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self distribution direct options

Whatever you choose to call it: self distribution, direct distribution, or as some prefer ”alternative-distribution” — the tools are out there for filmmakers to publish their work and get paid for it. It’s not a fast track to success and will likely require the full breadth of your attention to make it work, but it is quickly becoming the most viable way for filmmakers to carve out a market for themselves in this industry. Read on to get a roundup of some of the big players, a simple breakdown of what each of them offer and my first impressions.

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SearfarersBefore he was the master director he would become in a few short years, Stanley Kubrick embodied the essence of indie filmmaking, and at a time when indie filmmaking wasn’t even really a thing. The same year he shot his first feature, Fear and Desirehe filmed the last of the few short documentaries he produced in his early 20s, and now its available to watch on IndieFlix, an independent film viewing and distribution platform. Hit the jump to learn about the master director’s early years and where you can watch The Seafarers. More »