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MR-writers-block-guyThe novelist and one-time filmmaker Norman Mailer once remarked that writing is a “spooky art,” and every writer can attest to the fact that when they are in “the zone,” the pages seem to write themselves, characters come to life and surprise you with their actions, and unexpected plot twists occur that fit perfectly. Yes, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Of course, its opposite, writer’s block, is a sort of hell-ish limbo (yes, I’m aware they’re two different things) and even has its own brain state. I previously wrote about ways for writers to combat Resistance, the pernicious force that tries to keep the writer/artist/floral arranger from their work, and now you can read about the daily routines and odd rituals of some of the most famous writers. See what worked for the masters after the jump! More »