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The Ningyo_hallwayrmy

Last year, senior visual effects artists Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma demonstrated what they could achieve in off hours, having given over their living room to a green screen and some decking, in Halloween short The Green Ruby Pumpkin. Expanding that successful home studio production methodology to a set which has taken over every inch of their living space, the pair have now embarked on the first leg of The Ningyo, a 1909 set action adventure series focused on the hunt for mythological creatures. NFS caught up with Miguel in his role as Director/Creator for a chat about the project. Read on after the jump: More »

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Lily & Kat Still 1

Director Micael Preysler had a unique set of circumstances for making his debut feature film, going from the creation of a simple teaser to the now nearly completed film. Hurricane Sandy proved to be a challenging obstacle, hitting the film’s 16 day shoot right in the middle, destroying key locations and making transportation impossible. Read on to get the full scoop, see how they rose to the challenges, and watch the new theatrical trailer for Lily & Kat: More »