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Canon’s 4K video capable DSLR, the EOS-1D C, has marked an upset for the DSLR industry — and in more ways than one. Many feel that the addition of Motion-JPEG alone is not worth the camera’s $12K price point. This is particularly the case when weighing in controversial speculation that internally it’s mostly identical to its $7K 1080p sibling, the 1D X — and the fact that Canon is likely anticipating with gritted teeth the possibility of firmware hacks 4K-ifying the 1D X. That said, it could be a near-perfect blend of features depending on your application. If this is the case for you, but you want the chance to check out or grade some full-res video footage before pulling the trigger, you’re in luck — planet5D has just posted some downloadable 1D C 4K footage for your viewing consideration (assuming of course your machine can handle it). More »