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Our massive list of grants is back, and for summer it’s bigger than ever — more grants, more markets, and more opportunities for both US-based and International filmmakers to get funding! Looking to finance your next 3D feature? Develop your humanities documentary? Get your script picked up by a top agency? Yup, there’s an app for that. If granting puns don’t get you excited, this list of relevant opportunities with deadlines this summer just might. More »

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SFFS Grant_FruitvaleThe partnership between The San Francisco Film Society and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation has resulted in films like Beasts of the Southern WildFruitvale Stationand A Fighting Season receiving the funding needed to be completed. If you’re working on a film that explores “human and civil rights, antidiscrimination, gender and sexual identity and other social issues of our time,” then you should seriously think about applying for the SFFS/KRF Filmmaking Grant. For details on eligibility and how to apply, hit the jump. More »

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Oden Roberts Photo

This is a guest post by Director, Writer, and Cinematographer Oden Roberts.

Mantra: Grant writing is not filmmaking. Once again: Grant writing is not filmmaking. It’s scholarly, tedious and political. Repeat mantra.

A few years back I began the arduous process of submitting my feature script A Fighting Season to the San Francisco Film Society for their prestigious KRF narrative production grant. The process, in a nutshell, parallels the scholarly disciplines guided by the Little, Brown Handbook than the craft I’ve been become familiar with known as “Indie” filmmaking. More »

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Ted Hope

The film industry has changed dramatically over the past decade, and trying to make a living from movies is getting more difficult as independent films (and films in general) fight for a smaller piece of the viewership pie. That’s where people like Ted Hope come in. He has been working tirelessly to make sustainable filmmaking careers a reality, and he’s written a tremendous post that should be an eye-opener for anyone trying to survive as a filmmaker.

This is a guest post by Producer Ted Hope. More »

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Since the signing on of truly-free-film’s Ted Hope as Executive Director of San Francisco Film Society, a lot of people have been excitedly awaiting for something cool to happen. Last week SFFS announced the unveiling of a new program called the A2E (Artist to Entrepreneur) Digital Distribution Lab and this may be Hope’s first coup. The pilot program promises to come up with fresh practices for filmmakers through big ideas and tech world entrepreneurs. How do I sign up?  Read more about the upcoming distribution experiment below. More »