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Paul Thomas Anderson on Why He Dropped Out of Film SchoolPaul Thomas Anderson is one of the more famous and successful film school dropouts, but the circumstances surrounding the way he left are pretty interesting. While he didn’t have much interest going to school in the first place, and didn’t have great grades in high school, he did eventually get into NYU, but with one foot already out the door by the time he got there, he came up with an interesting way to reassure himself that college was a complete waste of time. More »

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Director's Chair

If you’re a director gearing up to go into production on a film, you’re probably fine-tuning the script, selecting your crew, and carefully drawing up a shot list. As a director, it’s easy to let your mind become fully centered on your artistic vision for your project, but LA-based film consultant Seth Hymes reminds us not to forget the managerial side of your directorial responsibilities.

This is a guest post by Seth Hymes. More »