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Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Tribeca Film Institute’s excellent Distribution 101 panel here in NYC. The panelists from HBO and Tribeca Films shared a lot of valuable information about deliverables — i.e., if your film is acquired, you do not simply send over the movie itself, but also need to have a cornucopia of legal documents ready, including photo releases, chain of title, music cue sheet, and an errors & omissions policy. Above and beyond the info on the panel, attendees were handed a nifty USB flash drive, which contained a number of very useful documents and templates. Now TFI has released these documents free; if you hope to have a film acquired by a distributor one day, do not miss your chance to grab these files now. More »

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Call sheets, shot lists, release forms, location contracts, editing logs, script breakdowns, storyboard templates… one could spend hours creating such documents, but that would be asinine. Instead, check out this list of tools and utilities for filmmakers and download other people’s forms to your heart’s content — all of them are free-99. Thanks to the guys at Dependent Films for compiling such a resource.

If you don’t find the particular form you’re looking for at Dependent, I recommend this ridiculously long list of 588 Free Film Contracts and Forms at Filmmaker IQ.

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