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Land Ho

Finding the right producer (or any producer for that matter) for your film can often mean the difference between seeing it blossom or wither away into obscurity. A distinguished player herself, Producer and President of Gamechanger Films Mynette Louie has not only compiled and shared a list of over 100 independent producers that have track records of getting behind successful indie films, but also offers some excellent advice for those in need of guidance as they search for the right person to back their film.

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Making a low-budget independent film is hard - there are budgetary limitations, crunched schedules, and the inevitable last-minute change of plans.  It’s no surprise then that some traits might make you better at handling these conditions and constraints.  Are you the kind of director who will halt production if the right extra isn’t on set?  Or someone unwilling to be a jack-of-all-trades over the course of a film’s production cycle?  Can you offer creative alternatives at the drop of a hat?  Independent film producer Mynette Louie outlines what she believes to be the 12 key traits that make for “indie-friendly” directors, in what ends up being a revealing and challenging list for all filmmakers: More »