experiment with self-branding. More »

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I’m doing some basic design/planning for a new section of the Filmmaker Magazine web site, and I needed a screenshot of the current home page. If you’re on a Mac, you can hit just command-shift-4 — if all you want is the a shot of the top of the page. But what if you want an image of the whole site, top to bottom? Paparazzi to the rescue. Enter the URL of the site, hit Capture, and you’re done. Perfect for redesigns and mockups, and it’s free.

Link: Paparazzi

Enjoy this extra white space due to the long image. Think deep thoughts.